Because there aren't enough weird things happening in my life, I got an e-makl request from the admin of my meals provider asking me to call her as soon as. Well, I couldn't quite then because my cellphone was recharging. So I decided to try using SuM's phone. Only ONE problem. I'd never used that cordless before and couldn't see the display. Sigh. So I sent a reply saying I couldn't talk for a couple of hours. We kept e-mailing back and forth and I agreed to call her around 8. Well, she was busy (at home) when I called, so I waited until she called me back. We were on the phone for 48 minutes. OMG. It turns out she's having an interpersonal problem and was asking for my take on it. I gave her my advice. Let's see if it helps calm the situation.

The rest of my day was fairly calm. I slept in all the way to 8:16 which delighted me. Though the heat and humidity had broken, we were faced with torrential rains (more flooding of the river near me) and a sudden decrease in temperature. But not enough to convince Grumpy to show up. Sigh. That cat! I also sent an e-mail to my new friend at the blind group, asking if she was going to attend the next two functions ... and whether she'd like to go out for Chinese on the Saturday of the August long weekend. Alas, no reply yet.

Then I spent a really long time washing out my recycling. Yuck. But I got it ALL done. Unfortunately I was a little dozy when watching the usual TV shows tonight. Anyway, I think I'll return to reading "Rogue One" for a while. Tomorrow I plan to borrow a couple more library books. Whee.
... then there was the rest of my day. First, I got to waste two hours of my time waiting for my meals to be delivered. Surprise, blondie! Someone forgot to deliver them. ::growls in irritation:: So, I'll get them tomorrow. ::crosses fingers:: At least I had some good info from church-John. I wanted to go to church on Saturday to meet the new senior pastor, but he's suggesting this Thursday as there'll be a much more in-depth session about the selection process. Yes, please!

I finally got a chance to start getting ready slowly. Funny thing is that SuM and gf came home exactly when I was leaving. They enjoyed the boat ride. I sat in the hot sun (what an amazing day - finally) waiting for my minivan to arrive. It. Was. Late. Oh, well. I still arrived in good time shortly after 6:00 at the pub on the other side of the city. My new friend Janet had brought her mom again. And, natch, our leader was there. He'd already ordered appetizers to share with everyone. So I got to taste a deep-fried pickle (whoa! temperature too hot), calamari with garlic aioli (yummm), and some veggie bits (rejecting the hummus).

I myself ordered a summer special: thinly sliced seared tuna and mango on a bed of arugula, with avocado and sesame seeds, dressed in a wasabi vinaigrette. Wow. It was fabulous. Added a side order of sweet potato fries most of which I brought home. I also had two light beers with wedges of lime. As I was expecting my minivan at 8:30, I went to sit outside before 8:25. It arrived at 8:35.

I started feeling uncomfortable especially as we were travelling east - away from the sun. By the time I got home, it was 9:35. The driver helped me get into the garden and then I had help getting in the house. So ... I did this particular pub once, but I'm not going to travel that far again, especially not at night. Sigh. OTOH, I poked Janet to find us a Chinese restaurant to visit - even if it's nearer to her place.

Now it's time to let the painkillers do their work. Bouncing around in a minivan (why did it not have a stool for my feet) with legs hanging off the floor is always a recipe for disaster! So, pills, a tiny bit of reading, and then blissful (she hopes) sleep.
Yes,yes. I'll take it. No need to wrap it up. Lol. Oh, I was desperate for a lovely day even if I had to trudge through wet grass (yuck) wearing open-toed shoes. Got to church at 9:15. Sat by the open doors at the back and listened to the beautiful Anthem. We were featuring Canadian composers/musicians, so had another terrific piece during the Offertory.

Just felt so relaxed after the service, but still anxious to get home. When I got in, I was surprised to see SuM still there. What happened to Niagara Falls for two nights? ::looks around:: Don't ask me. They decided to invite one of SuM's gal-pals and went out after 2:00. I have NO idea where they went, not that it matters because I don't have to worry about waking up tomorrow.

