But, first, the rest of my day. Set the alarm for 9:00. Woke up before 7:00. Sigh. Oh, well, that just meant I had more time to waste. Left getting in the shower too late, so had to forego washing my hair. Told myself it looked lovely and - surprisingly - it did. Contacted the administrator and she's definitely coming over as soon as her young man returns from lunch. Thank goodness for no more postponements.

She arrived around 2:00. Spent very little time on bureaucracy (though I really wish she'd told me she needed my tax assessment form for last year. So I gave her my 2014 income statement (to be submitted when I do my return) as well as my current monthly stub. And then we just ended up talking. Hee - I am the pain and immune system specialist. Diva had followed us but (mostly) behaved herself. I think there must be something to the concept of pets being attracted to someone new, because Diva spent time perched upon the arm rest next to my visitor. And, when she got too rambunctious, I lifted her and placed her on the floor.

I asked whether H. knew of any organics suppliers who delivered and found out to my dismay that the organization had once had a "buddy" shopping system where the client would supply the buddy with a shopping list, the buddy would do the actual shopping at a supermarket and then the supermarket (I think) would make the delivery. Unfortunately, the funding for that function was suspended. So I guess I'm stuck with my expensive online grocery ordering, even if I limit it to once a month. H. finally left and I was on my own by 2:55.

I dozed off for an hour during the news. But at least I was sorta, kinda awake for the last double epi of Glee. Awwwww, it's all over. Mind you, I still don't find Sue believable as Snape. Still, I did like many of the details of the future (but shudder at the political ticket - ugh).

I think I'll continue reading for a wee bit, and then hit the hay (deliberately). Got chores for tomorrow.
Neither is 5:11, after tossing and turning. Sigh. It's no wonder I'm exhausted at the end of the day. At least I devoted most of my day to doing nothing. Well, okay, I did watch last night's The Blacklist which was compelling, though a little confusing. Took my time getting ready in the afternoon. My minivan was scheduled to pick me up at 3:50, but the driver was early. Fine by me. Had a fabulous chat until we arrived at my destination. There were already a whole bunch of women at the centre, but - with my visual problems - I only recognized one. Both my sibs (RS and Jan) were there.

We finally moved from the lobby to the screening room on the second floor and I was thrilled to see an old-fashioned roll-down screen set up. Even better than the flat-screen TV RS had mentioned. Because of the length of the film ("The Theory of Everything"), the organizers started the film while we were being served supper (chicken pot pie, salad, juice, fresh fruit salad). Unfortunately, the sound wasn't working, so one of the staff procured speakers from his own computer and then we were able to hear more. Luckily, he restarted the movie, so we weren't totally left in the dark. Well, unfortunately, I was from time to time. So I guess I'll have to rewatch the movie. Still, it was an exceptional portrayal of a brilliant man's often unconventional life (including the Penthouse magazine).

When it was over, we had a bit of a discussion about various aspects of the film and how Hawking's disability was handled by various people including the university. Then we got handouts about the next movie night dates ... and info on pain management clinics. I just might attend those, as they'll be held in a warmer month. It's the pain that prevented me from falling back asleep in the morning, and SO destructive to my equilibrium.

My ride was supposed to be at 8:20, but the bus came early. However, the driver did have to go north for another pickup, so I got a bit of a whirly-go-round ride before getting home. As SuM was still out, it was an adventure creeping into a mostly dark and empty house. Even the cats were hiding. I decided to watch tonight's Glee and was pleased by the musical numbers, especially in the competition. But, seriously, Sue as Snape is ridiculous. Anyway, time for me to warm up, take my pills and get some therapeutic sleep. Hey, body. Didja hear what I just said?????
What. A. Relief.
RS did get in touch with me (and I found out why she'd been ignoring me all day long - because she was producing a therapeutic comedy evening). Instead of this mishmash of worrying about movie times and how to get there and home, she had an alternative: the women's health centre she and Jan use on a regular basis (but I've only attended social/activist evenings, because I don't fit the criteria to be a medical client) is showing the movie next Friday evening. I'm far more comfortable attending there - even if the movie is shown on a TV screen and I have to sit only a few inches in front of it at the side - and also not feeling abandoned while waiting for my ride home. So I'm glad we resolved that and I was able to rest today and will again tomorrow (even if I do laundry).

