Had an absolutely amazing day. Naturally, the prime suspect was the church service. But it was also the last day of winter. There was just a hint of semi-old snow on the back deck and grass, so I had no trouble walking out wearing my Mary Janes. My driver was very early, so I got to the church quickly. Sat with friends in the Social Hall being ... sociable. We had a guest preacher today, the interim moderator of the denomination. And the music was simply phenomenal. Describing it is one of the best aspects of my weekly review. Our guest soloist is an amazing jazz singer who's so alive and vibrant. Yet, here she was, holding my hand just before she was about to sing the Offertory and telling ME how full of life I was! Awww.

It was so easy for me to write my review, aided by the fact that I got home really quickly. I listened to the nature music channel while thinking and writing, in order to calm down. Before I knew it, the day had disappeared. So, yes, the cats visited me. Grumpy has developed an unhealthy fascination with my closet. Uh ... cat, it's all tidy and organized in there. No cozy hiding places. Or plastic bags. Finally, between the two of us, SuM and I wrangled the cats out.

More of the smoky smell has dissipated, though it's more like burnt popcorn now. Bit by bit, I think it'll eventually be gone. Though I guess I could help by putting out a saucer of vinegar. Let's do it tomorrow when I'm awake again. Right now, I'm returning to reading "Inferno". Not sure but I could be close to being finished. Then I can borrow another book. Yay.


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