Yep, that's what I had. I first woke up around 7:15 (when SuM's getting ready to leave for work) but amazingly fell back asleep (oh, the joys of a properly-made bed) and didn't wake up until the sybaritic time of 9:45. Heavenly.

In the early afternoon, I watched last night's Discovery. Still irritating (the whole Klingon thing is ridiculous), but I was intrigued by several smaller story lines. Hmm. Do I want to find out how much extra it costs to get Space on our channel lineup? Perhaps. I drifted off to enjoy a couple of hours of soothing sleep again.

I wish I had my own personal Alara Kitan (to really open jars of pickles, etc.), but I asked S instead. She'd been busy replacing much of the back deck in the morning, but luckily still had enough strength to open my Polish Red Peppers for me. Yay! They made an excellent addition to the Minestrone soup I heated up.

Received so many e-mails from my blind group about upcoming events, especially in November, I have so many choices ahead of me: Viking exhibit at the museum, definitely. Bowling, perhaps. And lots more events. Our guest speaker at our month-end meeting will be a member who was in the military during WWII. Whoa! I didn't know we had anybody that old in the group. I can't believe how quickly my social calendar is getting crowded. Well, it can continue along these lines as long as we have decent weather. ::crosses fingers::

Didn't feel like watching tonight's prime time TV, just the usual news and game shows. Instead I spent more than two (add your own expletives) hours to place my grocery order!!!!! OTOH, while I was checking out thick-cut pork chops (to make in my slow cooker with red cabbage), there were also lamb chops displayed. So I quickly found a Norwegian recipe for lamb leg chops with onion, fresh rosemary, and red wine vinegar ... then ordered the ingredients I need. I'll serve little potatoes with them and perhaps lima beans. I also ordered three bottles of my fave Ontario rose, just to have lots on hand. More yum.

Okay, now that I've made myself hungry, I'd better go read for a bit. Then beddies.
The weather held up, however I still wore my coat to church this morning, just in case. It was lovely bumping into friends I hadn't seen since ... Thursday? Yeah, seems surreal. But the service wasn't - even as we're getting used to having two pastors sharing responsibilities. I was thrilled a very special friend (who took on the role of M-I-L at my wedding) decided to take a road trip from the east coast back to TO. I wish going out for brunch would have been possible, but not with my current transportation arrangements. Church-John brought me a heavy bag of supplements ... and chocolate. So, why was it missing one tummy remedy and LED light bulbs? He didn't read the entire e-mail. Sigh. And "I'm" the blind one? All shall be resolved when we meet for lunch on Thursday at the fish&chip place and stop in at the hardware emporium and drugstore. So, a better outcome than expected.

When I got home, SuM, S, and the car were gone, but two of the cats were outdoors. I let one in, then headed for my computer to write my summary. Didn't need as much time as usual, because I kept it short. After that, it was more laundry time. I'd originally planned to join the SGA rewatch, beginning with "Rising". But I just didn't have the focus necessary. It took a lot of effort to redo the bed because the bed was off its axis. The bed skirt makes everything slippery so I had to push and tug for a while. But, oh, did it feel marvellous to be in a properly made bed. Ha! How long will it last?

Didn't really watch any TV, but had the news on in the background. And then, exhausted beyond belief, I went to bed and enjoyed a lovely nap. Now I'm enjoying a few mini chocolates along with my pain pills. Great combo, lol. Just so relieved I don't have to go anywhere for a couple of days. Yay and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Because laundry doesn't just vanish when one is busy.

At least I had a lovely, restful sleep, waking up to the alarm at 7. Then I jumped out of bed (truth, okay, slid) and started my going out routine. We weren't sure where we were driving (oy), but managed to find the Aga Khan Museum, getting to where the group was waiting by 10:27 a.m. (the tour was scheduled for 10:30). Whew. Although there were many lovely things to see and occasionally touch, my blindness prevented me from seeing a lot because of the dim lighting everywhere except for the outdoor courtyard in the centre of the first floor. But I still enjoyed myself. And I allowed myself one frivolous purchase from the gift shop: a filigreed, carved gold-metal long urn-shaped scent atomizer, containing something that smells exotic. I may occasionally spray it into the air for ambiance.