Despite going to sleep at 3(!!!), I woke up before 8. Ugh. Feeling lethargic drove me to bed in the early afternoon, so I watched last night's The Blacklist (which I thought was ingenious) and Wednesday's X Company (which I'm sticking to out of boredom). Then I dozed off and only woke up after the 6:00 p.m. news had started. And my poor hands were icicles. Sigh.

Decided to watch Glee live instead of waiting for the recording to finish. It was a forgettable epi mostly. I'm also confused (and slightly amused and relieved) that TODAY I am able to play videos WITH sound on my computer; however, not all images are showing up in FB. Okay, Liblikas, what are you trying to tell me? Siiiiiigh. Anyway, gotta go and swallow down my probiotics and other pills. And go back to sleep. Yup.
... it does bring tears and contemplation. And, later, laughter. Yes, I was shocked to wake up from a much-needed nap at 5:55 p.m. to turn to the news channel and find out that one of my iconic actors, Leonard Nimoy, was gone from our plane of existence. Later in the evening, I found and shared some terrific posts on FB, including the one that was a video compilation of some of the quirkiest and funniest scenes from TOS. And that's when I couldn't stop laughing. Unfortunately, I'd donated almost all of my ST vids before my 2013 move, so all I have left is the animated series (at least his voice is used) and "All Our Yesterdays" with Mariette Hartley. Which means I'll be able to see one of his rare smiles whenever I want to.

For the rest of my day, I woke up around 9 (which felt early because I'd stayed up and rewatched the outrageous epi of this week's Castle). I booked my ride to the movie theatre for next Friday (got the ride), even though I hadn't yet heard back from my sis. But she did e-mail me, so everything's cool. Even if the theatre isn't showing "The Theory of Everything", there are lots of terrific movies we can see. Then I watched this week's The Blacklist (with some great psychological insights from Liz) and Ascension (which still rubs me the wrong way, but there are only a few more epis to go). After my urgently needed nap (because of all that TV watching), I rewatched this week's Murdoch Mysteries, demonstrating that I really need to watch TV when I'm fully conscious - I'd missed way too many salient points. My final TV of the day was this week's Glee. Apart from the uplifting moments and messages, we're left with a revisit by Psycho-Sue. That's one character I won't be missing when the show ends.

Tonight I'm enjoying my Christmas deccies for the last time, as I'll be taking them down tomorrow morning. Was madly hunting down one of my Christmas gifties (a gift certificate), but found it in an envelope in my purse. No, don't ask when the last time I cleaned it was! Well, it was Christmas Eve. ::giggles::
A) Weird
B) Exhausted
C) Wired
D) Happy
E) Whaddya think, ALL of the above!

Naturally, psyching myself to fall asleep immediately with a cat within a whisker's length away from my face took a little doing, but I was successful. What I didn't care for was waking up to the alarm at 9:30. Or having nothing but two small vanilla puddings for brekkie. Not the best way to start another stupidly freezing morning. At least the living room was passably warm as I sat waiting for my meal delivery.

And, then, it was back to my warm space. Don't ask where I wasted my time in the afternoon, though I'll admit I rewatched last week's Glee mostly for the set décor. In the evening, I successfully predicted the winner of MasterChef Jr., the second time I've done that. 'Cuz I have ... instincts or something, lol. After that I watched a wastefully sad N.C.I.S. And now I'm going to watch my daily Peppa Pig. Alas, no staying up until all hours tonight, because I have to wake up at 8 to do a quick cleanup before my visitor arrives. I guess I'll survive.
So, how did I spend my day? Huddling in bed, watching TV and dozing off at inappropriate times. Sigh. Watched last night's The Blacklist. And, once again, my blindness made it impossible for me to understand what was going on in the night. Uh ... okay, crazy religious cult ('cuz, really, Lot and his daughters as an instructive scripture), and I think sons being abandoned, but they're not all dead. ::iz confuzzled:: Also rewatched this week's Murdoch Mysteries.

In the evening, I watched Gleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Is that enough eeeeeee? Well, even though the show isn't finished yet, we have endgame. Pretty transformation of a barn. I'll have to rewatch for that and for all the mothers.

