So, I had a do-nothing morning while hearing all the frantic activity as SuM and S were making sure they'd packed everything in the car for their vacay. My meals arrived just before they left. At least I was spared sitting and waiting in the living room while they buzzed about.

I sent in an e-mail to the meals admin so she could plug in my income and expenses into her subsidy formula. Then I went to bed to watch cartoons and dozed off. When I woke up, I had a reply saying I should still be good for this year. Yay. I approve.

I nodded off - again - during the evening news. Help. Then I watched my usual evening shows. I also had N.C.I.S. on while I played on the computer. I managed to turn around to watch Mark Harmon ride a horse (yes, I am eminently silly) but ... hot damn!

The cats are safe and secure, so there's an upside to my depriving myself of a social activity tonight. Still, it would have been nice to be able to go to my blind group's Pub Night in the west end (they had great food and were most hospitable). Alas, it wasn't meant to be as returning to an empty house in full dark, even with the driver's assistance, would not have been wise. So, I'm going to e-mail our group's Pres. to say I'm sorry I couldn't be there.

And, now, I'm returning to my Agatha Christie. Hope I finish soon.
Yup, hard to believe but.... Yesterday I received mail from the city's housing authority. I'm on a years'-long waiting list for RGTI housing. I've missed receiving important mail from them and have complained, the last time being in a registered letter sent IIRC in mid-March. And it took them until YESTERDAY to reply to me. Siiiiiiiiigh. Anyway, now I can indicate choices about the housing I'd like, even if nothing happens, but I will have had the illusion of choice.

Now back to last night. I did go to bed after posting but couldn't fall asleep. So I crawled out of bed and continued reading Agatha Christie. Until 4:00 a.m.! Somehow (miracle), I managed to fall asleep and, with the exception of 6:20, slept until my alarm at 8:00. But I feel so worn out.

Got ready for my visit to my eye specialist. It's a cloudy but breezy day. Still, I don't like the dullness of the sky. My driver took me past the church (which I thought was hilarious). When I arrived, I decided not to do panic shopping at the drugstore, so just got money from the bank, then sat outdoors where two people recognized me (the first an old neighbour from last decade who kissed both the top of my beret and my hand,the second a church friend I'd seen only yesterday). My appointment was for 1:00 and I was the first patient seen. I like our visits but today's was very frustrating. Between the inadequate sleep, too much reading, and not enough sunlight to encourage my pupil to dilate, my vision was the worst it's ever been. I could barely see the outline of the giant E. And the second slide seemed to be in red spider scribbles. Uh-oh. Still, he's so funny, he made me laugh. I told him about how much I enjoy being in the new group because of trips and parties and he observed he'd always thought I was a "party girl"!

Being done so quickly was unexpected, so I just vegged in the lobby and waited. For a very long time. But my ride finally came at 3:00 and we were on our way via a detour. Past the museum where I also caught a glimpse of my old building, down the street where I'd eaten at a sushi restaurant, across the street from the building in the chich neighbourhood where I had a fab summer job for two summers. And, then, he got me home very quickly. Yay!

Had a very quiet evening with the customary TV shows. I finished the first Christie Book, but have to reread the last chapter because I got confused. Oops. Better slide into bed soon to recuperate.
Yes, I did good today. The day began auspiciously as I managed to sleep in all the way to 8:26. Excellent! I saw there was an e-mail from the admin with her attempt of a letter attached. I ignored it, needing to chill and have brekkie first. Then I attacked the editing job. It was actually quite easy and I just polished it a little. I then sent it back to her. Naturally, she was delighted, yadda yadda.

Okay, my day is going well. Next on the list was feeding the cats which means corralling them first. Yeah. Lovely. Well, I fed the two that were there, but left the back door open. When I returned to the kitchen, I was so surprised to see Grumpy sitting obediently next to the screen door, waiting to be let in. Awwwww, Grumpy. So he got a little food too, eating from Diva's bowl. So, that was taken care of, too.

