::checks calendar:: Yep, it's Sunday, alright.

Even though it was a titch cold and there were real snow fluffies floating in the air, I was determined to wear shoes to church this morning. Luckily, my driver rang the bell, so I didn't have to sit outside chilling my assets. Arrived at church bright and early at 9:15 but talking with friends as well as our resident Repair Café sewing wiz chewed up all the time until the next service.

Church-John surprised me with a mocha whose strong coffee undertaste was much to my liking. We had a guest preacher whose Lesson was fascinating. Just how fascinating? Well, after I got home, I began writing and didn't post my review until nearly 5. Obviously, I scribbled lots of notes during.

When SuM got in, we coordinated our schedules. She asked me if I wanted asparagus or corn to accompany the Caesar chicken wings. I voted for corn. The invitation was made for 7-ish. While SuM was cooking, I fed the cats. I'm so versatile, I even did it in plain sight of the greediest cat. Anyway, we had a delightful meal, even though the wings were weird. So, if you saw Caesar as the flavour, wouldn't you think of garlic, perhaps bacon? Nuh-huh. It was supposed to be Bloody Caesar flavour!!! We wouldn't call it our fave, but the chicken under the coating was super tender.

And, now, the movie. We watched "The Danish Girl", only knowing its general theme but none of the details. It was psychologically engrossing and we both sat stunned at the end, talking about how long ago this had happened (based on a true story) and how things were still risky nowadays. Now it's up to us to find new movies to borrow. Gee, we only waited a year to get these last two. I hope there's something a bit more available.

I set the TV to record everything having to do with the Oscars. I'm not even going to check to see who won - even though I'm sure someone will be blabbing on FB. I guess I'll survive.

Looking forward to a lovely sleep and planning to try to finish my Valentine's "month" fic. ::asks a boon of the universe::


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