Right now, I'm working away diligently at my fic. I did something scathingly brilliant this morning. Moved the preamble/exposition away from the opening of the story. And, once again, appreciated having the time to mull things over before falling asleep. I like to make productive use of otherwise wasted time. Anyway, I think I need to pack it in, because I don't know how early SuM will be leaving tomorrow. TTFN.
Well, I certainly know how horrid it was here, where the furnace was trying to attain (forget about maintain) some semblance of warmth when I woke up. It's a wonder I even got out of bed, though I didn't stay out for long; just enough time for brekkie, mainly. Then I slid back into bed to watch last night's The Blacklist, along with a rewatch of Monday's Castle. Oh, wow. What a difference it makes to watch crime shows during daylight.

So, what's this about the hospital? Well, it turns out the hospital where I had three eye surgeries had to shut off its heat today because there were so many pipes bursting. All non-essential procedures were cancelled, though I guess if patients were post-op they just stayed and were bundled up more. The temp is supposed to go up tomorrow, but will crash again on Sunday when I'm off to church. Blargh.

I finally roused myself (and my vocabulary) to send a lovely e-mail response to Ashley. I was very chatty.

In the evening, I tried to catch up on FB and then watched tonight's Glee. I'll have to watch it again because there were several story lines.

I'm thrilled that my latest key smush incident resolved itself. So how did those French letters disappear? When I had to okay a planned restart. I'd actually considered restarting yesterday but had been too lazy. But, still, it's reassuring to know that - should I hit some weird combination of keys - I can undo ::crosses fingers:: the damage with a restart. Big sigh of relief to have my punctuation back. Anyway, I think I need a hot lemon drink as I'm feeling stuffed up and my throat is dry and scratchy (no wonder, with the heater right next to me). Hope everyone in the path of more blizzard weather is extra careful and stays warm.
Today had it all, apparently.

Though I woke up early enough, I still managed to dawdle and fritter away from ost the morning. Went back-and-forth with church-John via texting and finally settled on having him arrive around 2:00 p.m. for a late lunch. That gave me time to vacuum and dust. And have a long shower using up almost the last drops of Euphoria. Then I vacuumed the bathroom and, while drying off, started putting food out. Luckily, the bottle of red was a screw top. I decided to set out the three cheeses, three types of crackers, raw almonds, grape tomatoes, a ripe pear, rosemary ham and Montréal smoked beef, and I think that was it. The cheeses were Monterey Jack (which we basically ignored); Oka (the first time I had it and enjoyed on a graham cracker); and finally the second cheese from Québec, namely bleu bénédictin which c-John also adored.

But I seem to be jumping ahead of myself. C-J showed up at 2:02. I hadn't heard his text so had to rush to get to the door. I also managed to retrieve the box of mince tarts from SuM's freezer. And then I welcomed him into my holiday space. Oh, look. Diva decided to come and plop herself on the couch, between the two of us. Unfortunately, while trying to make room on the coffee table (where we were going to eat) for another tray, I tipped it and all the crackers and almonds fell out onto the carpet. Sigh. C-J bent over to retrieve them and we went ahead and ate them. I still will have to vacuum again tomorrow, as there are crumbs and possibly loose almonds. Sigh. In any case, upsetting the tray also made Diva jump up and run away. Bye-bye, hon.

The red wine in the enormous ballon glasses was delightful. Even though I had one large glass and then a smaller second one, I'm still fully in charge of my faculties. But, then, I think eating the bleu cheese did a lot to soak up the alcohol. And, speaking of alcohol, c-J brought me another prezzie. It was a (don't moan) chocolate, sea-salt, caramel liqueur. I know, it sounds dreamy. I can't wait to have it with fresh juicy raspberries. I have a feeling that Brian will enjoy it as well.

