... you know we're doomed! Going to bed before 11 last night was bliss. Waking up at 4:11 not so much. But I overcame the not-breathing and limb-aching and managed to fall asleep again, not waking up until the unbelievable time of 8:28. ::stretches languorously:: However, the mini iPad is driving me crazy. At least now I can see the blue(?) light on the plug, though it's faint. But I don't think it's charging at all. I was looking at the wrong thing on the screen. Waaaaaaah. I wanna read my book. I guess I'll ask SuM for help if she's free this weekend. ::pouts::

Cue watching a bit of TV. Last night's Dragons' Den was a scream. I can't believe anyone would fall for this business: selling SINGLE handmade bathbombs containing a ring in the centre. Ring is worth a few bucks. Each bathbomb sells for around - KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN - around 15 bucks!!! So, what's the draw? You get the opportunity to win another ring worth several grand. The woman has already sold $1.5 million (yes, MILLION). Talk about playing a lottery. ::shakes head::

At least I had some solidarity when watching tonight's Jeopardy! as church-John and I were texting each other. And, then, I laughed uproariously during Big Bang Theory. So much outrageous behaviour, natch most of it Sheldon's. My evening was complete after I'd watched MasterChef Jr and MasterChef Canada. Picked up some new flavour ideas. Anybody for ::moans:: Bleu Cheese Sauce Mornay. Speaking of food, I'm also investigating other possibilities for Brian's and my joint birthday celebration. I just have to look up the full menu and to see what their chairs are like. Sigh.


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