When we got back home, I left SuM and S to their own chores while I tackled the laundry. Hmm. I think I may leave the bed linens (and one black dress) until tomorrow afternoon. My back was screaming at me for being upright (or trying) and walking at the same time. Also, my feet hadn't recovered from Thursday's acrobatics, so I had to wear my house slipper-shoes! I mean, they're cute, but still....

After the chores were done, I could enjoy watching last night's MacGyver. Oh, Mac. You've picked up a sociopath who's doing evil things. Is thing going to continue throughout the season? After that, I watched a whole bunch of Peppa Pig epis I'd recorded. And then I had chicken noodle soup.

Anyway, I'd better start getting ready for church. It's going to be another gorgeous non-fall day again tomorrow. I approve!
Alas, more sleep was simply not going to happen. So I simply slogged groggily through the day. Watched last night's TV (game shows, a touching Will & Grace and a boring Dragons' Den.

Spent time in bed reading a d/l'd book. Ate very little. E-mailed church-John with my shopping list for Costco - the only thing that made me slightly excited all day. But I was so sleepy in the evening that I was a zombie during Jeopardy! Clues, what clues?

I hope I make up the missing sleep tonight, as I'd like to be reasonably perky at the Museum tomorrow. ::crosses fingers::
Oh, dear. I'm getting too old for gallivanting (of which there was an excess last night due to misplaced parked cars, sigh).

Anyway, we had wonderful weather, so I chose my outfit hoping for the best: my new leggings with warmer socks and patent Mary Janes, along with my swinging, clingy sleeveless dress, topped by my recently washed sparkly shawl, all in black, natch. I'd already found my red French purse & wallet and only had to locate my Frank Lloyd Wright inspired rectangular pin and long oblong earrings. Yay, I can haz a look.

My minivan was supposed to pick me up at 4:35. Ha! He was early and got to contort himself to get me in my snazzy wheelchair into his van. I arrived downtown really early (around 5:00). He was worried leaving me sitting out on the street but I said I was fine because it was still light outside. I texted church-John and he finally arrived, all hot and sweaty. I thought he'd walked over from his place a few blocks away, but I was wrong. I wouldn't find out until later.

As I was ravenously hungry, we dropped into Tim Horton's for a Bostom Creme donut for me. What a relief. Then we went to the elevators where we weren't permitted to ascend to the event venue until 6:00. Because I was in a chair, we got to be in the first group. That didn't quite eliminate the confusion at the registration desks when we arrived. Also, it was so dim (yeah, so my blindness affects how I feel about the ambiance). We bypassed the silent auction displays and headed to the bar where we got two glasses of white wine. We were greeted by lots of people including our new Senior Pastor who gave me a kiss on the cheek. Awwwww.

When we went inside the main space, we thought we were originally supposed to sit right at the front, but we were kicked out and moved a lot further back. But, hey, it's not as if we were slumming as we had two prominent women at our table, one a former mayor whose husband was sitting next to me (not that I could tell), the other a recently elevated judge. So, that was good. When we'd walked in, we bumped into many people we knew from church. I was surprised when a young man approached me. It's been decades since we've seen each other and, in those days, he'd been just a boy. Wow. But he'd recognized me immediately!

The tribute was mostly in the form of musical numbers (one of the best being a stunning rewording of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody") along with personal stories by dignitaries and special guests like the Premier and Mayor (as well as videos made by several people including ... uh ... the Prime Minister).

Half way through, c-J brought us two more glasses of white wine. If I hadn't had that donut, I would have been in a lot of trouble. He admitted he should have had one, too. Yet, I kept smelling chicken cooking somewhere nearby! When the event was over, we went back out into the silent auction space where there were now waiters passing out eats. One friend said he'd snagged a chicken lettuce wrap, but all we got was one sticky Nutella on melba toast. So another friend who lives in c-J's building suggested we go across the street to Fran's. We agreed enthusiastically. While the boys had club sandwiches, I opted for the traditional brekkie along with a tall glass of OJ. Soooooo good. I also texted home to say that c-J would be driving me, so just to leave the front door unlocked and the lights on.

