Considering that I stayed off social media all day long, I had no idea of the terror in Barcelona until the 6:00 p.m. news. Sigh.

My day started off strangely. I'd woken up earlier, but fell asleep again. What woke me up was hearing World War Cat. I was in the middle of a weird dream where I seemed to be living in a house with several people including our amazing Music Director. For some reason, my old blue starburst shag rug was under her bed(?) and she was complaining I'd need to vacuum it more carefully because there were tufts being pulled out. Weeeeeird.

After I woke up, I decided to read "Hidden Figures". I even delayed brekkie by a couple of hours because I was transfixed. There was so much I didn't know about segregation and strife in the states (other than what I'd witnessed as a teen from far-away Canada). I'll write more about it in my monthly book report. I kept slogging away at it and finally finished the book. All that's left (not sure) is an interview with the author and I'm in the middle of that.

After the shocking news hour, I watched my usual game show reruns and I'm about to watch the SNL Weekend Update, even though I don't know how whether I'll be in the right mood to appreciate it. There's so little of good stuff happening in the world. Let's make that a really long sigh.
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( Aug. 6th, 2017 10:54 pm)
What wasn't there to love? Well, apart from the alarm going off at 5:45. But the weather was lovely. I added my gorgeous mango/azalea/black top and sparkling citrine chandelier earrings to my ensemble. I was picked up early and arrived at church before 9:10, so I sat outside and listened to the gorgeous music. One of my fave singers was our guest artist today. She's such a sweetheart, always coming over to give me a hug and kiss. We make a terrific mutual admiration society!

Brent's sermon was on heaven and hell through a progressive Christian lens, following the readings of which the first one was by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. His vivid words just sprang off the page. The service was so efficient I even had time to socialize after. Was also relieved that church-John had brought me $100 worth of supplements. Yay! I was also extra relieved that my cab (from the bad company) arrived ten minutes early, with the driver meeting me halfway down the ramp. Oh, good. Someone who knows how to read directions and special statements.

I got home exactly at 1 which was fabulous. Was surprised to see that SuM had already left. She left me a text. Gone but returning on Tuesday. So I had to corral Grumpy, the same old boy on whose tail I trod (totally by accident, I swear) when I'd been walking down the back deck steps in the blinding morning sunshine. He eventually appeared to forgive me, but I wasn't taking any chances, as I scooped him up and carried him inside. Whew. Cats are a real handful.

Writing today's review was easy, especially as I started with the music. After that I collapsed. After some gooey lemon danishes, I later had some soppressata sausage and a glass of rosé. I also opened a bottle of the store brand of sparkling water, trying to compare it to Perrier. I thought it was fizzier, but tasted more salty. I'm also so nervous handling glass bottles. Eek.

C-J sent me an e-mail in the evening confirming he's all mine (bwahaha) on Wednesday for getting my walker fixed. Wonderful. Naturally, I'm sure we'll do lunch somewhere, too. Looking forward to a good week ahead.
Oh, yes, indeedy. I was faced with those cold, cruel digits staring at me with a veneer of impertinence to boot. So I reached for the iPad and continued reading my Trek novel. Luckily, the pain managed to stay in the background for a while. I finally finished it only to find that it was the MIDDLE book of a trilogy. So I borrowed the other two books.

Once again, citing nausea, sleeplessness, and pain, I talked myself out of doing household chores. Instead I managed to snatch another two hours of sleep just before 2. And woke up in the middle of more vivid dreams. Hmm, I wasn't aware that gastric upsets and sleep deprivation when combined were dream catalysts.

I ventured into SuM's living room after watching the news and my game shows. We watched "The Diaries of Ann Lister" - a fascinating true account of a woman who'd defied the constraints of polite British society to carve out a life for herself on her own terms: refusing to marry, studying a vast array of subjects, hiring men to mine her land, and - oh yes - living with a woman and adopting the role of "husband". She used to write love letters in a special code which was decrypted only after 150 years. SuM wondered whether it might have been solved by a woman!

