Amazing to see how a positive attitude and success in getting my rides booked for next Saturday can change my opinion. But I'm not getting carried away. Today was an exception.

As I was up, I stayed up. Wrote a little - too little - but I'm not stressing over it. In the early afternoon, after I cranked up the heat I washed my hair (oh, joy - except I wanted to chop half of it off because the top is like straw), then did some laundry.

Bored out of my mind in the evening, a condition which was not helped by massive spine pain. Just waiting for my pain meds to kick in. ::pleads with the meds:: Looking forward to church tomorrow (I know, as if that's any surprise, but we're having a guest preacher from a vibrant church in Calgary; he did an all-day workshop today and the pics looked great). Yay for anticipation of being uplifted!


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