So, what's the what? Well, SuM, S and I just had a House Dinner & Movie Night. First, for dinner we had grilled Teriyaki chicken, green beans, roasted 'taters, sliced zucchini. Then we had my bourbon pecan tarts and Hypnotiq for dessert as we watched "Freeheld", based on a true story from last decade of a dying NJ cop who wanted to transfer her pension to her partner (with whom she had a Domestic Partnership). Naturally, the council (a bunch of dicks!) were very sad she was dying, but wouldn't transfer the pension (because they thought gay people were icky, dontchaknow), which would have meant the partner couldn't afford to keep their house (and its memories). Only the cop's work partner supported her; but, at the end, a whole bunch of cops showed up at the town council meeting where they reversed the decision. So, yeah, lots of being all choked up and crying. There's also a documentary, so we'll try to watch that in the next couple of days.

Now, why no pain? Because church-John came a-calling (texting me while I was in the shower ... and he was already parked outside without my knowledge!). After I got dressed, we took my new coat to the cleaners to get my sleeves shortened. When I got back home, I took two pain pills, swallowed down by Coke. Oh, feeling much better.

Anyway, much better than this morning, when I'd woken up at 4:11 a.m. (from the pain lancing through my fingers). So I decided to read and actually finished the book which ended up being horror/crime/mystery/child abuse/sociopathic siblings. Uh ... yeah. So not pleasant, even if it was gripping. After I finished, I returned to reading the engrossing God book by Sawyer. Much saner. I think I'll read a bit more before bed. Then keep my fingers crossed for better sleep, too.
... even if the sleep gods were being mean and stingy. Oh, sure, I got more sleep than the night before: all three hours and forty-seven minutes of it. Siiiiiiigh. So I read, foofed around on the computer, and rewatched The Orville until 8 (when the alarm was supposed to ring). After brekkie, I felt warm enough to jump in the shower and carried over my Euphoria indulgence by actually applying perfume to my wrists and behind my ears. Made me feel very special! Though it wasn't hot, it was mostly sunny, so I wore my oldest (holey) leggings with thin socks ('cuz I was hoping to try on boots), along with my mango-azalea slashed top. Church-John showed up at 12:30. First stop: just a few miles away to find me a fall coat. ::crosses fingers:: We couldn't find the store. Plazas in the suburbs are ridiculous. So frustrated, I handed c-J my phone so he could phone the store and get proper directions.

After we parked, c-J followed me into the store which I hadn't expected. The clerk found me the exact coat I wanted (it has wicked zippers and even a storm-thumb feature in the sleeve lining). Yay. I'll take it. I also added a couple pairs of leggings. Then I tried (to try on) knee-high boots. Yes, you may laugh now. I had to try to haul my right leg onto my left knee and slide the boot on. Fuggedaboudit. As Peppa Pig would say, "It's impossible!" There was just no way I could see myself doing it on my own. Sigh. So, we left the store, with me being mostly ecstatic.

When we got downtown, we finally visited the French resto our friend had recommended. We were seated in the front window, so we could see everything outside while still enjoying the oh-so-casual and nostalgic French music. I had an amazing meal, starting with Tuna Tartare on Avocado, French Onion Soup, two large glasses of French Rose. a Strawberry Crepe, and (total indulgence) a glass of Pernod Pastis (don't know if I spelled it correctly as c-J was reading the menu). OMG. What a blast. We both talked about how wonderful it is that we can enjoy ourselves with these outings, even though we can no longer cook or entertain the way we once did.

We had two more stops on the way home: to get me money from the bank machine and to pick up my red winter coat, fully-relined in dramatic black satin. Luscious.