We really had such a lovely time. I so enjoy having people over and, with my mostly private space, can do it as often as I want (and can afford the food). C-J mentioned that, right now, his place is like playing Tetris. He has to do X first before he can move on to Y and Z. Because he'd like to invite me over as well. Yay! As we listened to the nature music channel, we talked about all sorts of things. Unfortunately, there was sad news, too. Our friend Joy who used to accompany him every Sunday for years died a week ago (Tuesday, February 3). She'd been in her early 90s and had not been in good health for some time. It turned out that c-J had visited her on Sunday (as he'd been driving out to Oakville a couple times a week), and knew that the end was near. Joy had been a very no-nonsense, pragmatic woman (who'd had a wild life when younger; also 4 husbands!) and didn't want any type of memorial service; she also donated her body to McMaster University. I'm sad that she's gone, but c-J and I are both thankful that she's no longer trapped in a body and mind that had betrayed her.

C-J finally left around 5. As we were both too full to even get to the mince tarts, he asked me to bring them on Sunday so we can eat them in our pews BEFORE church. He said he'd even bring me a drink, so I requested hot chocolate. Yup, only at our church can we have such a fun time!

I watched TV after he left, with the company of both cats who'd snuck in while I was seeing him out. SuM finally came to retrieve them after 7; after all, they should know what side their bread is buttered on ... or whose hand pours the kibble! Tonight's Glee made me 50 shades of nostalgic as the musical theme was Burt Bacharach. Now all I want is The Carpenters in CD format. Hmmm. Must investigate.

Right now, my spine is screaming at me, informing me (as if I didn't know) that I'd done way too much today and should go to bed. At least I can rest up tomorrow for my next partay on Sunday evening. Even with the pain, I still have a huge smile on my face. I needed this. Indeed!
Well, I found out from SuM this afternoon that the likely culprit for the loss of both TV and internet connections yesterday was a certain fluffy cat of my acquaintance. Yup it was Diva whom I usually call Mischief anyway. Naughty cat. Please to be finding another warm spot to occupy. As if you didn't have my bed and other cozy nesting places.

Had a lovely sleep until my alarm at 10. Got a surprise when the grocery delivery guy phoned at 11:04. Eek! He's early. But, hey, better early than anxiety-producing late. When I unlocked the front door, I was taken aback at seeing the fresh layer of crunchy snow with paths that SuM had shoveled ... and now I understand why I'd heard her making a bit of noise around 7. So happy to have all my groceries. Wait. Belay the "all". There was a major error because I'd ordered some extra-aged white cheddar cheese. Didn't receive it BUT I was still charged for a whole kilo of it (@ $27.90) which was also wrong because I would have only received about 250 grams. Eeeeeeeeeek. Phoned customer service. Yes, I get a credit, but I won't be ordering for another month. Sigh.

Exchanged important info with SuM about our respective entertaining schedules. She let me know that the hordes will be descending on Monday and staying until Thursday. Oy. That's going to impact my lovely, leisurely QUIET wine and cheese luncheon with church-John. So I e-mailed him, offering him an alternative of Friday. I hope he's okay with that change. Until I get his reply, I'm holding off on my invite to Ashley. Oy ... complications.

Was very lazy in the afternoon. Maybe I'd already used up my daily quotient of energy. I did watch last night's epi of Glee. OMG. Sue's behaviour was even more outrageous. And her mechanical avatar. And the elevator-that-wasn't with an adjoining washroom. And reluctant Klaine.

I think I'd better go to sleep soon. Yawning widely. I thing that's a sign ... of something or other. Yes, I am silly. TTFN.
Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Yup, that's my really, really, REALLY clean hair. Considering how much it hurts my fingers to wash my hair thoroughly, that was a very looooooong shampoo. And, then, there was STILL no service. So, after sending a questioning e-mail to Brian (because there were connections available, but I didn't know whether the Bell one was properly tagged), I decided to watch epi 04x22 of Glee on my computer. The lifeless TV was still on in the background. Funny thing was that, when Rachel was going through Central Park, I was wondering how I'd never heard the noises so clearly before. Duh, blondie. You just got your TV connection back and that's what you were hearing. Oh, joy. Almost back to normal. Except for the fact I was having trouble with Firefox, so decided to restart the computer. Um ... where are my missing tabs? Sigh. I'm going to have to go on a scavenger hunt. Later.

With service re-established, I was pleased to see that I won Final Jeopardy (again). But the clue was so simple, how could I not?

