::glares at body:: Seriously, body. 4:57 a.m. is NOT an acceptable time to wake up. But, because of the usual being too hot and not breathing, I got out of bed and headed to the computer. I worked on finishing the last review I had of a church service. When I finished it, I was exhausted, but very proud. I also sent an e-mail to my sis RS about our movie plans for next Saturday.

By the time I was finished, I was zonked. Cue nap with an alarm set for 4:45. I fell asleep within a couple of second after pulling on my gloves. Now that's zonked. I thoroughly enjoyed the second part of Jeopardy! tonight. The champ of the College Tournament (from MIT) had a mind like a steel trap. Yet she had a dazzling smile. What a shock to see how tiny she was with all these tall guys. After that, I laughed through tonight's MacGyver, and cringed through Shark Tank.

Finally, I'm also so proud that I allowed my as-of-yet unwritten fic (due before the end of the month - eeeek) to marinate (no, NOT fester). I find dialogue popping into my head as well as more organic character development. I think I'd better write everything down tonight before going back to bed. In any case, I'm devoting all of tomorrow (well, with the exception of doing some laundry) to the fic. And crossing my fingers. I have no idea how long it'll end up being. Yes, yes, I amuse myself ... occasionally. Snorfle!


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