When I got in, I collapsed (which should come as no surprise). All that wine and excitement! I managed to settle down to watch the news and my game shows. Then there were two hours of MasterChef. And, now, I'm trying to reverse the wee bit of nausea. Time for sparkling water, say I. And ::fervently crosses fingers:: hope for real catch-up sleep!
To bed at 1:00, awake at 3:25. ::groans:: Even though I tried to return to sleep several times during the night, nothing worked. So I read my new (weird) book, looked at clothes online, played solitaire on my phone, and finally just lay in bed keeping my hands warm. The alarm rang at 9; I ignored it. I finally got out of bed, had brekkie, but not enough time to defrost the freezer (in prep for a week's supply of new meals), so I just threw my hands up in the air. Screw it all.

After my meals were delivered, I went to bed for a couple of hours. I may have dozed off for a tiny amount of time. When I was at my computer again, I fou8nd that FOX had a repeat of the first epi of The Orville tonight. Yay! How kind of them. So I set it to record. After that, I struggled to stay awake through the news (fail) and game shows (mostly success). I've just finished watching the new space show and have concluded that I like it. It appeals to the dork in me. I like the mix of characters, especially the aliens with neat physical idiosyncrasies. So I hope it's a hit. It's nice to have something new to follow.

I'm about to take my pills and am so keeping my fingers crossed for a decent night's sleep. I don't want to be all grumpy when I'm out socializing tomorrow. ::crosses fingers::
Yup, hard to believe but.... Yesterday I received mail from the city's housing authority. I'm on a years'-long waiting list for RGTI housing. I've missed receiving important mail from them and have complained, the last time being in a registered letter sent IIRC in mid-March. And it took them until YESTERDAY to reply to me. Siiiiiiiiigh. Anyway, now I can indicate choices about the housing I'd like, even if nothing happens, but I will have had the illusion of choice.

Now back to last night. I did go to bed after posting but couldn't fall asleep. So I crawled out of bed and continued reading Agatha Christie. Until 4:00 a.m.! Somehow (miracle), I managed to fall asleep and, with the exception of 6:20, slept until my alarm at 8:00. But I feel so worn out.

Got ready for my visit to my eye specialist. It's a cloudy but breezy day. Still, I don't like the dullness of the sky. My driver took me past the church (which I thought was hilarious). When I arrived, I decided not to do panic shopping at the drugstore, so just got money from the bank, then sat outdoors where two people recognized me (the first an old neighbour from last decade who kissed both the top of my beret and my hand,the second a church friend I'd seen only yesterday). My appointment was for 1:00 and I was the first patient seen. I like our visits but today's was very frustrating. Between the inadequate sleep, too much reading, and not enough sunlight to encourage my pupil to dilate, my vision was the worst it's ever been. I could barely see the outline of the giant E. And the second slide seemed to be in red spider scribbles. Uh-oh. Still, he's so funny, he made me laugh. I told him about how much I enjoy being in the new group because of trips and parties and he observed he'd always thought I was a "party girl"!

Being done so quickly was unexpected, so I just vegged in the lobby and waited. For a very long time. But my ride finally came at 3:00 and we were on our way via a detour. Past the museum where I also caught a glimpse of my old building, down the street where I'd eaten at a sushi restaurant, across the street from the building in the chich neighbourhood where I had a fab summer job for two summers. And, then, he got me home very quickly. Yay!

Had a very quiet evening with the customary TV shows. I finished the first Christie Book, but have to reread the last chapter because I got confused. Oops. Better slide into bed soon to recuperate.
How long? Well, after I woke up around 12:15 a.m., I tried to get back to regular sleep. Ha! So not happening. After tossing and turning for an hour, I got out of bed around 1:15. And stayed up. I did some writing (which was a relief, though I kept nodding off over the keyboard). Ate my primary brekkie very early and followed it with some refreshing yogurt.