SuM also graciously made supper: big meatballs (we joked about those), boiled potatoes, and the snappiest crispy peas. Luckily, I managed to overcome the lingering nausea and enjoyed my meal. ::breathes a sigh of relief:: Right now, I think I'm going to drink some soothing ginger pineapple juice and then read for just a titch. I have to wake up early to book my rides for next week's pub night. Yay!
Well, I had so much time to waste, what with waking up (again) at 5:44. Grotesque. Anyway, the results: it turns out the church copied my FB review of the 2016 Easter service to their site ... but I hadn't been aware of it. I know they've shared my FB posts to their page several times (but I always knew it because it would show up). OTOH, the info from 15 years ago may have disappeared (me on a Pride float and volunteering at Casa Loma). Well, it was still an interesting exercise.

As I was up way too early, I continued reading the second "Murdoch" book. Finished it and am now on the third. After I finish this one, I'm not going to bother reading any because these show a much different character with some unpleasant characteristics. And the less said about Brackenreid or the prevailing bias against Roman Catholics the better.

Stopped reading long enough to do two loads of laundry but still no major chores. Not with my foot pain. Sigh. At least I've laid out all my paraphernalia (medal, ruby earrings, red satin scarf) for tomorrow. Just sad I couldn't locate my Pride ring. Not that it would have fit, but still, I would have liked that option. As it's the middle of summer, there were no TV options, just the usual news and game show repeats. Note to self: it's the Stamp Act (not the Tea Tax) that caused the major kerfuffle south of the 49th.
Yeah, right. As if. When I showed up at church at 9:25, there was a TV station van parked next to the church. By the time the 10:50 service started, we had hundreds more people jammed into the Sanctuary, including a former Mayor, the current Mayor, many councillors, other officials, as well as family, staff, and friends of the deceased councillor. And here was our proposed Senior Pastor Elect about to preach. So ... no pressure?

Obviously not. Rev. Jeff did a fabulous job. He employs humour very easily, while not neglecting the message he wants to convey. At the end of the service, I was anxious to get home as there was going to be a quick meeting and voting beginning at 1:00. It was also going to be online. Amazingly enough, my cabbie got me home at 12:57. I rushed in, typed in the church's site, clicked on the special webcast link ... and heard static even though there were people on screen. Thankfully, when the webcast began in earnest, there was sound. Despite a couple of times when I seemed to lose the signal, I was able to watch most of it. The vote count took less time than expected and some awfully clever people arranged to have PINK smoke emerging from our chimneys. Well, you know, WHITE is just so ... boring! Apparently the vote had been overwhelming in Jeff's favour ... though I believe it's still good that there was some opposition, to keep him focused on the ways our church can improve.

While the pink smoke was on screen, I lost the audio portion, so texted church-John to find out what was happening. I'm sure I'll get more of an inside scoop once we get together on Tuesday. After the vote webcase ended at 2:00, I really had to scurry to create my weekly summary. I had to trim a whole bunch of stuff, but finally posted. Then I collapsed. When I watched the 6:00 news, we were pretty much at the top of the newscast, both for the respect paid to the city councillor, and then the introduction to our new Senior Pastor Elect.

Anyway, I have to think about bed (yes, old joke), but I'm off with Brian to the waterfront tomorrow at noon. Can't wait to have the wind in my hair and feeling cooler.
So, there's this place I want to visit. Even though it's a heritage building, it's not normally open to the public due to sabotage concerns - especially since 9/11. But, on two days each year, there are around 150 buildings throughout the city open to the general public. For free. Each building is featured for its architectural beauty primarily as well as individual artistic features (such as breathtaking mosaics in this case). The two days are this coming Saturday and Sunday. So why am I not going to be there? Well, church-John and I are already attending a funeral on Saturday and then there's church on Sunday.

But, blondie, those events are only a couple hours long. You could still go. Well, not so much. Because the place is at the foot of Lake Ontario and there is NO (as in nada, nichevo, sorry it ain't happenin') parking. So the only way to get there (reasonably) would be with my rides service. But that would require that we actually have a whole day ahead of us. Sigh. So I've decided that c-J and I should plan to do this ONE WHOLE YEAR FROM NOW. I know planning ahead is important, but it's been a while since I've been this calculating.

