For what? Well, for entertaining church-John tomorrow. Okay, okay, truth time. For opening the bottle of 2014 Reserve Viognier that will accompany the cheese and other nibbles. After reading of how well the wine stands up to spicy Indian, Korean or Thai (I'm sure there are more) cuisines, I wish the bottle could refill itself by magic. ::sighs longingly::

But what did feel almost like magic was the appearance of my grocery delivery - the most expensive I've ever ordered (also 100 items, though many are multiples of soft drinks) - with Every. Single. Item on it. Wow. It took forever for me to put things away and I had to get really creative with the interiors of both fridges. Well, it's only for a couple of days.

SuM surprised me by being home. I'm still so confused about her schedule but she sorta, kinda unconfused me by saying she's on the 4 to 11 shift this week for training. Ahhhh, so that is what is going on. At least she can let c-J in when he shows up.

Just finished watching tonight's epi of Dragons' Den and am going back to reading FB just to see how much more damage that man has caused today. Just to highlight how proud I am to live in TO, especially as today was Bell's "Let's Talk" day, today there was an announcement of 5 or 6 walk-in mental health youth clinics (serving kids up to their mid 20s) opening that promise to deliver a professional in less than 20 minutes. Even better, no doctor's referral required. Also thrilled at the ground-breaking surgery performed on a woman who received a double lung transplant - after surviving the removal of her diseased lungs for 6 days before a donor was found!

On the flip side of life, was sad to read of Mary Tyler Moore's death. I had no idea of the various health problems she'd had during her life. Tomorrow I'll try to watch the Hot In Cleveland epi that reunited her with her old castmates. Anyway, I'd better go to bed soon. I'll have a lot of fruit washing in the morning.


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