Managed to write my church review in the usual amount of time. After watching the news and repeats of Big Bang Theory (featuring Sheldon at his most obtuse - as if that were possible), I decided I really, really should do the laundry. So it's done. And, now, I can read for a while. I should get off the computer because I've been on FB for hours. I guess it's because so many people have been posting more frequently. ::pauses:: What-eva. Though, TBH, I really should proofread the article I copied on serious eye conditions. I'd saved the webpage but it was misbehaving. As I feared losing it (I'd already deleted the e-mail), I was frantically copy-typing everything (because C&P is horrible when there are photos in the article). I just want it done ... even if that particular vision loss group isn't meeting until the fall. So, perhaps ... tomorrow.
Sigh. I could feel my pulse in my neck as I burrowed my head into my pillow trying to find a position where it wouldn't happen. Somehow (magic?) I managed to fall asleep but it certainly wasn't enough when I woke up at 5:40 ugh-o'clock.

But I was a happy camper off to my blind group meeting. I finished the word game and packed it up along with my iPad. Yes, I was experimenting, carrying it in an old designer handbag that had always looked and felt awkward. But it fits the iPad perfectly and the semi-long straps can hang off my walker handle. Total win for the blonde who just saved some money.

What did not please me was walking out onto a wet deck, then cringing as I stepped through soaked grass with open-toed shoes. Ick. I arrived at the centre really early, so tried reading my book in the lobby. Rats. There was too much glare from both the overhead lights and the windows. So I guess I won't be packing it any more.

The meeting was lots of fun. We played my game and there was lots of laughter. Now I have a whole year to come up with another one. Before lunch I paid for church-John's and my trip tickets. Yay!!! Lunch was terrific: a selection of subs, 'tater salad and a homemade pasta/quinoa/slivered veggie salad, cheese'n'crackers, a variety of cookies and cakes, and cans of drinks. Yum. My new friend Janet and her mom Avis sat with me. Janet is a scream: we're egging each other on. If I go to something, she'll come, too; and I'll do the same thing. She's coming on the trip but said she's also attending the pub night next Tuesday. So I decided to do it, too. Even though it's all the way across the city and I'll be getting home late. SuM had better leave the kitchen light on.

When I got home I e-mailed Janet, confirmed times, RSVP'd the group, booked my rides, exchanged more giddy e-mails with Janet. Yes, we're officially silly. Today I was lucky that Grumpy actually came inside the house when I called him. What a relief. Exchanged texts with SuM, and also with c-J about the trip.

Read a bit more of "Rogue One" and I should be sliding into bed soon and reading for a while. And, then, I'm hoping for some respectable sleep. ::crosses fingers::
Gee, those nasal cilia can really trap ... stuff. Mind you, when I first showed up at the lake at 9:40, I had frequent bouts of coughing, as if all that fresh air were a foreign substance. But I got used to it eventually.

It was an odd day weather-wise. We'd have 5 minutes of a stiff breeze, sending droplets of lake water to sting (where I was relieved I'd worn my heavier wide pants and rolled the sleeves of my capelet down) followed by 5 minutes of scorching sun (where I'd roll the cuffs up and turn my back to the sun so that the black fabric would entice a generous application of healing heat). Interesting fact: my leg didn't hurt AT ALL while I was there. Mind you, I had a rough time making it onto the boardwalk (just to say I'd been at the start and finish marks, lol) because pushing a walker through damp sand is HARD AS HELL WORK.

I was pleased to see the friend I'd made a couple meetings ago show up with her mom (who lives with her in the hot weather and returns home to Jamaica when it's cold). My friend was wearing bling-y gold earrings and a pendant, while I'd deliberately left off any earrings and wore a red satin scarf tied Audrey Hepburn style. At least it was something.