I'd already listened to the national radio interview our new pastor had this morning. He thoughtfully added the direct link to his FB post. Good thing, as I don't have a radio. He was also interviewed on the national 6:00 p.m. TV broadcast. I DVR'd it, but didn't need to, because he supplied a link. Yay, Jeff. You rock (inside joke)!

Spent the rest of the day being lazy. Well, I think I earned it. Read my Trek book and tried to catch up on FB which is usually a hopeless task. Also exchanging comments with Brian who's at the airport. He still has 2.5 hours (there's a delay) until his plane takes off for Paris. Wheeeee. Anyway, as I'm not on my way to Paris ::sniffs:: I think I'm returning to reading.
Because there aren't enough weird things happening in my life, I got an e-makl request from the admin of my meals provider asking me to call her as soon as. Well, I couldn't quite then because my cellphone was recharging. So I decided to try using SuM's phone. Only ONE problem. I'd never used that cordless before and couldn't see the display. Sigh. So I sent a reply saying I couldn't talk for a couple of hours. We kept e-mailing back and forth and I agreed to call her around 8. Well, she was busy (at home) when I called, so I waited until she called me back. We were on the phone for 48 minutes. OMG. It turns out she's having an interpersonal problem and was asking for my take on it. I gave her my advice. Let's see if it helps calm the situation.

The rest of my day was fairly calm. I slept in all the way to 8:16 which delighted me. Though the heat and humidity had broken, we were faced with torrential rains (more flooding of the river near me) and a sudden decrease in temperature. But not enough to convince Grumpy to show up. Sigh. That cat! I also sent an e-mail to my new friend at the blind group, asking if she was going to attend the next two functions ... and whether she'd like to go out for Chinese on the Saturday of the August long weekend. Alas, no reply yet.

Then I spent a really long time washing out my recycling. Yuck. But I got it ALL done. Unfortunately I was a little dozy when watching the usual TV shows tonight. Anyway, I think I'll return to reading "Rogue One" for a while. Tomorrow I plan to borrow a couple more library books. Whee.
Yes, she groans, I woke up at 4:45 feeling both cold and hot and couldn't get back to sleep. So I continued reading "Shrill" in bed. I finally got up a few hours later and opened the e-mail with the editing request. Oh, goody (as Peppa Pig would say), it was dead easy. Just a bit of tidying up in an invite to the Member of Parliament.

After that, I had brekkie and then relapsed back into bed. I guess that's where the 100 comes in. With the humidity, it felt like 100F today. So unpleasant. I guess that's why I dozed off to sleep for a couple of hours. Luckily, I woke up just in time to go kitty-hunting and feeding. Only two-thirds successful. There was also an e-mail of appreciation for the editing. ::beams::

I nodded off during the news (so I'm missing news, entertainment, and sports). I hope nothing happened today. But I managed to watch my game shows and tonight's MasterChef. I also finished "shrill". It was so stunning I'd actually like to own a copy - even if that's not all that impressive digitally. Anyway, now I have to try to catch up with what others were doing today. TTFN.
Not when that 25% is below the knees. Ouch. And sigh. At least I enjoyed sleeping in until the alarm at 10. Had an eminently uninspiring day. Glad I had "shrill" to read.

When I placed my meals order over the phone, the CSR said the boss was signalling she wanted to talk to me. What about? Oh, a wee bit of writing concerning political bigwigs. Yes, I replied. I'll take a look at it, though not tonight. I haven't even looked at the e-mail. Crossing my fingers that more pain will leech out of me by tomorrow.