At least I was outside bright and early waiting for my 8:35 minivan that was early, too. There was a very chatty passenger going in the same direction. Oh, my. Could she ever talk. But we had a riot talking. I was dropped off before 9, so decided to sit outside for 10-15 minutes to get some very fresh air. When one of my blind group buddies (a very effervescent woman) showed up, we went into the meeting room to drop off our potluck offerings. For once I had many people to chat with at my table. The potluck was terrific. I had t'other meatballs in a mushroom gravy, pasta salad, cream cheese tortilla circles (yummy), lots of fresh fruit (honeydew, cantaloupe, strawberries, pineapple) and more I can't recall (ooh, spicy Jamaican meat patty). So full, I brought half a large chocolate chip muffin home. Yum. I had way too much time to wait after the meeting, but I got home quickly while engaged in conversation with - you guessed it - my companion from earlier!

Even though I desperately wanted to go to sleep when I got in, I couldn't. I had to write. Desperation time. Luckily, I got some creative dialogue from it and managed to post it around 5. What a relief! Only then could I relax aka fall apart. Which I did, dozing off over and over and over again. Slept through most of my game shows though caught Jeopardy! via Restart. Am still feeling very zonked and not hungry at all. Perhaps some chocolate before I take my evening pain pills? And then setting the alarm to make an appointment with the eye doc in the morning. ::longs for sleep immediately::
::glares at body:: Seriously, body. 4:57 a.m. is NOT an acceptable time to wake up. But, because of the usual being too hot and not breathing, I got out of bed and headed to the computer. I worked on finishing the last review I had of a church service. When I finished it, I was exhausted, but very proud. I also sent an e-mail to my sis RS about our movie plans for next Saturday.

By the time I was finished, I was zonked. Cue nap with an alarm set for 4:45. I fell asleep within a couple of second after pulling on my gloves. Now that's zonked. I thoroughly enjoyed the second part of Jeopardy! tonight. The champ of the College Tournament (from MIT) had a mind like a steel trap. Yet she had a dazzling smile. What a shock to see how tiny she was with all these tall guys. After that, I laughed through tonight's MacGyver, and cringed through Shark Tank.

Finally, I'm also so proud that I allowed my as-of-yet unwritten fic (due before the end of the month - eeeek) to marinate (no, NOT fester). I find dialogue popping into my head as well as more organic character development. I think I'd better write everything down tonight before going back to bed. In any case, I'm devoting all of tomorrow (well, with the exception of doing some laundry) to the fic. And crossing my fingers. I have no idea how long it'll end up being. Yes, yes, I amuse myself ... occasionally. Snorfle!
... by waking up minutes before 5 after ONLY 3 hours of sleep. Simply ridiculous. So, obviously, I had tons of time to waste in the morning. Why had I woken up? Because - once again - I was under too many covers and not able to breathe. Sigh. OTOH, the temperature climbed to near 60F (AFAIK). I still wore my winter coat open, but only two thin layers underneath.

Church-John showed up shortly after noon and we were off, with the windows down. Just glorious. We stopped in at a few stores. I was unable to find a couple of things, but was able to replenish my drugstore essentials (sorry, store, that I cleaned you out of my fave cleaner/toner). After that, I wanted c-J to drive by the provincial gov't service centre nearest me so that, when I book my rides to get my new photo ID health card, I'll know where I'm traveling. Well, we only got lost ... a little. But we were having oodles of fun.

We finally drove up to the fish'n'chip place, arriving near 2 - past the lunch crush. C-J had just coffee and fish'n'chips. I had a Coke, the most melt-in-your-mouth thin calamari rings with Caesar salad. I also splurged on their home-made key lime pie with a swirl of real whipped cream. I'm glad I ordered the pie but I won't have it again. The calamari OTOH I'll be dreaming about for a very long time.

We finally headed back south-east to my place, arriving before 4. We'd had a very fun afternoon (as we always do). I was so stuffed that I ended up dozing during the news and all of WoF, waking up just in time to record Jeopardy! and rewatching WoF that is in San Diego for a week. Ooooooh, the ocean looks gorgeous. Pat and Vanna were at a Mexican restaurant with the chef showing off her various dishes, including lobster (but I didn't catch its exact name). Oh, yum.