Anyway, I really should have some soup or something, because I'm not thrilled with the cold outside. And, then, find something new to read. Yay.
Yes, that's the time I woke up, after nearly 4 hours of sleep. I managed to convince myself to remain in bed until nearly 5 and spent the time writing dialogue in my head for the fic that's been stalled for months. Even if I couldn't get back to sleep, at least the time hadn't been wasted. The strange thing is that, when I opened my eyes, I did feel rested. Mind you, any restfulness didn't last long, leeching out of my body hour after hour.

I've been reading a multi-part fic for the second day in a row. Not even sure how long it'll ultimately be. Then my body began to sabotage me with episodes of dozing off during the afternoon and early evening. But I did wake up in time to watch my game shows (got Final Jeopardy right again, so yay) and then one of the weirdest epis of Glee ever. Considering that it's Glee, this is a disturbing observation. But I guess Ryan's decided he's just going to indulge himself and the rest of the world can go jump off a cliff.

I'm desperate enough to try to see if having a hot lemon drink will elongate the duration of sleep for me. And I need the analgesic and anti-allergenic ingredients as the left side of my face including the blind eye is making me miserable. Uh ... more miserable. ::crosses fingers::
Good thing, because I'm just about ready to go around the bend in a bad way. Woke up early, intending to take advantage of my "window of opportunity". Wrote a lovely e-mail to Brent in a word doc, then tried to copy and paste it to my e-mail in Firefox. Nope. Wouldn't do it. Mind you, I'd used key commands which seem to be totally unfamiliar to my old girl, so tried right mouse. Oh, look. That doesn't work either. When a computer doesn't accept something as simple as C&P, all one can do is ... siiiiiiiiigh.

Luckily, Brian was there to offer instant healing, saying he'd received my new baby and was able to bring it over tomorrow early afternoon. See me jumping up and down and screaming (silently, as I didn't want to scare the cats). Oh, yes, yes, yesssssss, please. It'll be such a joy to be able to use a computer without logging out a dozen times a day.

With the upheaval (and my failure to e-mail Brent with praise), I didn't feel like corresponding with anyone ... and I have a list.

In other non-news, my feeling cold is back with a vengeance. We've got zig-zagging temps that aren't helping. Dozed on and off in the afternoon. Had my soup but didn't even feel like wine. Obviously, I'm still discombobulated. Watched my games shows in the evening and then a disorienting Glee which seemed to jump all over the place. Because ... what? And ... WHAT??? Didn't think much of the mashups: not as successful as those in previous years. Also, so there are only 4 people in the Glee Club? Oh, I know. Who am I to insist on common sense.

Well, I'm going back to reading - finish a story first, then get back to my Windows manual. It's going to be a scary-exciting day tomorrow. Wheeee ... and whoops!
... during which no bureaucracies were harmed (again). Ah, there's always tomorrow (or is that a song from "Annie"?). I was extremely lazy after I woke up to the alarm at 10. SuM mentioned she was going to get pizza for the small gathering she was having in the evening to watch a movie and would I like some. I declined. She looked at me as if I were from ... like ... Mars. But I just wasn't In. The. Mood for pizza. I had a hankering for Chinese but no room in the fridge to store the many dishes I like to order at one time. So I looked at the menu where SuM was picking the pizza up. Liked the idea of either lamb souvlaki, chicken or ribs. But, then, with only 4 bucks in my change purse, it would have been a hassle to give her my bank card, yadda, yadda. So, instead, my late lunch was ... popcorn. So exciting. NOT.

When the alarm went off, I was in the middle of a SF action dream and it was terrific. Sigh. Don't remember a thing. But, then, I opened my e-mails and found that Brian had found me a new baby (computer) 12 bucks less than I'd budgeted (because he snapped some magic fingers). I jumped at his recommendation and he went ahead and ordered it. He's going to play with it at his place so there'll be less fiddling to do when he brings it here (though he's trying to find a way to control it remotely – eeeek!). I can't wait to get away from the – you know – quicksand and molasses currently churning away. Oh, my. That means I'll have to choose a different sound to indicate as my "music".

The other nice thing was getting a welcome e-mail from Steve in the morning. He said he chose to sit at my table yesterday because he felt I was someone who could move things along and get people interested. Yes, yes. Flattery will get him ... somewhere along the way to bringing some life to our group!