The usual TV included a dead-easy Final Jeopardy!. Seriously, Rasputin? No wonder everybody had written the question in a second. So I'm back to reading. When I finish this, I can return to rereading "Rogue One". Meed a few more books to check out (as in find out about I/o borrowing outright).
After all, it was an excruciatingly looooooong day that began (against my will) at 3:22 a.m. So, what did I do? Reached for my iPad to continue reading "Life of Pi". I'm getting closer to finishing it. Too bad it didn't start to engage me until about chapter 60 (of a 100). But I'm being stubborn in wanting to finish it. There may still be surprises.

It was really overcast when my driver picked me up at 9:00. I'd been so worried about rain, I completely forgot to adorn myself with my tropitcal scarf/sarong. Felt so plain as we sped up north. Ahem! Blind blond is still a better navigator than most. Why? Well, the driver got distracted by construction. I asked him what cross street we'd just passed. He replied "Broadway". Uh ... driver, that's NORTH of where I need to be. His distraction had made him think I was headed to the hospital further north. Sigh. But no prob, as I was early enough to sit and enjoy the sun - hey, where'd that come from?

Our meeting was AMAZING!!!!! First of all, our monthly guests provide us with a booster vaccination against depression. Whenever we're feeling down on ourselves because we can no longer do (or were never able to, if blind since birth), we're introduced to people who broke barriers and persisted. The retired lawyer, now activist, gave us a stumble down memory lane as he talked about the barriers just in studying to become a lawyer. Decades ago, he had to rely on monster reel-to-reel tape recorders and a human reading service that could only allot him a couple hours per week.

After our break, our leader told us of the fabulous trip planned for this year. This time, it'll be to Stratford Festival (I haven't been in decades), to see "Pirates of Penzance" with a hands-on costume and prop tour, lunch in the theatre lobby, and descriptive audio headsets, as well as a comfortable bus ... all for a reasonable price. The trip is set for Oct. 9 (the Friday before our Thanksgiving holiday weekend). I'm already soooo excited. Oh, John.... ::giggles:: I also found out more about the fund raiser for which I'll be posting a personal plea to my FB friends. I just have to write it. Before I left, I reconnected with the pleasant woman I'd met two meetings ago. We really do have to go out as we're so vivacious together.

When I got home, I had to deal with weird cats. The sun had disappeared and more rain was on its way. No wonder I was in so much pain. After I'd fed them, Ce-Ce started behaving oddly, even before the thunder came. She'd flattened herself against the floor and was trying to crawl under my door to escape. I tried to get by her, but she was too quick for me. She headed to the side of the couch where she hunkered down on the floor. Again ... weird. After she left (of her own accord), I started nodding off, from a planned 90 minute nap before the news, to dozing off in the next couple of hours. missing significant swaths of news. Sigh. But I got good mail: my new health card. Oh, look at the fuzzy picture. Would you believe I don't look much different from my employee ID from 4 decades ago (and then I was wearing a curly wig)? Not sure why the pic is so overexposed. Weird.
I am absolutely wiped. Didn't help that I woke up at 5:04 (i/o 6:00), but it was nice having extra time. It was chilly and gloomy when I was picked up after 9:30 and dropped off before 10:00. The government outlet had opened at 9:00 and there were a few wickets free. I was directed to one, gave the woman my auto-filled application and three separate docs (one to prove citizenship, one residency in province, and the third personal ID). Only the first category was satisfied by my birth certificate. They would NOT accept my laminated disabled parking permit from the Ontario government for the second, choosing instead a tax form for my pension. And they didn't accept my signed blind ass'n ID. Instead, the clerk saw me rooting through my little mesh bag for my old health card, decided that all the cards I was flashing were credit cards (I don't have any), and accepted the apparent ownership of a credit card without identifying one. Hey, if they're going to be that casual about it, I'll take it. The picture thing was really fast as they have a white screen against a column with the camera built into the wall to the side of the wicket. But-but-but they wouldn't let me wear my glasses. Ugh. It's a good thing my hair was fluffy!

