Considering how hilarious I was last night while typing my post (writing gibberish, then having to retype), I'm just thrilled that I got 8 hours of sleep. The dishes are all done from last night and put away. I did a load of laundry. Also made the pork loin chops with red cabbage, caraway seeds, minced onion, and crumbled bacon in the slow cooker. Eight hours on low and the meat was mostly ... meh. The tastiest part was along the bone. But the cabbage was absolutely divine. Hmmm. I wonder what it would taste like with the late addition of some acuavit (which I haven't had in decades; sigh). Still, it's nice to have the leftovers in the fridge.

I was an unexpected cat sanctuary in the evening. SuM asked whether I'd be willing to let Grumpy sleep on the couch overnight. But even he left eventually.

Because of my chores, I didn't watch any TV after my game shows. Even so, I think they're reruns which confuses me. There were first run epis of other shows this week. Oh, well. I'll survive. Right now, I just treated myself to a chilled can on Coke while I'm looking up microwave directions for my chicken wings. It's been so long I've forgotten how long to cook them. Oh, well. That's a problem for tomorrow.

I'll leave you with a hilarous and bone-chilling segment from the 6:00 p.m. news. There was a family (that'd lived in southern climes) who'd been down at the beach a couple miles east of me (I guess). What were they doing? SURFING! Even the kids. At least they were wearing wetsuits, but I can imagine how cold their faces were. Really, TO's a fun place to live. You'll meet all sorts of interesting people.
Wes reading my news feed on my phone when I stumbled upon an opinion piece of two old "gay" shows coming back. I'd already known about the limited number of epis of Will and Grace with the original cast, but I was surprised to read that Queer Eye For The Straight Guy would be returning. I couldn't believe it had been so long since it had been running (2003-2007). So, it's coming back, but with new experts. Won't be set in Manhattan, but the boys will be setting out into the red parts of America. Oh. Gee, dontcha wonder what kind of a reception they'll get? I figure I'll watch, but it won't be with the same sense of hilarity from the original cast. ::waves farewell at Carson, especially::


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