Well, he did drive me home, but first we had to get to the entrance to the garage (with which we've already had a bad experience over a year ago). This time it was even worse. We managed to sneak into the residence portion of the garage (separate from the shops). But we needed the other entrance, so c-J pushed me (in my chair) out to the street level and we entered the next entrance. He was huffing and puffing, so I finally got out of the chair and walked up so many ramps. He wasn't sure where he'd parked the car ::rolls eyes:: but, after a while, began clicking his remote. Finally, FINALLY, we heard the beep and headed in that direction. I was overjoyed to finally find his car.

So, car found. All he had to do now was to get the wheelchair into the car. He managed to haul it into his trunk and secure the trunk with a bungee cord. ::rolls eyes some more::

We were so so SO relieved to be on the way to my place. C-J managed to get the chair up the front steps, then departed, limp as a rag. Well, he won't need to do a stress test on a treadmill for his next checkup. I had a couple of encounters with two of the cats (Diva and CeCe) and was then blessedly, blissfully allowed to get ready for bed.

But not immediately. I got on my computer and ended up staying awake until 2:32. Oops? I really need to go to bed. And so I did. It had been an amazing evening showing love, respect, and recognition of an outstanding human being who changed the course of human rights and history around the world. And, yet, he'll be preaching this Sunday. I wonder what that'll feel like for him.

Anyway, I was really pleased I'd brought the wheelchair. It meant I could sit in comfort and style without sacrificing my spine and short legs to the usual banquet chair torture devices (not lol). But c-J definitely needs some kind of app so he can locate his car. He joked that he'd leave his phone IN the car to act like a homing device, so the app should be on MY phone. ::opens mouth in bewilderment:: Stay tuned to the further misadventures of Helenka and her perplexed designated driver!
Because I (not to mention poor, worn-out church-John along with my wheelchair) barely survived this celebration.

Now I need to crawl into bed. More to be revealed tomorrow.
So, why should expect anything to go the conventional way. Nah. Too boring, I guess. I woke up earlier than expected and eventually got out of bed. I watched the two N.C.I.S. shows from last night both of which once made very clear how greed is such a strong motivator for murder. Very sad. I was originally intrigued (and thrilled) to note that Gates McFadden (oh, I had such a crush on her on Next Gen) was a guest star. Oh, yeah, she was. She was the victim's mother and appeared only at the beginning of the epi of N.C.I.S. Both shows decided to have this week at their Halloweenie observance. Why the rush, people?

Anyway, after watching the epis, I slid right back into bed and willed myself back to sleep. ::thanks brain:: I woke up at 1:11 and found out I'd missed a phone call from the admin of my meals provider. Later, I'll return her call. But first I needed to finally eat my brekkie. By the time I got to my eyedrops, it was already 4:00!!! Only then did I call her to acknowledge I can help her with a writing project. Just not tomorrow. I'll do it on Friday.

I'm very slowly getting ready for my fancy night out tomorrow. Retrieved my red French purse with matching wallet. Then I found my ticket and put it in the purse. Woo-hoo. I'm being so organized. So far just one problem. I want to wear my Frank Lloyd Wright jewellery (pin and earrings) but will have to actually hunt for them. Yeah, the blind lady in the dark. Sigh. Maybe if I'm really thorough and patient? We'll see.

Watch the usual evening TV along with my game shows. The current champ who'd bet strategically yesterday and won by $1 blew it today. He was greedy and ended up losing. He was WAY too greedy!

Sent SuM an e-mail about our Muslim Museum visit on Saturday. I think I'm trying to raise her blood pressure. I said I wanted to drop in the gift shop after because I've got my eye on a $25,000 gold necklace. Yeah, of course I was just kidding. Sheesh. Anyway, time to skedaddle off to bed. Nighty-night.
I was pleased to note that someone had commented on an old story of mine on AO3. That's so rare nowadays, as people normally just click on Kudos. Even more surprising was the fact that my admirer was male (in a sea of fangirls). Then he did click the kudos button on another fic I'm particularly fond of.

Which, naturally, leads me to thoughts of writing, I can't have run out of ideas already in this vast universe. Perhaps I'll return to the idea of following the alphabet for title prompts.... Or something.