Didn't watch the evening news – it's just too depressing. But I watched my game shows and then the S6 opener of Glee. I won't talk about it except that some of the writing decisions made me growl. But I did like the new boy who always wore headphones joining the Glee Club.

The final good thing about the day was connecting a power bar extension to the heater, giving it many more feet of mobility. Now, whether I'm watching TV, at my computer or in bed, I won't be cold. I won't need TWO coats at night, so that's a huge win.

Right now, I'm going to have an abbreviated supper: two portions of delish Mulligatawny soup, a glass of autumn blush and perhaps a couple of Polish pickles. Because I like to do things differently. Which you already know.
I existed. All day yesterday. But teh internets did not. For the second day in a row, my connection cut out around midnight. Normally, it would reestablish itself after a restart. But not yesterday. When SuM came over to borrow my drill (and just WHERE did my wrench disappear to?), I casually mentioned it to her (as she rarely uses her laptop); she checked it and said, "Huh. The red light is on." So off she went to do battle with the help desk where she anticipated she'd be on the line for a while as the person at the other end would lead her in a script until something was determined. She told me the conclusion was that the problem was at this end. So I managed to amuse myself by watching TV. Lots of cartoons and reno shows. Along with Diva whom I could pet to my heart's content. But-but-but.

Amazingly enough, I heard a couple of pings from the computer (actually, it was from my wee wi-fi connector as my speakers were off). I didn't want to interrupt my TV viewing, so didn't check it out until the show was over. Imagine my delight to see the network password prompt. YES, I can do that. And, lo and behold, I was ON again. This was around 10-ish. I played on my computer until I lost connectivity again, this time around 2:30. Wah. It was gone and refused to come back. [Yeah, I know. Anthropomorphic much?] Back to TV. Anyway, SuM told me she'd switched her modem off and back on. So a decent temporary fix, but it's good to know that a technician is coming over today (Saturday).

I'd even hoped to be able to do a wee post by phone. Ha! As if my phone would let me get that far. Also, it was simply too difficult to try to type anything on the screen as my fingers were extra fumbly.

So what did I do in the evening (besides more TV)? I watched ONE S3 epi of Glee (chosen at random). Then I decided to try to sort my pictures stored on Liblikas. It's no wonder she's got a tummy ache. I named new folders and moved many pictures in, but I have loads and loads of pictures that are in date-named folders (going all the way back to when I got my digital camera as a retirement gift in 2006). That's going to be a lot of viewing - and deleting. Sigh. But at least I've started. At least I've renamed my usual desktop piccies (of MY lake, indicating what kind of swans and/or sailboats are shown).

Had only the briefest exchange of texts with Brian. Didn't feel like sharing the latest agggggrrrrrravating news. So, while I know that Brian's due to show up around 1 in the afternoon, I have NO idea when the tech will show up. Just my luck if it's in the middle of my parteeeee!

Anyway, I should think about brekkie. And curling my hair. And-and-and ... making the place more presentable. Because ... imminent yays will soon be had. And that's a wonderful thing to antici--------PATE!
So, what was so special about today? Was it waking up around 6? Arrgghh. No, that wasn't it, but I stayed up anyway. Emailed Brian about a couple of things. He emailed me back later but with no good answer to one particular dilemma (yes, it had to do with Liblikas).

Was it being productive in the morning? No, I watched this week's epi of Glee again and bemoaned how far the show had fallen. One of the primary reasons why I loved the show in the early seasons was seeing music I'd usually never heard before arranged for a choral group (or at least several voices) and enjoying it thoroughly. And, um, there may have been the added enjoyment of seeing HeMo dancing. So, at least there was that. I'm wondering if, when the show finally returns mid next year, they might age the characters by around a decade so we can see what they've accomplished in the interim period. It would also be a good way for them to bring back the other regulars for a few epis. Ah, well. Not my call.

Was it finally getting around to sort my closet by colour? Ha, so not, especially when I'm in so much pain from simply hanging clothes up. So just what was it that made me proud? Well, how about organizing my medications (which were mixed up with my perfume and sewing items)? Oh, look. I found an extra bottle of prescription pain meds. And OTC necessities. Even better, there was a discrete space in the third bathroom cabinet that wasn't being used. Perfect. That really made me happy.

