Well, naturally, the cats part is easy. So grateful they let me sleep without interruption. SO very grateful. I shooed them out so I could start getting ready for church and fed them 30 minutes later. Hmm. I thought it was going to be decent out this morning. The forecast wasn't paying attention to itself. It was so overcast I called it fog. When the gloom comes right down to your level, it's F.O.G. That meant a very unpleasant ride to church as I was driven about without being able to see where we were. Luckily, it was the same driver as last Sunday ... so I knew what streets he preferred.

Church was (no surprise) amazing. I was overjoyed that church-John brought me a coffee (as I'd only had enough chilled Perrier to fill about half a bottle). As it was, I guzzled the coffee down in the first few minutes. I had an unpleasant surprise when waiting for my cab after while sitting outside. It started as a drip ... drip ... and suddenly turned into a downpour. A freezing one! Ugh. I hurried back inside. Luckily c-J spotted my cab when it arrived so I hustled out immediately. When I got home, I found out we'd actually had wind chill today. Spring, this was not.

As always, it took a little time for me to think of the "hook" for my church review. I try to make every week different. Anyway, I was relieved to post after 3. And, then, back to taking care of the cats. SuM texted me to say she'd be home in less than an hour. ::waves pre-emptively at fluffy creatures::

I ended up dozing for about an hour and woke up to see yesterday's cartoon (Peg + Cat) on. This time I actually watched it and was delighted (delighted, I tell you) to see that the operatic singing character is - you guessed it - a PIG! Then I checked out the show on ye-olde-webbe. I'm hooked. Now I'm returning to reading the hokey Atlantis novel. I feel so lucky knowing that I don't have to wake up early tomorrow. Though I would like to file my taxes, so let's see what happens. This will be my first full year filing as a retired person. ::hears mysterious creaking sounds:: And that's all she wrote!


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