So, even if I don't jump in immediately, I've declared my intent to dip my toe back in. ::crosses fingers and hopes for inspiring dreams::
First, there were many ouches to my day. Physically, I woke up early, feeling as if I were lying on a slab of unyielding granite instead of a bed. Somehow, don't ask me how, I managed to fall asleep again and woke up to the alarm at 9.

So ... the fallout from my executive decision yesterday and explaining it to church-John resulted in several e-mails. He's not a happy camper especially as I didn't talk to him beforehand. So it took me all day to think of a response in which I said I was sorry, though did stress that talking with him would not have reduced my anxiety (because logic will never vanquish stubbornness). Anyway, still hoping to reknit unravelling ends somehow.

In more positive news, I received a PM from the photographer. Despite my blindness, the odd thing is that we both chose the same picture. But I didn't know it was the same because she cropped it, then added sepia. Uh, sepia and blonde do not mix. My hair doesn't look as light and my smile wasn't as sunny. Oh, well. I guess I can't complain too much especially as she does these for free from the goodness of her heart.

Continued slogging through the Atwood. Woo-hoo, reached Ch. 22 (out of 50+). Now I'm just tired of reading. And tired of watching TV. After the news and my game shows, I went back to bed because of all the pain wracking parts of my body. Only finished watching tonight's Bull (loved all the intricate details). Will watch my other shows tomorrow.
I was overjoyed to sleep in so late, even though it was really cold this morning (and my hand should have been cramping, but it behaved). Hmm, I wonder if the cold had made my memory sluggish as well, because I forgot to mention that, when I was leaving the church yesterday, Brent snuck up by me and said in a soft voice, "Cute hairdo." Awwww, Brent. Now I have to make sure my hair looks really good for the big party on Thursday.

Finally got around to watching last night's Discovery. Still can't stand the Klingons. Not too thrilled with the Captain, either. But we all know who the gay doc's partner is. Then I continued slogging through my Atwood book. It's due tomorrow, so I've requested to borrow it again.

Late afternoon, I made an "executive" decision about transportation. Though church-John was going to drive over, park at the house, then we'd take a cab to the fancy place ... reversing direction after the event, it just didn't make any sense to drag him over here (not to mention spending all that money on cabs), so I took a chance and booked a ride with my provider to get me to the location 30 minutes before it starts. Yes, I'm crossing my fingers for no traffic tieups, etc. After the event, I and my wheelchair would just grab a cab home. I sent c-J an e-mail with the details, and I certainly hope I didn't offend him (well, I told him how much I appreciate him caring for my comfort and safety), even though he hasn't replied to me. OTOH, he does tend to go off the grid occasionally.

Had a normal Monday evening, with my usual TV shows, including a hilarious Big Bang Theory and an intriguing Murdoch Mysteries. Soooo, Julia is hoping for IVF to be her magic solution.

I'm about ready to slide into bed, but think I'd better have some ginger beer to settle the tum while swallowing my evening pills. Here's to another good sleep, please.
So, what's with the pretty? Well, first things first. I got to sleep in this morning - all the way to 6:00 a.m. Shocking, eh? It was all because my pickup was 25 minutes later than usual. Today was our church's annual Emergency Services Personnel appreciation Sunday. Yeah, lots of uniforms around, and church-John and I were displaced from our regular pews. As if the blinde olde ladye didn't have enough problems.

Still, it was a fabulous service and I was inspired when I wrote my summary. I was more than pleasantly surprised to receive a PM from the special photographer who'd taken several shots of me a couple weeks ago, following my wishes to be shot almost in profile with my blind eye getting less prominence. I was delightfully surprised to see how many of the shots were fabulous, even though all I was doing was staring off into space and not relating to her. She chose one; I chose a different one. It'll be lovely to see my picture hanging in Social Hall along with other 25+ year members of the church so our new senior pastor can get acquainted with what we look like. Lucky for me, he already knows who I am - even if I don't look as glamorous IRL as I did in the still-natural photo. ::raises an eyebrow:: Hey, how'd that happen? Especially as all the curls (now chopped off) looked FABULOUS (just not whenever I looked in the mirror - sigh).