After the walk, we had a great bbq. I was still full from yesterday, but enjoyed one great burger, along with a Coke, raw carrots, a fruit cup and two mini granola bars. Only much later did someone discover there were tomatoes. I'd ignored the lettuce because it was still in bags. Oops? I was so pleased to hear our President announce that we'd exceeded our financial goal. I was impressed. There are obviously a lot of supportive people helping the group ... and I'd helped too with my appeal. Yay for all of us!

I was expecting my ride home at 2:30. Janet and her mum had a 2:15 time. So I joined them on the struggle to get back to the pickup place. Better to sit and relax instead of hurrying. I was picked up at 2:20 and was home very quickly. So relieved and exhausted, but feeling so fine. I read for a while. Think I might start reading "Rogue One" tomorrow (so I can tell what happened in the movie). And, now that I'm home, my leg hurts. Listen stupid leg, you were behaving before. Sigh. Anyway, I'm hoping for lots of gorgeous sleep. Mmmmmmm.
So, I still got wet, but I do dry off, lol. After I got to church and Jan arrived, we decided to go back outside to get some fresh air. Lo and behold, the sun was coming out. It was fabulous, with a tiny hint of a breeze.

Church was amazing. The music superb. I was on duty and found out later that I'd been on the webcast while serving communion ... and there were these adorable painted toenails sticking out of my open-toed shoes. Awww. I asked church-John whether he might take me to Canadian Tire (the one in my 'hood) some time this week. I have a whole bunch of summer-related sprays, etc. I need to get. I also suggested we could visit the new restaurant I'd been to. I'd really like that. There was a surprise at the end. The search committee for a new senior pastor presented the successful candidate (who still needs to be voted in). He's a United Church minister from the prairies. He's young, has a quirky sense of humour, and seems to enjoy saying naughty things (as does Brent). He'll be here in two weeks' time. Yay!

When I got home, naturally, I had to write my summary. It took a very long time. Sigh. But I was pleased with it. Then, when SuM came home from work, she texted me, saying she'd like to donate to my blind group. Yaaaaay! So she gave me a cheque.

In the evening, I didn't do much other than watch the news. Stayed on the 'puter, read my "Figaro" mystery for a while, and just vegged. At least I'm feeling mostly cool. Anyway, time is fleeting. I'm going to finish my Perrier, then go back to reading. Looking forward to a mostly lazy day tomorrow.
So, sorta, kinda. But, first, the beginning of my day. I'd set the evil alarm for 7:00, so I could book my rides to/from the beach next week. Uh ... (to quote Little Britain) "Computer says no". Sigh. So I had to call the ride line and be on hold (while my phone was around 21% power). Luckily, I managed to get through and my rides are booked. After that, I crawled back into bed and promptly went back to sleep. Ahhhh for decent sleeping weather again.

I woke up shortly after 12. Even then I wasn't feeling too hungry though I eventually ate brekkie. Then I had to start thinking of how to reveal things about myself. I know it may seem odd (but I believe it fits my dual Geminian personality) to read that I'm not comfortable talking about my life - where it counts. So I dared myself to compose a fundraising appeal for my awesome vision loss support group on FB and to tag every single person so that my message would land directly in each person's e-mail. Because I loathe FB and its deliberately inconsistent algorithms. Boo! I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for a positive reception, etc.

After that, I read a bit more, watched my usual news and game shows. We're all horrified here by the fire in London. During our news hour, we were reassured that the building code for high rises in our province would prevent such a fire here - as all such buildings must use only non-flammable materials. After that, I joined SuM and her gf as we finally got to watch "The Boss" with Melissa McCarthy. SuM was surprised she actually liked it. Ha! I make good recommendations. Anyway, I'm a bit tired so am going to doddle off to bed. No alarms, please and thank you.
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( Jun. 10th, 2017 11:50 pm)
So ... I had another goal today, to find out about the trip to the Science Centre. Oops. I had the wrong day marked down, and then I saw what the specific focus would be and I simply wasn't interested. So, it's a good thing I'm not submitting my body to pain for no decent reason.

