Mind you, there was absolutely NO gorgeousness in the weather. Though it was hovering around 32, it was dark and gloomy. But I was determined to have sunshine in my heart and had already begun composing the beginning of my church review. ::huffs with self-pride:: My friend the jeweller met me before the service to show me the wax model he'd made of my repurposed wedding rings. Guh ... for ultra-gorgeous. Church-John presented me with a pile of stuff, such as ONLY 300 bucks' worth of vitamin supplements and pain killers, as well as a carton of baked pea pod snacks. The service basically made me all floaty, with the piercing pain in my right foot disappearing for most of the day. I credit the ethereal music, as well as that oh-so-naughty senior pastor!

I had plenty of time to dawdle after the service, with my pickup not until 12:55. When I got in, I compared scheduling notes (for her work and my wee parties) with SuM for the following week, as c-J confirmed he'd be free to come over on Thursday. I also had a giggle because I was the one to show him how to post to FB on his phone. Yes, moi - ye blinde olde ladye!

After my review was done, I just vegged, mostly in the company of Diva who'd snuck in. I think everybody is experiencing a drop in energy following the amazing numbers who'd protested yesterday. And, speaking of you-know-who, I watched last night's Saturday Night Live which - for some reason - keeps putting me to sleep. Well, I'm hoping for restful sleep which may be possible as sucking on a mentholated lozenge seems to have ::crosses fingers:: halted the uncontrollable spasms of my torso.


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