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Birthdate:Jun 1
Location:Toronto, Canada
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I write because I have to. I cannot imagine going through life without being able to express myself, to give free rein to my emotions, my fears, my aspirations. When I am being open about it, it's all there in my daily posts. If I'm too challenged by naked honesty, I use my stories as vehicles. Oh, don't get me wrong. Sometimes a story is just a story and not a metaphor for life. But can you tell which is which.

When I was younger, the expression was channeled through music (performing it as a soloist or in ensembles); less often, manifested in art or modern dance. But there was that time when I had ropes tied around my wrists and ankles as four classmates and I demonstrated at the teacher's request the utter pliability of my body. Very good memories!

I have a passion for many things in life: some of them are not conventional. Obviously my interests list will reflect that but is, by no means, the sum of me. Because I insist on being infinite. With ego to match!

I began this journal with no such expectations; it was merely a way to keep in touch with someone on my flist. Ha - well, that certainly changed. I still dabble in the Buffy fandom but my true love is Stargate: Atlantis. And, please, blame Jane (I'll always be thankful for her influence) for even getting me to acknowledge the existence of Stargate. I remember my earliest fandoms fondly. I'll always love the StarTrek!Verse and the goofy, single-minded idealism of 1970's Star Wars.

What I wouldn't give to be alive in the future and to travel among the stars. In the meantime, I'll just play with words, painting dreamscapes. Creating new worlds.

And, um, pretty men.

Vegas Imagine
The amazing SGA 5x19 Vegas wallpaper is by amberlynne and is used here with express permission.

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alan shore/denny crane, anthony stewart head, architecture, art, atlantis, audrey hepburn, babylon 5, ballet, baryshnikov, bdsm, berlioz requiem, boston legal, brokeback mountain, buffy the vampire slayer, campfires, canada, capes, carson kressley, cartoons, cats, cats the musical, cello, chocolate, choral music, chris colfer, clay aiken, colette, cooking, costume parties, daddies, deserts, dinner parties, disabled rights, dreams, dressage, egyptology, equal marriage, equinox, ethan rayne, fab 5, family guy, fandom, fanfic, farscape, faure requiem, firepits, fireplaces, forensic science, fountains, frank lloyd wright, furby, futurama, gaudi, george bernard shaw, georges sand, giles/ethan, giles/xander, glbt community, glee, gourmet cooking, harry potter series, horses, hugging, hundertwasser, il divo, inara, iron chef, jack/daniel, janeway, janeway/7 of 9, japanese food, joss whedon's firefly, kaylee, kink, kiri te kanawa, kissing, la boheme, laa-laa, lakes, laughing, lawrence of arabia, leather, little mosque on prairie, liv ullmann, loyalty, mcc, metropolitan community church, michael moore, miss piggy, mozart, muppet babies, music, n.c.i.s., nathan fillion, new zealand, opera, orgasms, patrick stewart, pauley perrette, percy adlon's sugarbaby, phantom of the opera, picnics, pigs, puccini, queer eye, reading, red dwarf, reincarnation, rick castle, robin sachs, rocky horror picture show, rupert giles, satin, science fiction, seiji ozawa, sequins, serenity the movie, sex, sex toys, sg-1, sga, sheppard/mckay, silk, singing, slash, solstice, spanking, star trek, star wars, stuffed animals, sunsets, sushi, tanya huff, tea, teletubbies, the blues brothers, the magic flute, the muppet show, threesomes, toronto, toronto islands, tunisia, turandot, vacations on risa, vampires, velvet, verdi requiem, violin, voyeurism
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