While I was dealing with matters pertaining to my vision loss group, I RSVP'd to the BBQ portion of the Walk-a-thon and confirmed that I was available to volunteer that day. Now I just have to find the specific address ... for that part of the beach(!) so I can book my rides this coming Wednesday. Let's just add it to my list of goals, eh.
OMG. I'm old. It's no wonder I feel so wiped out just from being treated. Anyway, I survived, lol. Though the day started out drizzly and cold (ack, rain, don't drip on my hair), we ended up with a majorly sunny though cool and breezy afternoon. I was thrilled to wear my new "designer" jewellery (though the wee jewelled flower which is part of the clasp refuses to lie flat against my neck; do I need lessons in ::giggles:: product placement?). Church was - as usual - fabulous. After church, I had to hang around waiting for Ash and church-John to finish their once-monthly volunteer duties, counting the offering. So I indulged in the smallest piece of birthday cake. And waited. Normally, I don't get a chance to observe a lot after church as I have to be out the door to catch my ride. But, today, I watched as people seemed reluctant to leave the social hall despite the clock hands climbing toward 2:00. There were several tables set up and still active: Trans awareness, Trans Pride, Social Justice Network fund-raising environmentally friendly steel water bottles, a T-shirts for Pride table, and finally the Children's sewing class.

Finally, Ash and c-J were finished (of course there had been discrepancies in the count), so we could go to my fave brunch place in the village (Café California). As I still felt stuffed, I ordered a Western Cmelette (with calming, healthy eggs) along with Canada's Hangover Cure (aka a Bloody Caesar). Now I wasn't hung over, but thought my stomach would absorb its prophylactic properties! The restaurant was really sweet. Hearing it was my birthday, they presented me with a slab of chocolate cake (with mango? cream and white chocolate? cream). I shared it with c-J while Ash had just a smidgeon of the cream. I finally spilled the details of the blind group's fall trip and c-J is VERY interested. Turns out he's never seen the G&S operetta either. I thought we should both brush up on the lyrics before we go as they'll be delivered at a really fast clip.

Then it was time for the sleepy blonde to come home. I wasn't just sleepy, I was lethargic, much too incapable of writing my review. So I made a placeholder FB post, letting people know I'd write it tomorrow, blaming birthday "fatigue". I tried to read for a while (this time a Nero Wolfe mystery), but was too tired. So, after the 6:00 p.m. news, I dozed off for a couple of hours. I also found out inadvertently who'd won MasterChef Canada. Oh, terrific, it's the contestant I was rooting for. Now I can enjoy watching the Finale in peace. Yay. When SuM came home from work, I asked her when she thought we should go to dinner (obviously, the last thing on my mind). She suggested Thursday. Oh, thank goodness. I may be hungry by then, lol. Now I'm looking forward to sleeping in (please, universe) tomorrow morning, then lounging around. And possibly getting around to making that big salad.
After all, it was an excruciatingly looooooong day that began (against my will) at 3:22 a.m. So, what did I do? Reached for my iPad to continue reading "Life of Pi". I'm getting closer to finishing it. Too bad it didn't start to engage me until about chapter 60 (of a 100). But I'm being stubborn in wanting to finish it. There may still be surprises.

It was really overcast when my driver picked me up at 9:00. I'd been so worried about rain, I completely forgot to adorn myself with my tropitcal scarf/sarong. Felt so plain as we sped up north. Ahem! Blind blond is still a better navigator than most. Why? Well, the driver got distracted by construction. I asked him what cross street we'd just passed. He replied "Broadway". Uh ... driver, that's NORTH of where I need to be. His distraction had made him think I was headed to the hospital further north. Sigh. But no prob, as I was early enough to sit and enjoy the sun - hey, where'd that come from?