After that, I quickly watched Big Bang Theory where I nearly cackled at Sheldon proclaiming about the "length" of what exciting thing he had in his pants!!! It was actually the long list of ComiCon panels, lol. And, then, there were the adorable kids on MasterChef Jr. Now I'm having a couple of mini apple strudels with Perrier and painkillers on which I'm relying to remove the grotesque pain in ::counts:: my right hand, my left bicep, and my right foot, possibly also my lower spine. There is obviously no coordination between my pains. Ugh.
Well, metaphorically. So, I went to sleep exactly at midnight. The numbers looked so orderly. So promising. BZZRT. Wrong answer. Instead, I opened my eyes at 2:57 and shrieked silently. I got out of bed and went on the computer. I added more items to my grocery order, sent an e-mail to Brian, and worked on my fic. For several hours. Without even considering brekkie. I did put the porkchops in French onion soup at 8:10, setting the timer for 8 hours.

Around 10, I really, really needed to go back to bed. So I did, relying on my instincts to wake me up at a reasonable time. That time was 1 p.m. But, even though my head seemed better, my back was shrieking at me. So. Not. Fair.

Consequently, there was no more writing to be done. I stayed in bed and watched last night's Dragons' Den that was uninspiring. I finally had some of the pork later. Chops too thin and the meat really did fall off the bone. It's too bad I couldn't add the Polish pickled red peppers - because I couldn't get it open. The slight acidity would have helped with the blandness of the meat. Perhaps next time.

I thought I was going to scream in political outrage when I saw bits of that man's press conference on the evening news. Monkeys could have strung sentences together better. In more positive news, I was bolstered by studies showing that people (I think it was older adults) taking lots of Vitamin D fare better at avoiding contracting pneumonia or even the flu. Hey, I take 4,000 IU (to prevent bone loss), so I'm a happy camper. Then I enjoyed tonight's hilarious Big Bang Theory. Oh, Sheldon. Also watched the second round of eliminations on MasterChef Jr. Now I'm just trying to make myself feel better with the fake ginger beer and chocolate. Hope they work.
Uh ... body? Dear? You weren't meant to wake up at 3:15. Or feel the need to eat lunch at 10:00 a.m. Or have two naps during the course of the day. [Even though, technically, human beings - when deprived of clocks and windows - naturally follow a 5 hours awake / 2 hours awake rotation. But NOT at bloody 3:00 a.m.!!!

Sigh. Well, at least when I was awake, I enjoyed watching last night's Dragons' Den epi, with eager hopefuls seeking a "second chance". Beyond that, I've been reading a really long mixed fandom (Buffy, Sentinel, still waiting for N.C.I.S. to pop up) fic. Haven't been on social media all day long, so will swing by before going back to bed ... whenever that is. Good thing I don't have any responsibilities (except for being the resident gate-keeper, letting Grumpy in from the garden late morning after SuM texted me) until church on Sunday morning.
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( Jan. 11th, 2017 10:46 pm)
So fed up I didn't even remember when I woke up in the middle of the night. Or when I actually got up. It's all just ridiculous. As might be expected, I then had to remedy the sleepless situation with a nap, from 2:00 until 4:40 (my finger liked pressing those keys).

My only joy tonight was getting Final Jeopardy correct: Troilus and Cressida as the oldest of Shakespeare's couples. Yay! In fact, most of the epi seemed to be really easy. Some days I'm lucky with categories. After that, I just let the TV record stuff while I scrounged for interesting stuff on my computer. Blech. What was even more blech (literally) was having to toss the rest of my Polish rye bread and jellied meat. Wah.

Okay, time for supplements and painkillers. Please kick in and knock me out. Kthxbye.
Seriously, body? You decided you'd had enough sleep? Sigh. As I doubted I'd get any extra sleep with the alarm set to ring at 5:55, I reluctantly got out of bed. OTOH, I had a leisurely morning, so that was very good. It was so warm out that I wore my sleeveless mango/azalea/black flowing top under my capelet. Yes, I also wore my winter coat, but left it unbuttoned. Also, no gloves. Sat outside waiting for my minivan at 8:50. It showed up around 9:15, but I still got to the centre at 9:35.

