January 2017
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11:26 pm

An optimistic start to a brand new year!

11:42 pm

Another reasonably good day.

11:43 pm

Tea? Kimono?? Leisure???

10:28 pm

Transforming from cat-mom to private citizen.

11:30 pm

Never too old to learn something new....

11:45 pm

When I'm tired, I'm reallllllly tired.

11:30 pm

Not ~exactly~ like forty years ago.

11:28 pm

Toasty warm on the inside even on a bitterly cold day.

11:25 pm

Sleeping my way through 4/4 time.

10:51 pm

I need rest, but my body objects.

10:46 pm

Just so fed up.

11:18 pm

When will this demented carousal stop spinning?

11:33 pm

The only way to avoid waking up at 3:00 a.m.?

11:21 pm

Real Jamaican ginger beer (non-alcoholic) is da bomb!

11:44 pm

If it's Sunday, then ... uh-oh, this script is borked.

11:11 pm

Laughter is definitely the best medicine!

11:22 pm

Happy? Healthy?? Sleeping???

01:31 am

Oops! Let's ALL pretend it's still yesterday.

11:43 pm

Huh. I didn't think I was invisible.

11:16 pm

The REAL longest night.

11:32 pm

Just some peace and quiet during me time.

11:27 pm

A gorgeous Sunday with only occasional hicc-ccups.

11:40 pm

So ... I have weird experiences.

11:38 pm

Tuesday? Pass.

11:28 pm

Waiting in breathless antici--- PATION!

11:40 pm

Having lots of fun is hard work!

11:43 pm

Recuperating. All day long.

11:49 pm

When everything old is new again.


11:28 pm

No, roasted styrofoam was NOT on tonight's menu.

11:32 pm

My dependable innoculation against life's stupidities.

11:14 pm

The world is going mad.

11:45 pm

Very inspirational day.



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