The symmetry and synchronicity is spectacular. So, what's the what? Well, I received an e-mail from Brent's exec. assistant saying they'd like to honour me this coming Sunday for my devoted service summaries as Volunteer of the Week. It's the second time I've been so honoured (the first time two decades ago for running the Information Centre - as well as receiving a formal annual award for that function). What a coincidence that they chose the same week as my 26th Anniversary of becoming a member. Anyway, I'm just tickled pink. I guess I'll have to curl my hair on Saturday night and wear something pretty. Yes, I can still be vain.

Would have liked to have had another hour of sleep, but woke up at 8:00. Watched last night's N.C.I.S. Nola in the morning. Semi-dozed in the afternoon. I think I should get investigative credit for solving tonight's N.C.I.S. early in the show. I couldn't really get into Bull tonight because it involved huge gaming tournaments. So not interested. Anyway, I want to catch up with the rest of the world before bed, so I'll just press Post and skedaddle off ... with a smile.


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