So, I was done so quickly that I now had over TWO HOURS to sit and wait for my ride home (as I wanted to be prepared for nasty employees who'd have a fit that I'd waited since 2006 to change my card or that my address had not been forwarded from my eye doctor; after I was done, there were two huge lineups, too). I read my phone for a little while, then just listened to their music. I heard the loop three times before I was picked up at 12:25. I remember "Cielito Lindo", "Girl From Ipanema", "Guantanamero", and "Hernando's Hideaway" (oh, I loved performing that in my Grade 8 Choir), as well as stuff with castanets, then a Tarantella, before the playlist switched to easy listening and then soft jazz (with plucked bass and low sax). There were other people waiting for their rides, so I had someone to chat with.

When I got home, after letting Ce-Ce into the house and noticing Diva and Grumpy arranged in a giant S on the couch (he was being supportive as she has mouth problems), I rewarded myself with (don't be surprised) tortilla chips, guacamole and queso dip. I am so predictable. First I texted church-John about everything, also e-mailed Brian about using my charm (and disability) on the clerks. Then I crashed. Received a text from SuM asking me to feed the cats lunch. I did, only after I'd slept for a couple of hours.

Sorta, kinda watched the news and my game shows, but I was still exhausted ... so I drifted off with cartoons in the background. Now that I'm up again, I'm going back to reading. And I need something COLD and refreshing to wake me up. But at least I've knocked off one obstacle on my TO DO list. Yay me!
Yep, it happened again. So I read my library book, wanting to finish it as my days are numbered (lol).

It was an exceedingly boring day. After my meals were delivered and cats petted, I retreated to solitude and ... and ... well, I crawled back into bed around 3:30, had a two-hour nap, then watched the news. SuM had texted me while I was sleeping, asking if I'd feed the cats. Um, okay. But do we know where Mr. Grumpy is. SuM thought he was in the house. So not the case. But he was a good boy and ambled up verrrrrrry slowly when I called him. Job done. Yay.

After my game shows (woo-hoo, I got "interregnum" right for the period between Popes on Jeopardy!), there was nothing. A Tuesday with all repeats is a sad thing. So I dozed again. Oh, look, it's 9:25. And, later, 10:30. So I got out of bed and had some ice cream. Now I'm having my ginger beer and taking my supplements. I should go to sleep soon because I'm off to the government tomorrow morning. Toodles.
Mind you, I still woke up around 1:30, growled, and went back to sleep. Diva wasn't exactly sleeping where I expected her and now she's picked up the habit of gnawing at my hair. No, Diva, you are NOT my mother. Cut it out. Sigh. The next time I woke up was before 6. I decided to stay up anyway. However, after we'd all had a late brekkie, I headed back to bed. Surrounded by cats, we all dozed off and didn't rouse until SuM came home in the early afternoon. I'm not surprised that I felt tired because, though the temperature was hovering above 70F, it was a glum and gloomy day.

Read some more of my library book. Then freaked out over my government form ... or lack thereof. Begged Brian for help. Well, I got it via an unexpected resource, namely a PDF reader. So, with extreme effort (I couldn't read the form as it was faint black on white), I managed to complete and print the form. I tell you I felt as stressed as if I'd had a heart attack.

Life is so boring in a time of TV drought except for my game shows. However, regarding all the horrible things being reported in the news, I. Just. Can't. Can't write about them. I can't give them my energy, though I wouldn't complain if all the evil were dropped into a black hole.
So, I'm recounting my day backwards.

Received an e-mail from the library. The book about 9/11 from the Gander ("Come From Away") experience was available. Yeah, I'm already crying ... and the author has only just left the terminal. For the record, he was brought up Catholic, is gay, and traveling with his partner. The forward is by the mayor of Gander. Both men are characters in the musical.

Jeopardy! was fun in the Final. Ha! It so pays to watch Helena Bonham Carter movies ("A Room With A View" FTW).