Anyway, the planner behind this facility was also responsible for the magnificent viaduct (and, thanks to Michael Ondaatje's book, that's how I found out). Here's a brief blurb about the facility:
Constructed in the 1930s, the R.C. Harris is the largest of the City's four water treatment plants, providing an average of 400 million litres of safe drinking water to residents in Toronto and York Region each day. Dubbed 'The Palace of Purification', the R.C. Harris was commissioned by Roland Caldwell Harris, Toronto's first and longest-serving Public Works Commissioner, as a water showcase to highlight the mundane, but essential function needed to make cities possible. The R.C. Harris is the largest ensemble of Art Deco buildings in Toronto, providing an excellent example of how Art Deco style can integrate with Late Romanesque Revival and Modern Classical forms. The plant is designated under the Ontario Heritage Act as a National Historic Civil Engineering Site, and has been recognized as a Canadian Water Landmark by the American Water Works Association.
So, which one, blondie? Your cold? Nah, it's still lingering, but I'm improving. I know that copious amounts of ginger beer, yogurt, and hot lemon drink have helped significantly.

Is it regulating your sleep schedule? Hah, I wish. I woke up at 7:30, coughed, went back to sleep. Woke up at 8:30, lather-rinse-repeat. Woke up at 9:30, decided my body needed to be upright to get all the couching out. Sigh.

So, what was this accomplishment? I finally, FINALLY got through "In the Skin of a Lion". I'll write more about it in my monthly book report, but I can honestly say I never want to read another Ondaatje in my life. Mind you, I can't wait to try to see the water filtration "palace", but the downright oddness of the characters left me feeling ... meh. So, I'm thrilled I can now return to my second read-through of "The Martian", as I'll have to return it to the library in a couple of days. It'll be a breeeeeze.

It was a relief to have non-confrontational TV shows to watch in the evening. The season finale of Big Bang Theory was hilarious and then I zipped through the two MasterChef shows. Already making plans for major rewatch sessions through the summer months of my fave shows and movies. Because, right now, I'm not feeling too optimistic about summer showing up. It's just so depressing, even if they're forecasting an absolutely scorching (as if) 70 degrees by the end of next week. My lungs and joints so do not need cold and damp. ::mutters and gets ready for bed::
I know we have an ... agreement that I get the night and "IT" gets the day. But, holy hell, the coughing spasms are so violent that I feel my body being torn apart, especially when I'm lying down. I so do not need another hernia, TYVM. Or the searing pain.

OTOH, I did sleep until 7:27 and, after a few minutes, fell asleep again, not waking up until 11:45. That was excellent! I didn't even mind losing precious hours in my day. Not that it consisted of much: watching last night's N.C.I.S. Nola (a WTF hour of corruption and unredeemable evil). Then I continued reading the Ondaatje. I've reached the part where I'm really engrossed in our city's history. We've already had the building of the viaduct. Now, a decade later, our protagonist has been busy digging a tunnel 30 feet below Lake Ontario to house a pipe that will supply a palatial (must look it up for realz) water filtration plant. A nearby city boundary street used to be a forest. Really neat details. The imagery is still vivid and often violent. I'm wondering whether that is a feature(?) of all of Ondaatje's writing.

In the evening, I rewatched last night's Bull. Even though I basically loathe the adversarial system, I'm fascinated by courtroom proceedings. And I missed a few words here and there last night that did make a difference in my perception.

So, my day is done, but I think I'll mention a feature on tonight's news about a TO ballerina returning four months after giving birth to her second child to take on the role of the swan queen (Swan Lake, natch). She mentioned how she'd ::shudders:: ripped her abs during the first pregnancy, so had to work to avoid that happening again. Wow! If that can happen to a ballerina....
Apparently, this is a new thing with me. Last night, after drinking my hot lemon and sucking on a throat lozenge, I finally cracked open a sealed bottle of Benylin cough syrup. And then went to bed around 1. With the exception of one brief wakeup, I managed to sleep all the way to 9. I certainly wasn't feeling any better, so the only thing that makes sense is the power of auto-suggestion. ::crosses fingers for a repeat performance::

After brekkie, I did doze off for a while. Had cold things during the day (Perrier, ice cream) and then soothed my throat in the evening with cream of potato & chive soup that I doctored with heaps of crumbled bacon.

Continued reading my Ondaatje. It's as vivid as the previous book but I'm enjoying it much more, possibly because it recalls all sorts of historic events in the province, including the building of the magnificent viaduct across the river on the east. Unfortunately, in order to create a barrier against people wanting to kill themselves on the upper portion (there's a subway running along the lower level), there was a competition and the winning design is absolute garbage, with steel strands supported by rows of (take your pick) telephone poles or crucifixes, with A FEW of the strands adorned by metallic "teardrops". A travesty, if you ask me.