Had a good - if disjointed - time at the blind group meeting and holiday potluck party. I really need to attend more events so people remember me. I may show up, just to laugh, at the next bowling tournament! And, considering that today is Giving Tuesday, I might volunteer to be on a panel discussion early next year about - you guessed it - volunteering.

My minivan showed up early, so I was out the door and being whisked home in lots of sunshine (just as I had in the morning, despite a forecast of unending clouds). Got home around 12:45.

In the evening, I was stunned to find that Dan Savage had highlighted my "gentle" comment (and two others) from yesterday's column! Woo-hoo, though I'm giggling at the gentle category. Usually, I'm not so delicate. Told SuM who requested a link.

I'm relieved I don't have to do anything tomorrow other than receive my delayed meal delivery and wash loads of recycling containers. Such domestic joy. NOT. Right now, all I want is to be hit over the head with the sledgehammer of SLEEEEEEP!
Yes, it happened again. Wow! Talk about sleeping in. So, I got out of bed and at least had the computer to distract me, including finishing and placing my grocery order to be delivered tomorrow. When it was time to feed the cats their brekkie, I closed my door and began to decorate the first tree. Well ... uh ... it's done. It's not pretty, but it'll do. I added the strands of teal and pink lights, draped the special flexible ribbon in soft curls from the peak down both sides, and added all my gold decorations. I was planning to use the remaining ribbon and draping it over the mirror about the fireplace. But, when I just tossed it onto the dining table where it just happened to fall over the heavy vases filled with led lights, I found I'd created a brand new look. So, I'll just refine it. Pleased to see how the ribbon diffuses the intensity of the lights. Also pleased to see that the gingerbread ornament's scent is still very strong. The cats don't seem to mind it at all.

After that I was just completely dead. My knees are considering applying for refugee status on someone else's body. I don't blame them. So I went to bed and tried to watch some Peppa Pig. Um ... kept dozing off. In the evening, I managed to doze off three separate times in the course of 90 minutes, making me miss the headlines in the news and much of my game shows.

So far, all the cats are dozing, Diva on the bed, Grumpy on the couch, and Ce-Ce on a dining chair. However, I have to continue to monitor her, because she tried to grab an ornament off the tree. Ack! At least nothing is breakable, but I wouldn't like to see her pull the entire tree down off its perch. ::casts an anxious eye:: I'll just be keeping my fingers crossed overnight. And hoping to catch up on my sleep.
Of sheer rage. Hey, I didn't say that special place was nice. Because, yes, again, I woke up at 2:55 after having gone to bed at 11:30. Later, I believe I identified the trigger. Even though I'm asleep, the pains in my knees are sending impulses to my brain which decides my body should be awake to get the full experience. So fed up.

Got out of bed and puttered around. Had some yogurt. The finally managed to fall asleep at 6:00 and only woke up when SuM popped in at 10:30 to say she was leaving. ::waves hand in her general direction:: Byyyyyyeeeeeeee.

I intended to decorate today and actually got the huge box out of the storage closet. However, I was not inclined to decorate even one tree, as Ce-Ce had already done a dangerous thing, jumping up onto the stand and making herself at home behind the tree. Oh, my head hurts. Still, I managed to remove a few things, hanging bells from the bathroom door, putting a spray of cranberries and ivory leaves in a vase, and setting out some of my precious keepsakes. I also hung up my stocking by the fireplace. And that was it. I should be thrilled I got anything done today, considering the level of pain and decrepitude. Sigh.