SuM dropped by wondering whether Grumpy was a stowaway but - no - he was nowhere to be found. While she was here, I asked about trying to rid the back deck of the yellowjackets (because, seriously, I can not spend two minutes outside in the summer without being ... swarmed). SuM said she'd get some traps for them. ::breathes a huge sigh of relief::

Had a fluffy visitor (Diva, natch) for most of the day. Good when she was sleeping, irritating when she kept winding between my legs and jumping up on the CPU. Was a bit worried about trying to keep tabs on her and read on my iPad, so the book I'd just started didn't get much attention from me.

Had a whole room-full of groceries delivered (well, you should see the pile of cartons) and have enjoyed treating myself. Mind you, putting them away was hot work. In a case of weird juxtaposition, I put the pots of tulips on top of the fireplace! Also thrilled they delivered the best guacamole I love. There's also black bean & corn salsa, regular salsa, and (I hope, 'cuz I couldn't read the label) mango salsa. Yum!

Woke up to the alarm at 9:00, for once not dreaming at all. Good. Also pleased I didn't even hear the garbage trucks rumbling down the street (they usually begin at 8).

Originally woke up at 3:38! Are you kidding me????? No, I was so not a happy camper. But, somehow, I managed to fall back asleep. Still no dreaming.

Traveling back to yesterday, I was thrilled to receive "mail" from the government (I log into my account and read it) confirming that my tax refund had been deposited to my account. Funny thing is that I'd forgotten I'd filed my return 2.5 weeks ago. I thought it had been sooner than that. I guess it's just another example of the days blurring by.

Looking ahead to a spring-like weekend with more relaxing. Hmm. Perhaps a bottle of wine?
You do know where this is going, right? Sigh. Yes, I stayed up. I continued reading on my iPad. I wrote an e-mail to my rides provider. I had brekkie. And, then, my wind-up mechanism ran out of gas (no I don't care that I'm mixing metaphors).

So back to bed I went. Vegged through the afternoon. Finally finished another book. ::cheers:: Watched my customary shows in the evening, including a hilarious Big Bang Theory (obviously, it's hitting MY funny bone) and two MasterChef shows. Also texted church-John regarding our brunch plans for Easter Sunday (that's an affirmative) and my request for getting me a couple of items at Costco (also a yes). Now, I'm back to reading, but just fanfic. I'll begin a new book tomorrow morning.

Can't wait for my groceries to be delivered, especially as I included three pots of tulips (pink, orange, and yellow). I need to have spring indoors as well as outdoors.
Considering that my day has only been about 14 hours long, I'm quite content with it. Waking up at 9:30 was sybaritic and I didn't just jump out of bed. When I have the time, I'll read off my phone in bed. By the time I got around to brekkie and then thinking about doing eyedrops, it was already noon. ::shrugs shoulders::

I read off the iPad in bed in the afternoon, then was too lazy to go plug it in to the outlet in the bathroom. And I was too lazy to plug my cellphone near the microwave. Sooooooooo tired, even wobbly. Then I napped sporadically, eventually plugging in both very important devices, lol.

Only a couple of things broke through the lethargy. First, I confirmed the meeting time for lunch on Easter Saturday with my chosen sisters. And I had a sneaking suspicion about paperwork for getting a new health card, so checked the website. Yup, I need to fill out a form. What form? Oh, the one I can't d/l because I don't have the correct program. Tried to install it, but my computer wouldn't let me, because her heart belongs to her Uncle Brian. ::yells off-screen::

So, I just lounged around some more. Read on the desktop and am planning to return to my novel on the iPad. It's another shipwreck in the Atlantic and I'm waiting for the unknown "alien" rescue effort.

And that's all she wrote. [Noticed after posting that I'd spelled "laziness" wrong ... and have no intention of correcting it!]
... and look almost 20 years younger. Obviously, I had a terrific few hours at the nearest mall. And, from now on, I'm definitely booking the stylist with whom I have something in common. Her name is Halina, mine is Helena. She's done my hair before but never to the amazing result of this time. She even explained why the hair from bangs to crown has straightened, while the bottom is curly. It's from using strong hair dyes. And where does one usually start when colouring hair? Right - at the hairline.