Apart from reading, I only watched the news and my game shows. Well, I think I'm fading quickly. Time for my medicinal routine and bed.
Oh, dear. Must rectify that stat. After a loverly sleep all the way to a few minutes shy of 7:30 (definitely wow), I finished reading my last borrowed book. Felt so abandoned, I borrowed another in Tanya Huff's "Blood Ties" series. The only problem is that the last book in the series, published 11 years ago, is not in the system. Boo. I'm also on the waiting list for "Hidden Figures" so that'll be a real treat.

Once again, I was struck with a mid-day lassitude. Or was it sugar shock from maple walnut ice cream? Speaking of munchies, the federal government introduced legislation leading to the legalization of pot next year. It'll be interesting to see what happens. I certainly wouldn't mind trying some in edibles for my glaucoma (and body pain).

At least I had some TV to watch, especially epis of the two MasterChef series. Now I want Beef Wellington, Eggs Benedict, and Cheese Soufflé. I may possibly get the first two when church-John and I finally get to the fancy Sunday brunch at a downtown hotel. Anyway, my eyes hurt (gee, I wonder why), so I'm headed to bed. TTFN.
So, I'm recounting my day backwards.

Received an e-mail from the library. The book about 9/11 from the Gander ("Come From Away") experience was available. Yeah, I'm already crying ... and the author has only just left the terminal. For the record, he was brought up Catholic, is gay, and traveling with his partner. The forward is by the mayor of Gander. Both men are characters in the musical.

Jeopardy! was fun in the Final. Ha! It so pays to watch Helena Bonham Carter movies ("A Room With A View" FTW).

SuM dropped by wondering whether Grumpy was a stowaway but - no - he was nowhere to be found. While she was here, I asked about trying to rid the back deck of the yellowjackets (because, seriously, I can not spend two minutes outside in the summer without being ... swarmed). SuM said she'd get some traps for them. ::breathes a huge sigh of relief::

Had a fluffy visitor (Diva, natch) for most of the day. Good when she was sleeping, irritating when she kept winding between my legs and jumping up on the CPU. Was a bit worried about trying to keep tabs on her and read on my iPad, so the book I'd just started didn't get much attention from me.

Had a whole room-full of groceries delivered (well, you should see the pile of cartons) and have enjoyed treating myself. Mind you, putting them away was hot work. In a case of weird juxtaposition, I put the pots of tulips on top of the fireplace! Also thrilled they delivered the best guacamole I love. There's also black bean & corn salsa, regular salsa, and (I hope, 'cuz I couldn't read the label) mango salsa. Yum!

Woke up to the alarm at 9:00, for once not dreaming at all. Good. Also pleased I didn't even hear the garbage trucks rumbling down the street (they usually begin at 8).

Originally woke up at 3:38! Are you kidding me????? No, I was so not a happy camper. But, somehow, I managed to fall back asleep. Still no dreaming.

Traveling back to yesterday, I was thrilled to receive "mail" from the government (I log into my account and read it) confirming that my tax refund had been deposited to my account. Funny thing is that I'd forgotten I'd filed my return 2.5 weeks ago. I thought it had been sooner than that. I guess it's just another example of the days blurring by.

Looking ahead to a spring-like weekend with more relaxing. Hmm. Perhaps a bottle of wine?
The trivialities of my daily life pale in comparison to the unrest in so many parts of the continent (all I'm aware of). I hate the fact that the dictator-in-chief has already seized on what happened at the Mosque in Québec City as PROOF! for this particular ban. Uh, you despotic idiot, the killer was a homegrown anti-immigration bigot.

Totally unrelated, but I wasn't feeling well today, so there was considerable lying in bed. I was left in charge of the cats mid morning. They've been mostly good and I hope that continues overnight as I need to wake up early to get ready for my meeting. I believe it's going to be a TV wasteland this week (all? reruns), so I guess I'll only be watching my game shows.

In dork news that almost amused me, I forgot my gmail password (well, it's been forever since I had to supply one). But, luckily, there was the option to send the reset to my phone where I just had to tap the screen and type in a new one. What. A. Relief. Anyway, I'd better get ready to hit the hay. I'm winding down, watching one of my wonky fave cartoons, Toupy and Binou (about a giant rat who lives with a tiny cat ... I think).
Oh ... and terrific sleep, too. I didn't wake up until 8:22. Wow. It's been a while.