Our meeting was AMAZING!!!!! First of all, our monthly guests provide us with a booster vaccination against depression. Whenever we're feeling down on ourselves because we can no longer do (or were never able to, if blind since birth), we're introduced to people who broke barriers and persisted. The retired lawyer, now activist, gave us a stumble down memory lane as he talked about the barriers just in studying to become a lawyer. Decades ago, he had to rely on monster reel-to-reel tape recorders and a human reading service that could only allot him a couple hours per week.

After our break, our leader told us of the fabulous trip planned for this year. This time, it'll be to Stratford Festival (I haven't been in decades), to see "Pirates of Penzance" with a hands-on costume and prop tour, lunch in the theatre lobby, and descriptive audio headsets, as well as a comfortable bus ... all for a reasonable price. The trip is set for Oct. 9 (the Friday before our Thanksgiving holiday weekend). I'm already soooo excited. Oh, John.... ::giggles:: I also found out more about the fund raiser for which I'll be posting a personal plea to my FB friends. I just have to write it. Before I left, I reconnected with the pleasant woman I'd met two meetings ago. We really do have to go out as we're so vivacious together.

When I got home, I had to deal with weird cats. The sun had disappeared and more rain was on its way. No wonder I was in so much pain. After I'd fed them, Ce-Ce started behaving oddly, even before the thunder came. She'd flattened herself against the floor and was trying to crawl under my door to escape. I tried to get by her, but she was too quick for me. She headed to the side of the couch where she hunkered down on the floor. Again ... weird. After she left (of her own accord), I started nodding off, from a planned 90 minute nap before the news, to dozing off in the next couple of hours. missing significant swaths of news. Sigh. But I got good mail: my new health card. Oh, look at the fuzzy picture. Would you believe I don't look much different from my employee ID from 4 decades ago (and then I was wearing a curly wig)? Not sure why the pic is so overexposed. Weird.
Why? Well, I woke up at - don't flinch - at 3:22 grotesque'o'clock. And, alas, stayed up as the alarm was set for 5:45.

Don't get me wrong: I had a FABULOUS blind group meeting. Our guest speaker was a blind lawyer (now retired) and disability activist (still fighting because the battles seem endless).

But, imagine (if you will) me staggering about, limbs flailing, exactly like a drunk marionette. You get the picture.

So I will try to leech my pain and gather my strength for tomorrow. Because nobody should ever resemble a drunk marionette.
Unfortunately, that's not how the universe works. Yet. At least I did manage to sleep all the way to 7:22. But the general run-down feeling (still stemming from not having used my walker on Saturday) will be with me for days. Sigh. And, speaking of misadventures, I sent a very VERY long e-mail to customer service of my rides provider about the tale of two cabs.

Tried to read some more of "I am Pi". Finally am appreciating some of the style. Gee, it only took about 37 chapters! Also worked on the game for my blind group. Then sent an e-mail to the leader about the concept of the hilarious word game we could play at the year-end party at the end of June.

Reconfirmed that my jeweller will drop off my pendant and restrung pearls on Wednesday. Obviously, I can't wait to see the final results, including a mechanical clasp - to replace the ridiculously fiddly, secured by a mere wire, clasp because - duh - people should always trust the security of something worth $1.5K to one skinny wire. Yay to no more worries.

Right not, I just need to go to bed so I can rest up before blind group tomorrow. Also, pain? Scram.
Tried to look for a set of papers (I'm pretty sure I kept ... unless I forgot I tossed them when moving, in which case it's a futile search) for the word game I used as an ice-breaker for bus trips by our church social club when I was in charge - only TWO decades ago. Uh-oh.

So, I didn't find the template in the stack of papers on the bookshelf. But I did find something else I've been frantically searching for. What? My collection of Euphoria perfumes! Yay!!!!! ::does happy dance:: Considering that wearing perfume has grown in disfavour as a socially unacceptable personal pollutant, I almost never wear it - even when I'm on my own (though using the shower gel is almost like using it). But I so wanted to wear it on my birthday (a Thursday), and after my birthday celebration (on a Sunday) after brunch. And now I'll be able to indulge as much as I want to.