After my hair, I went and bought a gift bag and tissue paper, then sent a letter off to the municipal housing authority by registered mail, bought cotton face puffs and powder, before ending up at the supermarket. All I wanted was prepared foods, so picked up a sushi boat and a pan of buffalo wings, also a couple of avocados.

My ride home was around 1:00 and I got home quickly. So glad to be indoors because it had been cold and drizzly. I don't care as long as it finishes doing stupid wet stuff before tomorrow.

Tonight's MacGyver had a faked death and revealed a lot of cynicism on the part of the bad guy. Right now, I'm back to reading, trying to get through the last Tanya Huff. Shouldn't stay up too late as I'd like to stay looking younger tomorrow. ::crosses fingers for nice weather::
Well, naturally, the cats part is easy. So grateful they let me sleep without interruption. SO very grateful. I shooed them out so I could start getting ready for church and fed them 30 minutes later. Hmm. I thought it was going to be decent out this morning. The forecast wasn't paying attention to itself. It was so overcast I called it fog. When the gloom comes right down to your level, it's F.O.G. That meant a very unpleasant ride to church as I was driven about without being able to see where we were. Luckily, it was the same driver as last Sunday ... so I knew what streets he preferred.

Church was (no surprise) amazing. I was overjoyed that church-John brought me a coffee (as I'd only had enough chilled Perrier to fill about half a bottle). As it was, I guzzled the coffee down in the first few minutes. I had an unpleasant surprise when waiting for my cab after while sitting outside. It started as a drip ... drip ... and suddenly turned into a downpour. A freezing one! Ugh. I hurried back inside. Luckily c-J spotted my cab when it arrived so I hustled out immediately. When I got home, I found out we'd actually had wind chill today. Spring, this was not.

As always, it took a little time for me to think of the "hook" for my church review. I try to make every week different. Anyway, I was relieved to post after 3. And, then, back to taking care of the cats. SuM texted me to say she'd be home in less than an hour. ::waves pre-emptively at fluffy creatures::

I ended up dozing for about an hour and woke up to see yesterday's cartoon (Peg + Cat) on. This time I actually watched it and was delighted (delighted, I tell you) to see that the operatic singing character is - you guessed it - a PIG! Then I checked out the show on ye-olde-webbe. I'm hooked. Now I'm returning to reading the hokey Atlantis novel. I feel so lucky knowing that I don't have to wake up early tomorrow. Though I would like to file my taxes, so let's see what happens. This will be my first full year filing as a retired person. ::hears mysterious creaking sounds:: And that's all she wrote!
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( Mar. 17th, 2017 11:37 pm)
After yesterday's excitement, I had a quiet day, starting off with terrific - if weird - sleep. Why weird? Well, I'd fallen asleep with the light on. On further inspection, I'd also fallen asleep in that blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment where I get ready to put my gloves on, but first I have to do the instinctive ear-tugging that babies do (that regulates breathing and makes it easier to fall asleep). Well, I obviously didn't need any of that. Only problem when I woke up was finding my gloves (black against a black comforter). Luckily, they were easy to spot against a red background near the night table. Still, I've always maintained that my best sleep occurs when I fall asleep inadvertently and generally don't even move a muscle. [Naturally, I always remind myself of falling asleep with a teapot, cup and saucer, on a tray ... and finding I hadn't spilled a drop. I always called it my log-sleeping ability, lol.]

SuM asked me to look after the cats as she wanted to go to dinner immediately after work. So I allowed the Misses to sleep on my bed in the morning. When it came time to feed them lunch, I went hunting for Grumpy who'd been outside. Luckily, I only had to call out the back door and he came ambling along like a privileged old man. I think he has a fantasy scenario in the vicinity of the shed. In any case, I always praise him for heeding my call. He's such a sweetheart.