Spent much of the day monitoring sites for news and especially photos of the various Women's marches around the world. I can't comprehend the crowds in DC but I found the description from Seattle fascinating. Apparently, there were people still waiting to join the march THREE MILES from the start. When I consider I used to live three miles from the lake when I was in midtown TO, it boggles the mind to fill that span with over 100,000 people. Supposedly our own contribution had 50,000. One of the signs I saw really grabbed me. It was a line drawing of a woman's reproductive organs with ONE significant difference: the right fallopian tube was raised, giving the finger! Right on.

Continuing to focus on nice things for myself, I finally got around to trying the cinnamon french toast bagels I'd bought a while ago (and stored in the freezer). All I did was heat one up for 20 seconds in the microwave. No butter or anything else. But - wow - it was great. Next time I'll try separating the halves (don't get me started on bagels that fall apart) and sprinkling maple bacon bits. Naturally, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

I should be thinking about bed but, first, I'm going to give myself a quickie paraffin hand treatment. Because lobster hands are never attractive.
Oh, yes, sleeping all the way to 10:30 was absolutely divine. The hot lemon drink definitely helped, as did being so warm and cozy. With the usual nothing on TV, I finally watched "Mozart in London" which I'd recorded a couple weeks ago. It was fascinating to see how much his father had to stage-manage travel arrangements and concert bookings; also that Mozart's clothing - influenced by ornate French fashion - set him apart from young British lads in their plain wool suits who'd mock him. It was just a short program, apparently a one-off.

Church-John texted me about the current Jeopardy! champ - well, until tonight's airing. Her story had been in the local paper, so I found it online. She lost the epi tonight (though her total winnings were over $100K, qualifying her for the next Tournament of Champions), so I guess all the press felt free to write about her. She'd been competing even though she was dying of cancer. I'd wondered, the first time she appeared, why her voice sounded so weak. So, not only cancer but also an infection; and yet she was a great player to rise above pain and foreknowledge of her impending death (with less than 6 months to live). She designated that her winnings should go to cancer research. The sad thing is that she died on December 5 - before her segments were aired. Anyway, there was a lovely tribute Alex paid her after the closing credits of tonight's show. And I even posted my thanks on the show's FB page.

Anyway, after the game shows, I moved to my computer, just keeping the TV on the kids' network. Suddenly, the sound and picture disappeared. WTF? Apparently, the Fibe functions are still in place. I can use the guide, switch to recorded programs. But, apart from the on-off sound, there is no sound and no picture. Helllllllllp. I'll try resetting Fibe tomorrow. And cross my fingers. A lot. In the meantime, I think I need to find a funny story to read (even if I don't laugh).
Was thrilled to enjoy a deep-snow sleep (the ONLY good thing about the S-word), not waking up until 9:25. Was thrilled to see that the hot lemon drink and simple cough lozenge did the trick of relieving a possible allergic difficulty-to-swallow reaction. But, then, all thought of being productive deserted me. No dismantling of the bed to affix the bed risers. Nuh-huh. OTOH, I did manage to debox the new electric skillet (hey, the Styrofoam was wedged in very tightly), but didn't screw the arm/leg combo on yet. Still, I did d/l the user manual. I also searched for chicken recipes, something I can serve church-John when I have him over for his birthday. I finally decided I'm going to invent a recipe, following both Italian (herbs, onion, black olives, pasta) and Polish (mushrooms, miniature multi-colour peppers, sour cream) influences, along with a generous application of rosé wine (which provides more body and a heightened flavour than white). I'm rather excited by the entire project and have decided this is the dish I'm going to make (as a practice run) just for myself on Christmas Day. Yay!

Speaking of entertaining, I also sent an invite to Ash for her upcoming birthday (close to c-John's). I was mortified that we hadn't celebrated her birthday this year until mid March. So, fine, we were also acknowledging St. Paddy's day and the beginning of spring, but I certainly hope we can do her birthday within her month, namely January. Her party will be a lot easier, as I serve a different flavour of chicken wings along with nibbles and grapefruit juice & vodka.

Just happened to have the TV on in the afternoon. Jim Parsons was a guest on Ellen promoting a new film (whose name I didn't quite catch). It's really timely to have been released as it's about three unacknowledged women who were vital in the effort to get John Glenn into orbit. I guess I'll make an effort to see it in a real movie theatre (and hope for semi-decent weather). In the evening, I watched a totally unbelievable epi of MacGyver where our intrepid trio managed to avert WWIII in Shanghai, as Mac cobbled together a GPS disruptor to make the misslle headed to the States blow up. ::widens eyes dramatically:: Yeah, sure. Whatever. Still, the actor who plays Mac is SO pretty. Mmmmhmmmmmmm.