Rewarded myself with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and some aged cheddar for dinner. Tried ordering groceries but the site is being cranky. Hey, I'm cranky, too. So I think I'll just crawl into bed and hope for a better tomorrow.
Glurgh. What a night. Went to bed at 12:20. Woke up some time later. I thought it was a lot later, but it was only 2:55. I tossed and turned and simply could not sink back to sleep, so I reluctantly got out of bed at 3:30. I am going to be a zombie later today. Stayed on the computer for half an hour when I inadvertently triggered the login for the Remote Viewer (what Brian uses to GRAB control of Liblikas). Naturally, I thought he couldn't sleep either, so I texted him. Then, as I though my 'puter was off-limits to me, I crawled back into bed and - oh, so luckily - fell asleep quickly, not waking up until that rude alarm at 8:00.

Had a leisurely morning and a substantial brekkie. Good. Because of the vibrant colours of the glass exhibit, I wore my so-called "stained glass" top. Waited for church-John to arrive which he did around noon. Then we were off back to the centre of the city. He took the scenic route of the highway along the lake, then we drove up University Avenue. I got my first really close-up look at the "Cristal" addition to the Museum. Miraculously, we found a parking spot exactly across the street from the entrance. Free parking = Yay! I was also able to offer c-J free admission as he was acting as my support person and seeing eye-dog (hey, those were his words). In return, I suggested he could take me out for chicken dinner at Swish. We walked in at 12:45. There were very few people there and we really enjoyed the room and space to proceed at my preferred pace. I was just - excuse the play on words - blown away by the incredible artistry and giant imagination. John had to describe all the things I could see, but I still managed to absorb and appreciate a lot, especially the shapes and brilliant colours. Imagine my surprise to find we'd been there for TWO hours at which point my left knee just gave out. So we proceeded to the gift shop where I purchased a fridge magnet, a Blu-ray of a TV special on his work, wrapping paper based on his designs (which I'm going to frame to create art). Total, less than $75. Not bad, considering there were glass pieces with $6K price tags! Then we walked in reverse order back to the start of the exhibit to see one of our fave installations. After that, it was time to limp out and go to dinner. We ended up at the Swish near my neighbourhood. I chose coleslaw as my side dish and was served a mountain of it. I'm definitely going to be getting lots of certain vitamins. Then c-J got me home, mostly in one piece, and assisted me inside as it was raining and dark.

SuM gave me some bad news as soon as he left. Her mom died today, so she'll be leaving tomorrow morning, leaving the cats in my care. I think she's really relieved to have me here ... and I told her that - hey - I felt I had another new family, considering that I'm the cats' Auntie Helenka. I left her then because she got another of her endless phone calls.

Only really watched the news and then Jeopardy as I was really out of it. But, first, I had to send an apologetic e-mail to my sis RS who was not pleased that I'd gone to the Museum with c-J instead of with her. So I had to send her a list of logistical reasons why our getting together to do cultural events is not practical for me. But - hey - we can still do lunches and movies.

Anyway, I really, really, really, really, really need sleep NOW. Shutting down in 5,4,3,2.............
Oh, I'm sure you can imagine how incensed I was. Decided to stay up as I no longer felt sleepy. Thank goodness for the computer as a source of distraction. Had an early brekkie, watched a very sad N.C.I.S. Nola epi (a LA version of a "Sandusky" coach), then finally slid back into bed after 8, setting the alarm for 11:20. Was so relieved to fall asleep, but the damage had been done. Spent the entire afternoon in bed and dozed off again, waking up to an invisible alarm at 5:00 to watch TV. Well, nothing of substance as it was just the news and my game shows.

The saddest news of all: found out via FB that my fave deacon (and one of my best friends) Dar died yesterday. At least she'd lived a long and very vivid life (oh, the stories of her adventures decades ago in San Francisco!). I can't believe she'll never visit me again. Well, she probably will in spirit and will be thrilled not to have to worry about the scary stairs!

