September 2017
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10:56 pm

Book List (August)

11:46 pm

Being pampered is tiring. And painful.


11:28 pm

Don't do any pirouettes at my place today.

11:23 pm

OMG. I was a zombie at church today.

11:48 pm

The problem with Pi...?

10:53 pm

Overcoming bureaucratic hurdles.

11:39 pm

Help. I'm surrounded by cats ... and feeling isolated.

11:20 pm

Some people connect ... and others don't.

11:32 pm

Finally, some relief from the stress. But ... seriously....

11:30 pm

Exhausted. Fed up. Finally relieved of duty.

11:23 pm

I so needed a day of perfect serenity.

11:45 pm

I need my recharge mode, even after a day of serenity.

10:52 pm

Two hours and twenty-five minutes does not a good night's sleep make.

11:46 pm

Today was a great day to be old....

11:07 pm

So many reasons to smile today.

11:37 pm

Filling in my social calendar.

11:25 pm

Such a loooooong day (because I've been up forever, it seems).

11:48 pm

Time travel ... of the aggravating kind.

10:42 pm

I have a headache.

10:55 pm

Alas, there were no gorgeous ballet menz to ogle today.

11:11 pm

House of tears ... though not from pain.

11:23 pm

Sleep, glorious sleep.

11:33 pm

La-la-la ... thunk!

10:37 pm

Singing the aggravation blues.

01:41 am

K.O.'d by the heat. This IS ridiculous.

11:02 pm

TV or not TV. Is that the question?

11:03 pm

So ... I'm thinking of signing up for ice skating lessons.

11:30 pm

Sporadic cat-astrophes and fuzzy vision.

11:35 pm

Lights, camera, action.

11:50 pm

La-la-la. Pretty toes and pretty hair make me want to dance.

11:34 pm

YAWWWWWWN. Oh, look. My mouth is wide open. Let's stuff it with another scone!



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