OTOH, I'm resigning myself to having to recreate or rewrite the word game from scratch. I can only remember one question that always resulted in gales of giggles, hence its usefulness as an ice-breaker between strangers on a bus. I still have a month before the end-of-year party of my large blind group, so I don't have to worry about time. Just thinking up silly questions. Hey, I'm good at that!
Well, the rain part is (mostly) self-explanatory. The storm(s?) from the U,S. finally hit, bringing rain ... something our heavily saturated ground didn't need at all. So there have been contingency efforts happening since yesterday, especially along the waterfront, but also in key bridge crossings. Even evac plans for residents of our only residential island (a ferry standing by) and diverting commuter trains from potential flood zones.

It hadn't started when I was picked up shortly after 11, but I still had a mostly gloomy ride. Well, the weather was gloomy but the driver and I were howling with laughter as we listened to a call-in show. Today's topic? How much people (American parents?) loathe a French-Canadian cartoon aimed at four-year olds!?! For the sake of not drawing anyone's ire, I won't name the cartoon. But ... seriously??? Apparently so.

I brought my iPad to my blind group meeting but didn't really use it (other than showing it off and how I could actually read from it). Luckily, my jokes weren't needed as our resident jokester was present (she's been absent for a long time as she's undergoing cancer treatment). So, instead, I told them a story about a certain blonde and her microwave mishap! Yes, I'm always willing to laugh at myself ... as long as nobody is harmed. Everyone loved my new curly do. Yay! We learned of the current scam going on (especially south of the border) where unregulated clinics promote all sorts of miracle cures by injecting stem cells in one's eyes. The usual outcome? The injection leaves people BLIND!!!!! I also pondered whether there had yet been any whole eyeball transplants. I guess I have a project for our next meeting. But, before we concluded the meeting, we had tea and goodies including the most delightful mini blueberry cupcakes. Yum.

My driver was late picking me up, so I was worried he'd been held up by the rain that was now falling steadily. But he still got me home at a reasonable time (5:40). I was so grateful to stumble indoors and head for dryness and warmth. Meant to have some soup and a bagel, but settled for spicy tortilla chips, guacamole and queso. Oops? Watched the news (where I learned about the sandbagging, etc.) and my game shows. Then I dozed off for a couple of hours. Now I'm going to enjoy a chocolate chip muffin and Perrier with my pills. With all the rain expected for the next three days, I'm just relieved I don't have to wake up or go anywhere until Sunday. Yay for cocooning. And more reading.
Soooooo, it's the last Tuesday of the month. Do we know what that means? Yeah, run around way too early 'cuz it's time to trek up to the national blind ass'n for my blind group monthly meeting. Ugh. It's raining when I leave, but I soldier through (still without a coat), only having to sit outside for a few minutes. Arrive really early, but go to the (different) meeting location and get settled in at the first table on the left. Lots of peeps show up including our guest speaker who has a couple of shows on the accessibility TV station. He is a very dynamic speaker with a terrific (radio) personality, too (his preferred medium). After he leaves, we have the rest of our meeting learning about the details of the fundraising walkathon. Damn. I'm so easily hooked again, thinking I can walk even a short distance (but the stairs when I get home convince me otherwise). Still, I'm going to do my best to raise some money anyway.

A couple new (to me) sit next to me. She's the membership sec. of a guide dog secretary and also speaks about their AGM. Later, I ask her how do people who aren't into dogs but ought to have one handle the transition. She says it's a matter of thinking of the dog as a tool. I remain unconvinced. We have goodies for break and then we're done around 12:10. Oh, wait. The lost opportunity? Well, the city's unique baroque opera company gave away free (outrageously expensive) tickets to a Charpentier opera (?); there were 9 tickets that hadn't been picked up and we get a crack at them. Normally, I'd jump. But the day is TOMORROW evening. Sigh. No way, Jose.