After that, I also cleaned up my primary e-mail account's InBox. Oh, what a mess, but I got it down to a respectable number. I almost got started on trying to untangle the Minbari meditation crystals, but gave up as I needed more light. So I finally poured myself into the shower and stayed there for a very long time. Sadly, I gave up on the plan to soak my feet in the foot spa. Perhaps tomorrow?

After waking up far too early, I decided I really needed a nap. Diva-cat came down and napped with me. While I was sleeping, SuM dropped off some bananas, so I don't have to be totally deprived. Yay.

Finally, I found a (the?) Teletoon channel on the basic tier. Yay for more retro cartoons! Anyway, I'm really tired now and have to go back to bed. Have no idea of what I'm wearing tomorrow, but at least I'm being picked up nearly 30 minutes later. And that's a very good thing.
But, first of all, WTF was my body doing by waking me up around 6 i/o the alarm set for 9? It's a mystery. For a change, the doggie spent some time in the morning with me. She's okay, but she's just not a cat. Anyway, what's with the caption? Well, after I watched my piggy cartoons in the morning, I left the TV on the children's educational channel. Imagine my ears perking up when I heard "5 interesting facts about Tunisia" (perhaps I've paraphrased it). So why am I so fascinated by Tunisia? Well, in 1978, I had an investment maturing and I intended to reward myself with a trip to - where else but - Tunisia. I'd known about the country even before "Star Wars" had been filmed and wanted to go there more than anywhere. I would have been traveling on a small tour bus and the few of us (I believe 14) would have stayed in cheap hotels (perhaps even Luke's childhood home which is/was a real hotel) or camping out at oases. We would have visited every major city/region in Tunisia (which has a magnificently rich tapestry of history). Then why didn't I? Well, I was strongly persuaded not to go (you can guess by whom, right?), so instead I bought a fur coat. Where's that fur coat? Oh, at the back of the closet, needing a remodel job. Anyway, it's interesting to see how a mere random mention can produce a flood of memories.

The Diva-cat visited in the afternoon and watched TV with me. Jeopardy was a runaway romp for the other historic winner (Brad...?). Then I watched the season enders for both Glee and N.C.I.S. The former confused me as they're all splitting up for the summer. Uh ... and would that HAVE to happen? Well, it's a good thing that I had the more empathy-releasing show to end my evening. But, then again, that's the difference between production teams and creators.

Oh, dear. I'm yawning now. I really need to catch up on my sleep. Universe, please restrain my body from doing something stupid in the morning. Kthxbai.
After going to bed latish (2-ish), I woke up much too early (ack - before 7) but stayed up reading. A few hours later, I indulged in a no-alarm nap and it was delightful. Anything to help with the continuing stupid head/eye pain. Which is now way past its expiry date. Ugh.

Between the pain and the nap, I was certainly in no mood to do any chores (therefore no dust was harmed). And, as I felt like some ... uh ... glee, I watched this week's epi once again, mainly for Chris Colfer's numbers. Mind you, as much as I generally liked what he'd written, I thought there were weird stereotypes, such as the men in white coming to corral an escaping resident. Either they were self-aware to have freedom of movement (and they all seemed to be in possession of their faculties), or else they had NO freedom of movement off the premises. Sorry, Chris. That's a writing fail played for a cheap laugh.

Anyway, I tried to coddle my aching head with mushroom soup. And a couple of cookies. No, not an exciting food day at all. Anyway, I'd better head to bed (ha, she hopes) as morning will slam into me soon enough.
First of all, the visiting dogs (and humans) are gone. Yay. It's not fun having way too barky dogs around (and confusing for ye blinde olde ladye when she doesn't know who's in the same or even next room).

I got my meals delivered in a timely manner and didn't hesitate to check out the desserts. Yum - and in cute reusable containers, too.

So what's this about dogs? Let's do cats first. One of the benefits of having satellite tv is that I can watch news whenever. I was especially interested in TO's news today because of our disappearing fraud of a mayor. There are MISSING posters floating around the city. So, yeah, he's still in the news. But the hour was redeemed when there was a piece on not one but two cat cafes opening up in TO (sorry, can't get into the T-dot designation) soon, one not far from where I grew up (and is now tres trendy). Each cafe's residents are being supplied from different rescue agencies. And, now, even though I have two fluffballs on the premises, I want to go there!

