The trivialities of my daily life pale in comparison to the unrest in so many parts of the continent (all I'm aware of). I hate the fact that the dictator-in-chief has already seized on what happened at the Mosque in Qu├ębec City as PROOF! for this particular ban. Uh, you despotic idiot, the killer was a homegrown anti-immigration bigot.

Totally unrelated, but I wasn't feeling well today, so there was considerable lying in bed. I was left in charge of the cats mid morning. They've been mostly good and I hope that continues overnight as I need to wake up early to get ready for my meeting. I believe it's going to be a TV wasteland this week (all? reruns), so I guess I'll only be watching my game shows.

In dork news that almost amused me, I forgot my gmail password (well, it's been forever since I had to supply one). But, luckily, there was the option to send the reset to my phone where I just had to tap the screen and type in a new one. What. A. Relief. Anyway, I'd better get ready to hit the hay. I'm winding down, watching one of my wonky fave cartoons, Toupy and Binou (about a giant rat who lives with a tiny cat ... I think).


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