Finally did a bit more tidying up and then rewarded myself with the smoked salmon. Was quite surprised to find it wasn't as oily or salty, so it was a better quality. Canadian too, IIRC. Still haven't touched the bubbly. Yes, my life confuses me, too.
Woke up at 5:00. Arrgghh. What do you think?
Sent a couple more encouraging e-mails to SuM's ex who hopes to be at church this Sunday evening. I'm pouting because Sam's partner Carol will be preaching on Cooking. ::pouts::
Managed to slide back to sleep at 8:30, setting the alarm for 11:00. Much better.
All the while I had my fireplace running to heat the place up to the max.
Began colouring my hair at noon. Finished at 1:45. It's ... acceptable.
Spent the afternoon relaxing.
Watched my game shows and then MacGyver. I really like the actor playing Mac (must look up his name).
Just finished moving the tea service onto the stable coffee table. Am very pleased.

And that's a wrap!
So, going to bed around midnight should not result in waking up at grotesque 3:39 a.m. ::shrieks:: I tried getting back to sleep but it just wasn't going to happen. So I crawled out at 4:09 and went on my computer. Thank goodness for diversions, including sending another supportive e-mail to SuM's ex about coming to church. Mind you, it still felt weird to listen to SuM waking up and finally leaving just before 6:00. Had a lovely brekkie after 7:00 (Asian glazed salmon with rice and Asian veggies) which put me in a mellow place, enough to slide back into bed around 9:00. But, first, I had to "find" my top pillow that had escaped its rightful place. I straightened out my covers, pulled on my gloves and ... crossed my fingers. Whatever the magic spell was, I slept all the way to 1:14. When I woke up, I discovered I'd forgotten to turn the heater back on. As I'm a stubborn opponent of the theory that one sleeps better in a cool room, I'll just keep thinking it was the brekkie and desperate need that allowed me to sleep so well. When I woke up, there was an answer to my e-mail. Obviously, I've got a lot of persuading to do if I'm going to get this person the necessary help. But I'll wait until tomorrow morning.

Obviously, as a result of the no sleep followed by sleep, the mani-pedi might be the impossible quest for me. ::pouts:: So. Not. Fair.

The rest of my day was just a boring blur followed by my game shows and Dragons' Den. At least I'm feeling excited by moving a tiny bit of furniture around the couch tomorrow morning (fingers crossed), because goals are a very good thing.
First, stay up reading waaaaaaaay too late (um, was it like 2:30?), then try to fall asleep. Toss and turn for an hour because you're too hot, then too cold, then back to hot, all the while wondering why the pillows have conspired to swallow your face! After an hour of that, I gave up and got out of bed. And promptly returned to reading. And then rewatched three old epis of Castle. I guess it's no wonder my vision was extra wobbly today.

It was only after a solid brekkie that I dared to attempt a nap after 10:00. Thankfully, at that point my body was so worn out, I did fall asleep and did so until the alarm after 1:00. It was too little but at least it was something.

Managed to find my allergy pills tonight, so I hope they'll assist in giving me fewer yucky symptoms, even if they're the unwanted non-drowsy type. I long for teh drowsy; really, I do! ::pauses to yawn:: That's a promising sign, so I'm skedaddling off to bed because I have an adventure tomorrow. Yay!!!
Well, if it's a case of palindromic numbers. Despite my best intentions and attempts (too quiet, discomfort, pain, etc.), I didn't fall asleep until the last time I checked my phone, at 4:24. Yeah, grotesque. The next time I opened my eyes, it was 8:28. Sigh. At least it was something.

I missed getting my meals delivered, but SuM intercepted them. Then I returned to my hermitage. Finally had the incentive to watch the season ender of The Blacklist. Oh, those clever writers with the unexpected reveal. And, obviously, more danger for our protagonists. A couple of minutes past 3, I simply had to catch a tiny bit of sleep, so set the alarm for 4, just in time for my afternoon TV shows. Well, that was a weird experience. I kept drifting in and out of sleep, accompanied by weird dreams. One of them was about me thinking I had toenail fungus (I swear I'd never noticed that TV commercial before), went somewhere medical, and was having my theories rejected by someone who didn't seem to be more than a fast food flunky who kept insisting on speaking to me in a very soft voice, despite the loud music around us. Then he called a senior medical person, who lectured me.

