The day started out on a high note as I'd set the alarm for 8, leaving me with plenty of time before my pickup shortly after noon. I was also lazy and didn't put on fresh eye makeup. Hey, these are my chosen sisters, so I think I'm excused. As the day was slightly colder, but gloriously sunny, I added a turtleneck to my outfit, as well as my circular scarf. I left the house early because I had to handle going down the unstable front steps, then walking down the driveway to get my walker from the garden. Just as I was walking back, I heard the beep of my minivan. Wow, he was very early. We also had a speedy traffic-free drive to the restaurant. Yes, I'd arrived at 12:10, with the others expected at 1:00. But I got a banquette seat for myself with lots of room for RS and Jan. I sat and enjoyed my pot of Earl Grey with milk and sugar. So soothing. In the end, both of them were early, too, so we got the chicken feast on its way.

We had so much fun catching up. Haven't seen RS in months because she has a new job that's not only downtown, but west of downtown - while she lives in the suburbs to the northeast of my location. When Sunday comes round, she ponders "church or sleep" and sleep wins. But she'll make an effort to come, now that the weather is improving. We chatted about all sorts of stuff. I suggested having a group movie outing to see "Hidden Figures". They agreed. So, perhaps a week from Saturday.

We surprised ourselves by eating so efficiently (and deciding to take half our meals home), that it was way too early (1:30, with our rides expected at 3:30). So we paid our bill, mentioned we'd sit and let our lunch digest and then probably order dessert later from another server. Apple pie with vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of caramel sauce was my treat. We took our time savouring the tastes. Finally decided we needed some fresh air, so headed outside at 3:05. RS's ride came early (3:20); my ride was late (3:45); and Jan decided to take public transit home, so she left as soon as I was safely away. I was home in mere minutes. Yay.

I managed to relax before watching my evening programs. After I'd had a drink to wash down the leftovers, I zonked out for about 4 minutes at the beginning of Jeopardy! so had to restart. It was a good game and I was rooting for the student from MIT. As was church-John when we exchanged texts. We are such dorks! Was too woozy to watch Murdoch Mysteries so will watch the recording tomorrow morning. All hail magic TV. Anyway, I'm having a craving for more ice cream, so will indulge. All hail ice cream, too!


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