Indeed. I'm dreaming of tomorrow's Winterlicious lunch with church-John. I think I've already chosen my 3-course meal. ::ponders:: Or have I ... because there are so many scrumptious choices. But, then, I start to think of being practical. No, blondie, you don't want kale salad as an appetizer because you'll be stabbing at empty air for several minutes. Pasta is a no-no as an entrée because I don't feel like twirling and twirling. The only thing that is a dead certainty is dessert: crème caramel, baby. I haven't had that luscious chilled dream gliding past my lips in over a decade. Yes, it's tragic. Really.

I'm also daydreaming about what books I want to BUY for my e-reader. Yes, I'll definitely be borrowing most of them but I've decided I want to have my "Harry Potter" collection back. I still remember how excited I was before each book was issued - well, after I finally found out about the series. So I pre-purchased once and lined up before midnight the first year. It was lots of fun. Another year, Canada Post delivered only HP books on a Saturday. So, I have many fond memories of getting the books and then disappearing. Good times.

While I was busy daydreaming, SuM had the day off instead of a weekend. When she delivered my mail, the cats decided they absolutely had to seek sanctuary with me. ::shakes head:: Uh ... cats ... you do realize SHE's your mom and I'm just your auntie! It took a few hours for that message to sink in. Still, fluffy cats are always welcome visitors to Casa Helenka.

I found I didn't have to worry about teaching the phonetic pronunciation of my name as Brent's exec. assistant had already included it in the speech notes for Pastor Carmen to read. Very efficient. I approve.

I've also decided I have to start eating more soup for dinner. It and a warm bagel are an easy way to dish up nutrition (and I do need to take the lazy road lately). Also lazed about in bed in the afternoon. Watched my game shows (oops, there's a revolving door on Jeopardy!) and a Canadian-dream epi of Dragons' Den featuring recent refugees making a good life for themselves. Yay!

Anyway, I think it's time to think about bed. I want to look semi-fabulous for lunch domani. Ciao, tutti.


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