When I get home, it's drizzling again. Ugh. Hurry inside, greet the cattish company, and retreat to get warm inside and out. Heat up cream of chicken soup and accompany it with a heated bagel. Turn on the fireplace. Okay, feeling better now. Slide into bed and doze off for a tiny bit. But I wake up in time to feed the cattish hordes, important as SuM texts she'll be home late. TV is limited to my game shows, but I record old epis of tonight's N.C.I.S. shows to watch tomorrow because I'm bored. Then I doze off again. Ack. That means I haven't had supper. I guess I'll just have a titch of chocolate before my evening pills. And I'd like to continue reading "The English Patient" for a bit. Good thing I have no outside commitments tomorrow as my legs are screaming at me. Sigh.

Buuuuuuut, I should be somewhat happy that today is/was World Penguin Day (despite the fact that way too many species are being threatened). Still ... penguins! [I so wish I could still use my penguin icon.]
Yes, I was a zombie. Again. Somehow managed to survive the day. Finished reading my Tanya Huff book. Couldn't believe I did not remember a single page of something I'd read decades ago, the exception being that Vicki had to be turned at the end, in order to live. Tried to read the SGA novel (the only one available from the library) and was thwarted by a d/l error on my iPad. ::growls in frustration:: So, I'm rereading the heartfelt "Come From Away" tie-in.

Ended up dozing through half the 6:00 p.m. news. And, believe it or not, this was Final Jeopardy!: after Jennifer Lawrence as the highest-earning actress, this alliterative-named actress was next. I drew a blank. So did the contestants. It was actually Melissa McCarthy!

Even though Big Bang Theory was a rerun, I laughed. A lot. And there was no MasterChef Canada, only the Jr. edition, so I slept-watched it. So. Very. Sleepy.

The only thing I accomplished - after receiving a response from our esteemed music director - was to slot in all of the names of our fabulously talented musicians at our Easter service. We are really lucky. Also received a call from the co-leader of my tiny blind group. One of our old-timers (who's the joke-mistress) will be at our next meeting. That takes the pressure off me. Yay.
Sigh. I woke up at 3:30 ... and stayed up, as the booking system would be live at 5:00. After booking my rides, I stayed up reading and then had my brekkie. Only after 7:45 did I crawl back into bed, setting my alarm for 10:00.

Though my body was up, my brain was somewhere else. I completely forgot to give my delivery volunteer the cheque I'd written so laboriously (and crookedly) this morning. Note to self: Self, please pay the nice lady next week - followed by many exclamation points.

Got a boost from Brian, though perhaps inadvertently. Somehow, now, I can d/l the blind group's monthly newsletter and read it in my unique screen colours. Yay! However, SuM and I postponed our dinner from tonight to Sunday evening (when, among other things, we'll be able to order souvlaki dinner for two as a Sunday special. Just as well, as I had lots of TV shows to watch, from the news and my two game shows, to N.C.I.S. and Bull. Right now, I'm just hoping for a whole night of sleep. ::crosses fingers, while sighing::
I even got to sleep in until 8:58. Remarkable. Spent the day doing nothing, finishing my Huff book, moving a dining chair to my desk (because I was getting thoroughly irritated from the caster malfunctions), conversing electronically with Brian about another get-together either this Saturday or next (not sure what we're doing but, hey, I'm flexible ... at least in my mind), dozing for a bit, and watching a minimum of TV (news, my game shows).

The only thing that's gotten me excited is finding out a few minutes ago that the Maple Leafs just beat the Washington Caps, in OT (just a single one). This makes me jump up and down - well, metaphorically. Toronto's a happy town tonight.

As for any potential for jumping up and down, I have reluctantly concluded that I will not be able to be a participant in the fundraising 5K walk for my blind group in June. I so wanted to acquire pledges, etc. But church-John gave me a reality check yesterday. And I have to admit he's right, considering how many falls I've had over the last 16 months and not being a spring chicken any more. He suggested I volunteer during the event instead. Okay, common sense will prevail.