My writing had been interrupted by a couple of seconds of power loss. Luckily, I'd only lost a sentence and was able to recreate it. We were lucky, because there were lots of areas in the province that suffered significant damage during the storm, from heavy winds toppling trees down onto cars, etc. Anyway, I didn't finish writing (and posting) until after 5. Then I got to rest and actually eat something. I ended up watching the news, then watched last night's Saturday Night Live. I've also recorded Discovery which I'll watch tomorrow when I'm feeling alive again. Because I really, really, really need to crawl into bed now. Nighty-night.
No, universe, I did not appreciate waking up at 6:46 a.m. So I read my library book on the iPad (can't read it on my desktop because it won't display properly; sigh). Had brekkie a couple of hours later. In the afternoon, I watched last night's MacGyver and Shark Tank.

In the evening, all I watched was the news and my game show repeats. And my major activity for the day was cleaning my hair with dry shampoo. Otherwise, NO to laundry or other chores. I'll do it mid-week in advance of my evening out on Thursday. Speaking of Thursday, I'm trying to get a layout of the idiotic parking garage we'll have to use, where we get lost inside. I was hoping for valet parking, but I think that has to be provided for by the hosts. Tried phoning the info line, but just got a recording.

Anyway, time is fleeting (madness took its toll decades ago, lol). Must rescue my charging iPad and go to bed and read for just a wee bit. Have no idea of what I'm wearing to church. La-di-da.
Well, at least with my sleeping world. With the exception of a brief interruption a few hours earlier for - sigh - World War Cat, I surprised myself by turning onto my back (the painful position) and sleeping some more. Who knew?

Unfortunately, I was beset by another kind of pain. More gastritis, so I ended up back in bed. Reading or just lying there. Long sigh.

Didn't really feel like watching my usual Friday shows, so contented myself with just the news and game shows. Well, the David who defeated Goliath yesterday on Jeopardy! was a one-win wonder. ::waves bye-bye::

Okay, I'm almost ready for bed and a bit more reading. Just as soon as I drink my ginger beer to settle my gastric discomfort. I'll cross my fingers for more decent sleep.
What was the cargo: Me, myself, and I.

What was the duration of the haul: Uh, 1.5 hours out, and 1.25 hours back.

What was the occasion: the third of our four meetings of my original blind group in the west end. As my co-conspirator was having a bout of forgetfulness (she forgot the cheese and her presentation materials, but remembered the Triscuit crackers and cake), I got to talk about scary eye conditions that can reveal serious conditions in the body. Then there's even the prospect of getting a stroke in the eye itself!!!!! Yikes.

Our former co-leader surprised us by his presence. I didn't know what his condition was, but it seems that all he can see is in shades of grey. Wow! At least I still see colours vividly. You never know what you should be grateful for until it's staring you in the face. Another of our group had been out more than a dozen times with the blind sailing group. I'll have to pick her brain the next time. BTW, I was not a happy camper as I was forced to wear socks and shoes for the first time since summer. And bits and bobs (big toe, top right calf) of my right leg hurt instinctively as they responded to the colder temperatures. Ugh. Body parts, don't pay ANY attention!!! Pleeeeeeeease.

When I got home, I was so very, very, very tired. But I managed to stay awake for ALL my TV shows: the news, Jeopardy! (which saw the current champ lose), Dragons' Den, Will&Grace, and finally The Orville which had some serious ethical dilemmas (where there isn't a neat correct course). Mind you, it still had its share of laughs.

I'm just glad I'm home and have no plans for tomorrow (unless it's sleeping in). I should also crack open the only library book I have on loan as it's due in a few days. Okay, okay, I'm on it stat.
Managed o get in a reasonable amount of sleep, though I didn't make it as far as 9 (which would have been lovely). Accomplished my major chore of washing out recycling containers. Isn't it all so exciting?

Seem to be over the slight attack of gastritis (the last time was July, 2016) I was suffering (obviously silently) yesterday afternoon. Decided to catch up on the few news broadcasts I'd recorded when I was away from home. Certainly, there was a lot of stale news, but I always find human interest treasures that are worth the watch. One such story was the high school reunion that's been happening for ... 70 years! Talk about solid friendships, though the women credited their typing/shorthand teacher for instilling in them the motivation to keep in touch.