I drifted back to oblivion but was back in dream-mode probably during the evening news. I was dreaming of the main weather guy who's usually quite jolly. I was sitting on a bench where it turned out he was doing a local forecast. I wondered whether I'd be on TV, especially as I had bare legs, uncovered from the knee down, and painted in bright paisley designs. But I was worried because I hadn't shaved (that's getting RL involved as I decided to postpone tomorrow's pedi because of expected thundershowers). At this point in the dream, he seemed to be at my hoity-toity apartment building, standing on the outer landing, but on the outside of the black railing. And he was no longer being jolly. It didn't help that one side of the railing had come loose and it was threatening to sweep him off the ledge. Not that it was really dangerous, just about a foot above the flowerbeds below. Oy, brain. How you confound and entertain me, all at the same time.

I've been reading all evening (though with repeats of the N.C.I.S. shows on in the background). I'm going to get back to it, hope I can tire myself out enough to avoid a repeat of last night. I think I also have to figure out how to have my sound machine go beyond 30 minutes.
Why, yes, it IS a trick question. Sigh. I guess my body simply couldn't adapt to going to sleep only 11 hours, 45 minutes after waking up. Seems unnatural, though it might make sense if I lived at the equator and got up with the sun and went to bed at sunset. I tried at 1:15. Tried for an hour. Nada. Got out of bed and read for a while. Back again after 3. Still no luck and, despite my lovely bouncy fresh new pillows, I kept having my pulse beating in odd parts of my body/head and hearing rustling sounds. So I got out of bed again, figuring SuM would be up soon enough. As soon as she left for work around 6, I made brekkie and enjoyed it. I finally slid back into bed at 7:24, setting the alarm for 8:30 as I had plenty to do in the morning (moving stuff prior to having groceries delivered and getting ready to go out with church-John). Finally-finally-finally, I slept.

When I woke up, I received an e-mail from c-J, confirming our date. I replied to him in quite an excited state. Yippee. I also collected my useless instruction manual for the TV cart, so I could get it enlarged. C-J showed up after 1 and we were on our way. The place is an "institution" in the East End and serves very few things: obviously fish'n'chips; seafood platters (with combos of fish, shrimp and scallops with coleslaw and cocktail sauce). I ordered a shrimp/scallop combo along with a plate of real chips. But there were too many of them; despite sprinkling them with malt vinegar, I let them get cold and finally abandoned them. But the fried shrimp were marvellous, esp. with the sauce. Next time, no scallops. When we were leaving, I enquired and found out they do takeout; even better, they do DELIVERY. Yippee! So c-J and I could have some delivered to my place so we wouldn't have to squish ourselves into unaccommodating booths.

I managed to get my pages enlarged while we sat and gabbed in his car for 40 minutes. I'm always pleasantly surprised that we don't seem to run out of topics of genial conversation. That pleases me muchly. BTW, I now have to find an epi of Downton Abby which I've never watched, because of an appearance by Dame Kiri Te Kanawa. Wow.

Then it was time to get back home, rescue Ce-Ce who was OUTSIDE before mum got back home. I was mostly pleased with my grocery delivery, having stashed away chocolate-caramel mousse cups with sea salt sprinkles in the freezer for the next at-home movie night with SuM. But I was upset that my luxurious cheese (English cheddar with caramelized onion! nom!) I was going to share with Brian on the island was omitted. Also, my driver was grumpy and didn't place the boxes where I'd indicated. Sigh. At least I have my frozen lamb shoulder chops and a bottle of vermouth so I'll be able to cook my divine dish soon.

Anyway, after I'd caught my breath and relaxed for a bit, I watched the utterly hilarious AND touching first-time epi repeat of Big Bang Theory. Recorded The Blacklist. Now I'm just hoping my body will permit me to get some sleep before my awesome (practical) shoe shopping trip tomorrow. Yee-haw! [Why, yes, I am weird. Thank you for enquiring.]


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