Anyway, I think I'm hitting the hay because I am wiped. ::yawns widely for emphasis::
I certainly didn't expect to do that when I set out for my large vision loss support group this morning. When I arrived, I sat outside for some fresh air (even though it was damp and dreary). When I saw a woman approach who'd been at my table last month, I spoke to her. She was already with another woman. After we'd made ourselves comfortable, she said she only met the other woman because they'd been picked up by my rides provider and shared the vehicle. Turns out they both love spicy food. So, hey, I'm in. I believe she's Jamaican (we got to talking about chicken feet!) and the other one is Asian (dim sum yum!). I also complimented her on her hairdo (it had some artful spikiness on top) and asked her what product she used. Well, it was no product ... it was a wig. I was so jealous. I think she said she provided the hair and it was made into a wig. Wow.

We had two guest speakers from an organization that ignored three applications from me. So I spoke to one of the woman during break and she said I should call her. Will do. There was also a casting call for a reality cooking competition, pairing a visually impaired person with a professional chef. See me back away verrrrrrry quietly. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. Break foodies were terrific: green and red grapes, blueberries, honeydew and cantaloupe melons, cheese, crackers, cookies, nuts, and candies. What's really neat is that the snack brigade portion everything out and serve us. So much less of a hassle. My ride showed up at 12:15 (10 minutes early), so I was off and home quickly, only to be met by Ce-Ce and our neighbour at the front door. She accompanied us to the back porch where I found a listless Grumpy. No, buddy, it's no fun lying there when you can't sunbathe. So I made sure they were safely indoors.

It was only when I was reading (yes, on my iPad) on the couch that I began to feel very draggy and sleepy. I kept losing my grip on the tablet. So not a good thing, so I took it to bed where at least there's a protective barrier. And I dozed off for a while, waking up at 6:04. Oh, look. There's an e-mail from my new friend, asking if I wanted to do Mandarin on Friday, just the three of us. Alas, with my current plans, I can't. Maybe next time.

Once awake, I watched the rest of the news, my game shows (Jeopardy! was really weak), and my regular Tuesday shows, two N.C.I.S. and Bull. Now I'm yawning my head off. Not very hungry so I'm just going to have a Jamaican ginger beer to aid in digestion. As always, hoping for good sleep after a terrific day.
The day got off to a good start when I woke up at 7:37. Sat in bed and read stuff off my cellphone for about an hour before getting out of bed. Finally got up and thought about eating. Also caught up with a slew of phone messages (Hello, blind institute? You need to SPEAK more slowly just in case peeps need to take notes) including one from the neighbour who wanted to be sure I was okay. I sent her a text. As she has no cellphone or e-mail (what a shock), she received it as a voice-text to a landline. Ooh, cool. I also called my meals provider and spoke to the boss-lady who's asking for speech-writing assistance for next Monday when she'll be addressing members of the provincial legislature including the Premier. Hee! My words can be found ... everywhere!

I was so out of it that I needed to have a nap around noon and settled down on newly puffed-up pillows without even setting the alarm. Slept for a couple of hours after which I decided to rewatch Monday's Murdoch Mysteries. A second watch helped a lot, so I texted SuM to let her know. I also managed to find homes on my bookcase for all of my new Blu-Ray and DVD purchases. Uh, they might not be in order, but at least they're off the couch. ::inflates with self-satisfaction::

In the evening, I watched my game shows, a years-old epi of Big Bang Theory with Sheldon at his most irritating (I know, how can one really differentiate), and then the season-ender of Dragons' Den. And, finally, I'm back to reading Tanya Huff. About half way through the first book. Anyway, I think that covers my day. Well, there was also bacon. And a vodka tonic. My nightcap will be a ginger beer to wash down my evening pills. Ahhh, the beauty of a good digestive.


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