Bed is calling my name and I haven't even had my hot lemon drink. I guess I'll succumb. Soft kitty, purr, purr, purr.
First of all, I really didn't want to wake up at 5:05. 6:00 would have been perfectly fine ::growls:: to book my rides. But my mind and body decided otherwise. So I got up. During the morning, watched N.C.I.S. Nola before heading to SuM's living room to wait for my meals. And wait. And wait. And watch a few more Peppa Pig epis. Finally, my meals arrived around 12:15.

I was distracted until I realized it was 12:58 and the (funeral) service for Dar was supposed to begin at 1:00. I still didn't know whether it would be webcast, but took a chance, went on the website, clicked on one link (wrong one), clicked on the live Sunday service and found it just beginning to play. Oh, thank the universe.

The Sanctuary was fairly full. There was unusual music (can't tell what it was without the order of service), and several eulogies and stories from children and grandchildren in hoarse and cracking voices. I was just so grateful that I had a better than front-row seat for the service ... and began writing my review while still watching. The view screen was stuck on 75% of my monitor, so I squeezed my word doc in the remaining space. Posted it very quickly and then collapsed.

But, wait, I can't collapse yet. I had to place my meals order and then got caught up in a really long conversation with the administrator. Yadda-yadda. Then I collapsed in bed to watch TV. I'd also exchanged texts with church-John in the morning as he quizzed me on what happened on this date in 1965. Uh ... nothing? And then I asked whether he'd meant to type "1963". Yes. So I knew exactly what had happened. He also picked up an order of service from today so I'll have a memento of Darlene.

In the evening, I watched a very confusing N.C.I.S. (too grainy picture) and a much more captivating Bull. And, now, I'm thoroughly wiped out. I need s-l-e-e-p. Yeah, NO kidding.
For a change, I'm not the one getting (officially) older. But, yesterday, I sent my old friend Danny an e-mail for reaching MY age ... and early today (like after midnight), I sent my church friend Stephanie a FB post for reaching - eek - 81!

Did not care AT ALL for waking up at 7:30. Horrid. So it was no surprise that, by 11:00, I was desperate for a nap. Set my alarm for 2:00. Woke up a few minutes before the alarm with a freezing hand. Yes, in this heat wave. I've found I'm hot sitting in front of my computer (from both electronics and the placement of the desk below a window); yet, when I lie down, I'm downright cold. Sigh. Anyway, as soon as I woke up, I baked the chicken to warm me up with a hot meal.

Finally decided to watch some of what I'd taped this weekend. First watched "Gayby Baby" filmed in Australia following a two-dad and two-mom family against a backdrop of official and unofficial opposition to SSM. It was heartbreaking to see the dads' oldest son decide that it wasn't a bad type of lying to describe his living arrangement as containing his dad and his male carer (his word). Why? Because the family was moving from Australia to Fiji, a much less tolerant country. Then watched a fascinating documentary, "Coast New Zealand", about Fjordland, at the southern tip of South Island. Found out about how several ventures were born and died - including seal hunting, making oil from whales, coal mining, a gold rush and, currently, crayfish trapping. So, apparently, New Zealand broke off from Australia 100 million years ago. Also saw rare black coral and the presence of bottlenose dolphins that are evolving to survive at the edge of arctic waters by becoming larger with smaller fins (to conserve body heat).

Well, that's my mental excursion for today. Will read for a bit, then - I hope - more successful sleep.
It was definitely a different kind of Sunday. We're turning over the high profile webcast service in the morning every two weeks for highlight special worship teams in our church. Today it was the Spanish speaking group Hola. In two weeks' time, it'll be Blacks in Praise and the Sunday before Pride will have our Young Adult group. Luckily, all of these changes are happening on Sundays when I'm not on duty. Whew.

Luckily, the cats behaved last night so I got in a good sleep. Our weather has been outrageously silly. It's like mid July right now, but in one week's time, we'll be under the seasonal norms. But, hey, it wasn't raining on me. Hung out with friends when I got to church. Didn't know what to think of the music at the end of the first service. But I was still pleased by what had been done with about a 60% immersion in Spanish. We had four speakers sharing their stories, two from Mexico, one from Colombia and the last one, from Spain, married to our newest Pastor. Because I was seeing even less than usual, I basically kept my eyes closed for the entire service and just listened.

