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( Mar. 24th, 2017 11:24 pm)
Waking up at 6:00 was gruesome, especially as I had stayed up late. Sigh. But I booked my rides for next Friday, so that's a very good thing. Tried to get back to sleep, but no luck, so I got out of bed and wasted a few hours on the computer. Luckily, when I did get back to bed at 9:30, I did fall asleep even with noise in the house and didn't wake up until 1:06. That felt a lot better.

Just one problem. I hadn't had my brekkie yet. Or my morning pills or eyedrops. Oops? After that was resolved, I read for a while. Then I emailed Brian about our reservation for next Saturday. I asked him to make it online. When he got back to me, he said he could only get 12:30 which is still fine. He stated we're celebrating birthdays (in-between his and mine) and asked for the fancy "Purple Room". I hope we get it.

I delved into the boutique hotel's site and am dying to have their Kosher dinner selections that include Lamb Shank with Israeli Couscous. Oh, yummm. Also they have a couple of desserts that include "Crème Anglaise" (yes, in quotation marks), so I'm wondering what is the non-dairy base. But ... lamb shanks. ::moans:: I gotta find me a source of them.

Had a boring evening missing my usual TV shows other than the usual game hour. So I've been catching up on FB. And will do a bit more reading. Am grumpy because I have to wake up at 6:00 again tomorrow. Blech. At least I have one accomplishment from today: I'm caught up with ALL of my recycling. All washed. Yep, pathetic. I think I'll wish myself a good night and high-tail it out of here.


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