As I'd fulfilled my obligation, I left the cats behind closed doors. I had stuff to do. First I opened an important-looking envelope from the City. It even had "Important" stamped on it. Oh, it's from the department dealing with rent-geared-to-income housing. I'll have to send them a "yes, please keep me on the waiting list" letter. I managed to sort my laundry and did it while watching my game shows. Aww, the Canadian champ got knocked out on Jeopardy! in a game that had way too many easy questions. TV was otherwise a wasteland (I think there's hoops madness perhaps?) with missing shows or reruns. We were not amused.

With my chores out of the way, I'm hoping to be able to play with my iPad tomorrow morning. I'm irritated because I can't figure out where to see my Loans on the library site, after I'd restarted Liblikas. Sigh. But, then, my eyes have been really bad today, so I think I'll just wish for some more good sleep tonight. TTFN.
My day did not get off to a good start. No, waking up at 6:03 didn't come close to beginning to replace my lost sleep. Sitting in SuM's living room (with her and her new partner, though a pleasant time) for about 1.5 hours waiting for my meals to be delivered, then learning they'd forgotten me and wouldn't be able to deliver until tomorrow morning was definitely aggravating and frankly insulting. Do I actually have to call them and tell them to look in the freezer or write a post-it note? Arrgghh. Good thing I'd had a heated bagel with paté for brekkie (but that's not the point).

Back in my space, I tried to watch Monday's Murdoch Mysteries. They had a young, creepy-yet-goofy Lovecraft as a character. But I missed most of the show from my own personal zombieness. Sigh. Time to replace more lost sleep, this time with a nap from 2:30 to 5:30. Naturally, that's when my eye doc's receptionist called while I had my phone turned off. Sigh again. In the evening, I tried to watch tonight's Dragons' Den but dozed off again, only to have a weird dream including the senior Dragon. Why is my life weird?

So I'm up now, having opened a can of Chicken&Sausage Gumbo soup that I'm eating cold. Too tired and lazy to warm it up. But it's very tasty, even cold. Anyway, it'll keep me company while I find out what happened in the world while I was ... away.
... by waking up minutes before 5 after ONLY 3 hours of sleep. Simply ridiculous. So, obviously, I had tons of time to waste in the morning. Why had I woken up? Because - once again - I was under too many covers and not able to breathe. Sigh. OTOH, the temperature climbed to near 60F (AFAIK). I still wore my winter coat open, but only two thin layers underneath.

Church-John showed up shortly after noon and we were off, with the windows down. Just glorious. We stopped in at a few stores. I was unable to find a couple of things, but was able to replenish my drugstore essentials (sorry, store, that I cleaned you out of my fave cleaner/toner). After that, I wanted c-J to drive by the provincial gov't service centre nearest me so that, when I book my rides to get my new photo ID health card, I'll know where I'm traveling. Well, we only got lost ... a little. But we were having oodles of fun.

We finally drove up to the fish'n'chip place, arriving near 2 - past the lunch crush. C-J had just coffee and fish'n'chips. I had a Coke, the most melt-in-your-mouth thin calamari rings with Caesar salad. I also splurged on their home-made key lime pie with a swirl of real whipped cream. I'm glad I ordered the pie but I won't have it again. The calamari OTOH I'll be dreaming about for a very long time.

We finally headed back south-east to my place, arriving before 4. We'd had a very fun afternoon (as we always do). I was so stuffed that I ended up dozing during the news and all of WoF, waking up just in time to record Jeopardy! and rewatching WoF that is in San Diego for a week. Ooooooh, the ocean looks gorgeous. Pat and Vanna were at a Mexican restaurant with the chef showing off her various dishes, including lobster (but I didn't catch its exact name). Oh, yum.

