Even though I stayed up (until 3:00 a.m. IIRC) reading a 40,000K word fic, I didn't set my alarm, trusting that the universe would wake me up in time for my meals delivery. The universe kindly obliged, as I woke up at 9:38. ::stretches self-indulgently::

I started writing my romantic fic but didn't push myself. Hey, I like this less-stress way of doing things. Polished off the pierogi that SuM had cooked for me. Yummy. When she came home, she suggested 7:45-8:00 for the movie. No prob. But I certainly wasn't in the mood for cherry cheesecake, so saved it for later. The movie we watched was "Carol", set at the turn of the half-century, examining morals and transgressive behaviour. We were quite intrigued by some of the steps the two lead actresses took. There appeared to be a hint of hope for them going forward. Considering the restrictive times, it was also interesting to see the shop-girl from the department store becoming a confident photographer for the N.Y. Times, while her wealthy divorced lover actually acquired a job and a large apartment. Just remember this was NYC. A large apartment? Wow.

After the movie ended and we said our goodnights, I finally had the cheesecake. Or am having it, as I'm still not 100%. Perhaps I should try some medicinal ginger beer. I'd also had a bad headache earlier but still ended up talking to the admin of the meals people, helping her with a speech she has to give next Sunday at a commemorative historical event. Ah - I'm so useful to others. ::huffs and polishes imaginary watch:: Anyway, after I wake up tomorrow at whatever o'clock, I'll have lots of TV to catch up on. But that's another day. Right now, it's just me and the sound of rippling water. So soothing.


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