... by waking up minutes before 5 after ONLY 3 hours of sleep. Simply ridiculous. So, obviously, I had tons of time to waste in the morning. Why had I woken up? Because - once again - I was under too many covers and not able to breathe. Sigh. OTOH, the temperature climbed to near 60F (AFAIK). I still wore my winter coat open, but only two thin layers underneath.

Church-John showed up shortly after noon and we were off, with the windows down. Just glorious. We stopped in at a few stores. I was unable to find a couple of things, but was able to replenish my drugstore essentials (sorry, store, that I cleaned you out of my fave cleaner/toner). After that, I wanted c-J to drive by the provincial gov't service centre nearest me so that, when I book my rides to get my new photo ID health card, I'll know where I'm traveling. Well, we only got lost ... a little. But we were having oodles of fun.

We finally drove up to the fish'n'chip place, arriving near 2 - past the lunch crush. C-J had just coffee and fish'n'chips. I had a Coke, the most melt-in-your-mouth thin calamari rings with Caesar salad. I also splurged on their home-made key lime pie with a swirl of real whipped cream. I'm glad I ordered the pie but I won't have it again. The calamari OTOH I'll be dreaming about for a very long time.

We finally headed back south-east to my place, arriving before 4. We'd had a very fun afternoon (as we always do). I was so stuffed that I ended up dozing during the news and all of WoF, waking up just in time to record Jeopardy! and rewatching WoF that is in San Diego for a week. Ooooooh, the ocean looks gorgeous. Pat and Vanna were at a Mexican restaurant with the chef showing off her various dishes, including lobster (but I didn't catch its exact name). Oh, yum.

After that, I quickly watched Big Bang Theory where I nearly cackled at Sheldon proclaiming about the "length" of what exciting thing he had in his pants!!! It was actually the long list of ComiCon panels, lol. And, then, there were the adorable kids on MasterChef Jr. Now I'm having a couple of mini apple strudels with Perrier and painkillers on which I'm relying to remove the grotesque pain in ::counts:: my right hand, my left bicep, and my right foot, possibly also my lower spine. There is obviously no coordination between my pains. Ugh.


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