Brrrrrrrrrrrr. Also yuck. OTOH, I did see reason and wore my winter coat and scarf. But at least that meant I could wear my slinky black top underneath along with my sheer tropical shawl. Still....

The cold and expected rain had almost made me cancel going to church but I was so SO grateful that I did attend. After all, I seem to have church-John trained to bring me a mocha with whipped cream as well as a couple of hash browns. The mocha is for during church while I gobble up the food as soon as I get home. Today's bag included an error: a mini strudel.

Okay, okay, back to the service. Brent was away, so we had a guest preacher who just happens to be the new ministry lead for Children & Families AND has decided to seek ordination. Always very exciting and encouraging. And then there was the music (because I never talk about that, lol). From even before the service began, we had jazz, classical variations, and The Teddy Bears Picnic!!! With much more gorgeous music during.

When the service ended, I had to scurry because my cab driver was already there. Yay! I got home shortly after 1 and tried to get warm. ::shivers for emphasis:: Even after posting my thorough review of the service (just before 3), I was still too cold to change. This. Is. Ridiculous. But I did manage to eventually slide into bed by the 6:00 p.m. news. After that, I continued reading (yes, plodding through TEP) before dozing off in my cozy cocoon. Oops? So, right now, I'm enjoying some refreshing (though still frozen) fruit mousse. And, without any (real) responsibility for tomorrow, I can stay up. Yippee! ::swallows yawn::


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