Mind you, because it was hosted on an unfamiliar site, there was no idea of how long it was (I still have no idea) and just the option of clicking to the next section. There was so much ugliness and general homophobia in it, and manipulation of our fave SGA and SG-1 characters. Such a relief to have finished it. ::shudders::

OTOH, reading a story meant I didn't have to face any more political repercussions ... so that was a good thing. I think.

When SuM came home from work, she offered to fry up the frozen pierogi for me. That'll be great to have ready-cooked food in the fridge. I did my own semi-cooking for brekkie. I'd decided that my entrée of Meatballs with Peppers had had insufficient peppers the last time I ordered it, so I cut about 10 miniature multi-coloured peppers into rings and, after cooking them, enhanced the original dish. Now, I could really taste peppers. Yay.

Unintentionally offered sanctuary to the cats. We had trouble returning them back to their ::snickers:: rightful mommy! I groaned at Final Jeopardy! tonight. How easy an answer could you get (Scarlett O'Hara? Really???), so church-John and I exchanged incredulities via text. And I just finished watching tonight's sad MacGyver. Now I'm getting ready to see what happened in the world today. ::crosses fingers::


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