Why so woozy, blondie? Oh, I just happened to wake up at 4 blankety-blank a.m. Decided to stay awake to tackle the ride booking system at 5. Thankfully, it was working fine today. Then I watched Murdoch Mysteries that was very sad, though now I'm curious to see whether there was a Greenwood Estate in Rosedale. After that, finally had brekkie.

When my meals were finally delivered, I found Ce-Ce on the back deck when I decided to stick my head out to judge how well the snow was melting. Silly kitty. She decided to take a nap on SuM's dining table and I retired to my bed to have a nap, too.

SuM interrupted me during sacred Jeopardy! time, asking for help in drafting a letter for work. AFTER the show finished, I spent 40 minutes advising her of how the letter would be a bad idea right now. Talking for so long meant I lost my voice! When she left, I got around to watching tonight's N.C.I.S. and Bull. I'll leave the third show for tomorrow morning though I won't be able to sleep in as I totally forgot about placing my meals order this afternoon. When I woke up at 3:30, I was so groggy and thought I had to be someplace. Well, I didn't, but my voice (via phone) did. Oy. Anyway, I think I'd better take my pills and hit the sack again. ::pets pillow lovingly::

I'll also be finding out just what trouble Brian has enrolled me into, signing me up with Apple. Eeeeek, my life is not my own.


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