And what about the dogs? Well, there was this wonderful episode of Glee tonight, written by an unknown (right, as if!) by the name of Chris Colfer! He managed to tie the two story lines together by the end. And I loved seeing him ... uh ... soar in the role. [I don't think I've spoilered anyone, have I?]

In other tv news, I quite enjoyed Wheel of Fortune simply because the winner was just so shriekingly enthusiastic. It's not just about winning, but about personality. And she sure had it. OTOH, everyone won a few grand (even the woman who seemed to have her personality dialed on low). OTOH, N.C.I.S. was a bit confusing, though lying in bed probably didn't help either. Sigh.

And in dorky news, whatever I did yesterday seems to have FIXED the inaccurate widget problem - you know, the one where I was connected, but the symbol showed I wasn't. Now it's showing the expanding signal waves. Yay-yay-yay!
Well, it was also an "Why'd I go to bed after 3 when I knew I'd be waking up at 9?" day. Yup, I tackle all the hard questions. The answer to #1 is because my joints were SHRIEKING at me. Obviously, the grotesque chilly rain didn't help (though, yes, I will acknowledge that it's far better than a tornado ... or have I already mentioned that). But the pill kicked in fairly quickly ... so yay. I'll be taking my evening one very soon.

The answer to #2 is that I got caught up reading. It happens.

My food got delivered within an acceptable window of time this morning. Then I just had to juggle portions in the freezer. And call to order next week's delivery. Ha - the person who took my order was the administrator who simply HAD to comment on how yummy the desserts were that I was ordering. Sure, sure, yeah, yeah.

Fluffy cat spent most of her day downstairs with me. And SuM graciously offered to pick up some food items for me as she was going off to the cheapie supermarket. Yay. I asked for the good OJ, two bunches of 'nanas, a dozen eggs and bacon. Naturally, I forgot ALL about needing bread. Sigh.

In the evening, I watched my game shows, then Glee. Oh, Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. Just how STUPID and NAIVE are you? Well, after that romp into irresponsibility, N.C.I.S. brought me back down to earth with a heavy thud. Tears running down my face at the end. And I'll always love Gibbs for how tender he is with Abby. I wish I'd watched the show from the beginning. I managed to catch most of the early seasons, but I don't have the whole story.

Anyway, I'm just trying to catch up with the world, as I had connectivity problems - yes, AGAIN - during the day. Please, universe, don't take my lifeline away. ::begs::
Well, it's about time! I had a good sleep which was a great start. I didn't have to wait too long for my food to be delivered. Excellent! I found cookies (actually two different kinds) in my pantry that I'd forgotten I'd ordered. Duh.

And I finally cooked my chicken thighs. But, first, I had to browse for "microwave oven-fried chicken recipes". I chose the second one and ended up with well-cooked crispy chicken despite the fact that I hadn't pulled off the extra fat underneath (you know, that disgusting trend not to trim it so that you end up paying for something you have to remove yourself) but, to my surprise, found that there wasn't any liquified fat, so it must have sizzled out of existence during the 18 minute cooking time. Or soaked into the thick paper plate. Whatever the reason, I was a happy camper. I accompanied what I ate with giant stuffed green olives and put the leftovers in the fridge.

I ended up having a nap from about 4 until 6:15 and woke up two minutes before the alarm. No dreams this time. In the evening, I had my usual game shows, then watched this week's epi of Glee. But was disappointed that N.C.I.S. was an old repeat. Uh ... Bell peeps, how about copying how other providers inform their customers, by indicating a first-run episode with (N)? Then I'd know if it was going to be a rerun. ::sighs:: Oh, well.

On the other sighing front, I placed my meal delivery order this afternoon. I think the woman who should have visited me but stood me up twice took my order. I chose not to say anything this time, but I probably will call again by the end of the week. Because, seriously, this visit NEEDS to happen if I'm to apply for my subsidy. SMH at people who can't manage their time ... or keep their clients informed. Really, SERIOUSLY.


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