Good thing my good mood didn't dissipate after the service, even though my ride didn't show up. I called about 40 minutes after the expected pickup time and found out that driver was in lots of trouble, because he'd already let down a whole retinue of customers. Sigh. And here I'd been happy to be getting a comfy minivan instead of a pretzel-creating cab. I finally got home. The cats were disinclined to take advantage of an open-door policy to the back deck. It was just too hot and sunny.

SuM got back late afternoon. After the house calmed down, she visited me with a giftie because of the extra care involved in the cats' feeding schedule. Yay - I have another pretty caddy holding a shower gel and matching body lotion. Funny thing is that I go through the gels like water but don't use the lotions at all because the only dry parts of my body are my feet and hands and mostly in the winter. Still, it was a sweet gesture.

Ended up finishing watching the X Company series and also tonight's epi of MasterChef Canada. Glanced at the defrosted lamb in the fridge and have decided to begin marinating it tomorrow morning (for 24 hours). Patience, blondie, patience. At least I got to satisfy some of my cravings with whiskey-apple bacon slices on a warm bagel. Nom, indeed.
No, cats (you know who you are), I certainly did not appreciate the hissy fight taking place over MY pillow around 5:30 (when I'd stayed up until 3:15). I guess I should consider myself lucky that they allowed me to sleep all the way to 8:45. Hey, it counts as sleep, so I'll accept it.

It was hot and humid so we were all lethargic. Grumpy was sooooo sprawled out on the covered porch and not moving, so I carried his lunch out there. Yes, yes, I'm such a devoted auntie.

Decided to finally begin catching up on some of the TV series I'd recorded. I started with S2 of X Company. Watched 6 episodes over the course of the day (with 4 remaining). I'm even more impressed with this season's performances, attention to detail, and thankful that the brutality wasn't OTT graphic (because we all know what happened during WWII). It also helped that I was lying on my front with my head only a foot away from the TV ... so that I could actually read the English subtitles. Makes a huge difference in comprehension.

I guess I'd better corral the cats for the night (and hope they're too worn out to be rambunctious. ::crosses fingers::
Well, that's what our Music Director was playing just before the service began. We do have quirky people at church. But, then, if we didn't, I wouldn't be there! I had to deal with a really pesky driver who was leaning on the doorbell at 8:48. What a maroon. But I didn't mind arriving at church at 9:15 and sitting outside for 45 minutes, eventually being joined by Jan as we greeted people whether passing by or coming in. It was another amazing service. This time one special feature was having the new, openly lesbian Moderator of the United Church of Canada preach. She had a terrific, down-home folksy way of speaking and was so engaging as she talked about Moses and Peter and ... us ordinary folk. Something else totally outrageous was hearing the Music Director (as well as my fave Cellist) playing all the wrong notes in the Sunday Commercial for the upcoming MCC's Got Talent show. Loved it! Am almost (I wrote "almost") considering taking part in it, not as a singer as some would hope (though I actually did sing a little today) but as a storyteller, especially if my story involves pigs. I'll have to give it some thought.

Didn't have much time to hang out with my sis RS after the service (like 5 minutes) because I was picked up ahead of schedule by my cab. OTOH, that meant I could get home and do my review. SuM had not only left the back door unlocked, it was actually open. I had to tell her how I'd nearly stumbled over the breadbox Diva who'd been basking in a patch of sunshine in the kitchen when I'd departed in the morning.

Managed to do a quick review of the service (easy when I'm inspired) as I ate the hash brown brekkie church-John had forgetfully brought for Ash, even though she's out of town today. Hey, her loss is my gain. I'd also talked with him about being my ride home after my dental appointments. He's okay with that. Bless him. I was also stunned to receive a gift from Uncle Ernie, a book. He has changed a lot lately, for which I'm grateful.

Was very sleepy again in the evening and slept through half of MasterChef Canada. SuM only caught the last 5 minutes, too. At least I recorded it so I can rewatch it, even though I'm still not feeling a connection to any of the contestants.

Glad to be hitting bed soon. And, tomorrow, I'm finally going to call the dentist. Should be an interesting conversation. Wonder how good their archived files are.


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