In the evening, I finally watched last Sunday's epi of Star Trek: Discovery. Still highly irritated by the Klingons and the flimsy font of the sub-titles. More than irritation, it's full-on hate! But I love the uniforms: so sleek with the zippers and the metallic stripes. And the alien creature that communes with spores!
I think everyone already knows I have a quirky but pretty stable memory. So, home come (after I found out what channel SPACE was on) I ended up watching a rather unpleasant episode of Next Gen where Troi was mentally abused (imagine if "The Picture of Dorian Grey" could be transferred into a human experience). But the whole epi was a complete blank for me. Which makes me wonder whether the mind-rapey vibes may have led the networks to decide not to air it way back then. Well, it's a mystery.

What wasn't a mystery was getting another solid night of sleep from after 1:00 until the alarm at 9:00. I send the universe my gratitude. I was talking to S. after my meals were delivered. Apparently, the universe also heard my request for better stairs at the front door (the project being split with our neighbour). It would be such a comfort if I could use them instead of having to tromp through the snow drifts in the garden. ::wishes really, really hard::

I received a call from one of my church friends who'd attended yesterday's holiday meal at the church. There had been around 120 in attendance, fed by 7 turkeys. He said that my absence had been noted by many. Awww, shucks. Still, staying home had been the wisest decision for me.

I had my full evening of TV watching in the evening, starting with the news (oooh, The Leafs won their third game!), the game shows, then N.C.I.S. Nola (with a racy kiss), a scary N.C.I.S., and a sad Bull about a covered-up hazing death. Anyway, I'm all TV'd out now. So, instead, I think I'll read. Obviously, I'm trying to short out my eyes ... which I'll remedy by going to sleep. Yay.
Well, to be honest, they were very small goals: to catch up on my sleep and weekend TV. Though I was naughty and stayed up until 2:21 reading, I got some semi-decent sleep, waking up after 8:30. I goofed around for a couple of hours before having brekkie. Then I went back to bed and had two separate naps. Later on, I watched this weekend's Saturday Night Live.

Read a bit more before tonight's TV shows. Oh, I was so proud of myself to get tonight's Final Jeopardy! clue (matching the current champ's victory). Too bad I don't have his $300K+ winnings. Sigh. Also watched a Big Bang Theory that I thought was absolutely hilarious. After further analysis, I decided it was all in Jim Parsons's delivery, not merely the words. Murdoch Mysteries was fascinating, as it had a number of deaf of blind characters as well as Helen Keller.

I assume most people celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving had turkey with all the trimmings. I had pickled Polish mushrooms ... and red peppers (though I needed help opening that jar) as well as liverwurst and multigrain Melba rounds. But, hey, it was interesting and tasty.

Well, I can feel my bed calling out to me; or is it just the soporific effects of chocolate pudding? I'm sure it's all good, no matter if it's from the power of foooooooood.
An amazingly powerful day for church where the transition began for the transfer of leadership from one Senior Pastor to the successor (with the entire thing getting two pages of one of our national newspapers)! It was also another amazing (summer-like) day but I was practical and wore my new fall coat. When I arrived at 9:25, the first thing I had done was my scarf-like circle (actually, the shortened hem of my sundress) sewn into a properly-finished off loop that hid its underside. Much better.

I was so happy to not be on duty so I could pay attention to everything and everyone. Taking down details of Jeff's Lesson was HARD WORK. He even used Siri in his Lesson. Oh, my. For us old-timers, this is ... radical! After the service, I had a wee bit of time to socialize, then had a whole bus to myself to take me home. Where I had a real chore to turn my memories into my impressions. Because there were also hard facts in the service. So I didn't finish until a few minutes past 5. after which I could actually have ... lunch. Well I had some tuna and sardines. And water. Yeah, so exciting. But I wasn't feeling excited about eating, just doing it for nutritional reasons.

Even though there was (stupid) football on my news provider, I finally remembered I could catch it on the subsidiary station - using their picture-in-picture technique. With a large enough TV, it's almost realistic. Spent the rest of the evening on my computer, then dragged myself to bed where I began to fall into my phone while reading news. Then I dozed off. But now I'm up, so I'm going to stay up for a little while. Not as if I have anything planned for tomorrow. Just a whole lot of healing rest. Bye, bye, aches and pains. ::crosses fingers::
Yep, today was one of the special Family days my two chosen sisters (RS and Jan) and I celebrate during the year by getting together and eating ... chicken!