After that, I quickly watched Big Bang Theory where I nearly cackled at Sheldon proclaiming about the "length" of what exciting thing he had in his pants!!! It was actually the long list of ComiCon panels, lol. And, then, there were the adorable kids on MasterChef Jr. Now I'm having a couple of mini apple strudels with Perrier and painkillers on which I'm relying to remove the grotesque pain in ::counts:: my right hand, my left bicep, and my right foot, possibly also my lower spine. There is obviously no coordination between my pains. Ugh.
When I woke up (all the way to 7:11), I was thrilled to see there was a notification from my bank that the $350 I'd transferred to church-John one month ago (reimbursing him for buying all my supplements) had expired and the money was available for me again. Only hitch was I had to actually deposit it back to my account electronically. But such a relief. All because c-J couldn't handle an e-transfer - and he's only three years older than I am. Still, when I texted him (we made arrangements to meet for lunch tomorrow), he suggested that such face-to-face transactions were much more satisfying. I suppose I can agree (as he's taking me shopping, too).

I rounded out my morning by watching last night's N.C.I.S. Nola and a second screening of Bull. It was emotionally rewarding to see him put the sociopath away.

Once again, despite the adequate sleep, I felt like napping, so indulged between 1-ish and 4:45 (that wasn't obeyed until 5:30). Apparently, we had a London fog in TO today, but it should be clear and warmer tomorrow. I so approve. Enjoyed tonight's wacky inventors on Dragons' Den. Now I'm just trying to catch up on the day's activities of my friends.
Let's face it. I have a weird body and mind. I'd gone to bed wrapped up in my cozy capelet, shivering. I woke up at 4:57, sweltering in all of my layers and under several covers. Also, not breathing. So I got out of bed after 5 and decided to finish last week's church review. Cued up the service and watched the entire thing, just to get into the vibe. Reviewed much of the music as well as noting some more emotionally touching actions from Brent. I edited my original FB post and was so relieved to have closed yet another task.

I fed the cats and then enjoyed my own brekkie until the inevitable crash happened. I crawled back into bed – freezing again – at 11, setting the alarm for 1:30. Cue very weird dreams. So, it turns out that I – among lots of other people – was supposed to be appearing in a skit on a comedy show. The first time was really easy. After checking in at makeup and wardrobe, I was sent into a large hall where we did our bit and everything was over. But, then, I was asked back for a skit with a greater profile. I had to play an instrument that looked like a banjo, using a violin bow. The banjo was completely white, including the strings. When I showed up at makeup, I was wearing black slides (they're important). The makeup person decided to highlight my eyes by threading a sparkly blue ribbon ::grimaces:: through my eyelids!!! But it didn't hurt at all and my eyes looked fabulous. I have no recollection of what I'd been given to wear. However, I wanted to get rid of my slides back at wardrobe, then wandered back to where I thought I should be. Alas, because I was late, they'd gone ahead with the skit without me ... so no new fame for me. And here I was stuck with this blue ribbon in my eyelids and I thought I'd get an infection. Ack. What to do, what to do. Well, I woke up feeling very disoriented. As I was still cold, I stayed in bed until 2:30, then scurried off to have a hot shower, but was too chicken to get my hair wet. Sigh.

I finally got around to doing the laundry at 3, keeping my fingers crossed some of my do-not-dry items would be wearable for church. ::crosses fingers::

The rest of the day dissolved into mindlessness, though I was ticked off in the evening to note that my rides provider had changed my ride home from church to 3:30 (i/o 12:30). So I was on hold on the phone to talk to an agent. Finally got through after an hour, but got the ride switched back. Huge sigh.

The only amazing thing today was the weather: 57F and sunny. Though I only stuck my head out the front door to get the Saturday paper, at least I enjoyed sitting in the living room watching the sun highlighting various pieces of furniture indoors while the branches of the pine tree trembled from the brisk winds. Tomorrow and holiday Monday won't be as warm, but it's still such a welcome reprieve from the traditional dreariness of February. Yay!


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