When I woke up (all the way to 7:11), I was thrilled to see there was a notification from my bank that the $350 I'd transferred to church-John one month ago (reimbursing him for buying all my supplements) had expired and the money was available for me again. Only hitch was I had to actually deposit it back to my account electronically. But such a relief. All because c-J couldn't handle an e-transfer - and he's only three years older than I am. Still, when I texted him (we made arrangements to meet for lunch tomorrow), he suggested that such face-to-face transactions were much more satisfying. I suppose I can agree (as he's taking me shopping, too).

I rounded out my morning by watching last night's N.C.I.S. Nola and a second screening of Bull. It was emotionally rewarding to see him put the sociopath away.

Once again, despite the adequate sleep, I felt like napping, so indulged between 1-ish and 4:45 (that wasn't obeyed until 5:30). Apparently, we had a London fog in TO today, but it should be clear and warmer tomorrow. I so approve. Enjoyed tonight's wacky inventors on Dragons' Den. Now I'm just trying to catch up on the day's activities of my friends.


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