After slithering into bed shortly after midnight after yesterday's grueling adventure, I was shocked to find that I slept the entire night, not waking up until the alarm at 9. Thank the universe for an extended period of healing sleep.

I was expecting my ride at 12:20. Even though it was technically warm, I wore my new coat. I was grateful for that because, while I was sitting in front of the house, it began to rain. Not hard, but enough that I would have needed my brolly. Instead all I did was pull the hood over my head and covering my forehead. Hey, I was perfectly fine and protected. I swear this is one of the best purchases of my life.

When I arrived at the restaurant, Jan was already there, so I ordered a pot of tea, Earl Grey, hot (lol). Then RS showed up. We enjoyed the Thanksgiving special that included a piece of pie and a chocolate. Unfortunately, I was in mostly blind mode and was a very messy eater. Oh, well, my top is going in the laundry anyway. We covered a number of topics in our conversation, even delving into moments of introspection concerning the sad parts of our lives. We were commiserating with RS who'd lost her cat recently. After our lunch, she was off to receive his ashes. After we were done, we went outside to sit and enjoy the sun until RS was picked up first. Then Jan had to take off as she had another engagement all the way across the city. So I continued to sit, getting lots of fresh air, until I was picked up around 4:15. And then I was home and able to relax. So I'm cancelling my intention to order in from Mandarin tomorrow. I have more than enough food in the house that I should begin consuming.

I managed to watch last night's MacGyver, then watched my usual news and game show repeats. And that was the extent of my TV viewing. I needed to relax. So I just played on my computer for a couple of hours. Now I have to go to sleep, but first I need to find something different to wear. Oh, my.
So not, Not, NOT!!!!!!! Alas, I was unable to sleep in until the alarm at 5:30 a.m. Arrgghh. Anyway, I got everything done, was dressed in my azalea, mango, and black top, under my new fall coat at 8:00 a.m. Church-John arrived soon after and we were off on our one-day adventure. Because we're on the cusp of Canadian Thanksgiving, the traffic was very light and we arrived soon after. We had a TV crew for the diversity & disability network trailing our bunch.

We arrived at Stratford in a couple of hours. Too bad the loading and unloading weren't ... logical because it took ages for people to get on and off the bus. Sigh. Plus there was the issue of the guide dogs. I was constantly worried I'd step on the one that kept sticking its head out into the aisle. Sigh.

When we arrived, we were served a picnic lunch. I'd made sure I had a turkey bacon club in my bag and church-John a gourmet egg sandwich, so we could each have two flavours. I swear people around us were amazed we'd done that. There was also a touch tour of costumes and props (swords, wigs) at the end of the lobby but I wasn't moving as I was protecting my miserable spine by sitting in my padded chair.

Things were a little disorganized getting into the theatre, an old building which c-J and I thought had been either an old movie or vaudeville theatre. But I had my headset to receive descriptive audio of "HMS Pinafore" as we were seated in Row R. Sigh. At least I was on the aisle with clear sightlines, though fuzzy view of the stage. It was hard work paying attention to the audio feed and hearing all the dialogue. But at least the music was familiar. The tenor had a lovely voice, so I must look up his stats.

After the end, we staggered onto the bus, relieved we were on our way home. Traffic was decent until we reached the city. Then the driver did some fancy moves that saw the bus end up on the toll highway. Obviously our Pres had made an executive decision that he needed to get us back to the blind centre sooner rather than later, as several people would be being picked up by their ride provider. Even so, we didn't get in until around 7:10 after which c-J still had to retrieve his car. Finally the two bedraggled pups (us) got to my place. So, all is well because I'm home. Ha! Of course not. When I was pulling the car door toward me to close it, I slammed it against my face. Thank goodness, it struck my right cheek (hurt like hell, but at least the boniness will mean no hematoma).

When I got in, I just had to watch tonight's Jeopardy! to see how Austin was doing. He won, even though the competition was tough. I still have more TV taped, but I'd leave it until tomorrow. For dinner, I had chicken noodle soup and finished the end of my White Zinfandel. Now, pills and sleep, please ::she begs the universe::


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