Yes, yes. I iz supremely silly. But I filed my taxes, started at 11:30, finished at 12:30. It took so long because I hadn't realized one of my envelopes contained two income slips, so I had to enter that info manually. The new system works like magic. Anyway, I have a nice tax refund coming that's about $100 shy of the total cost of my recent extravagant purchase. ::breathes huge sigh of relief, for more than one reason::

I was silly last night (er, this morning) as I'd stayed up until 3:30 (eek) reading. Woke up naturally at 9:30. That was adequate.

In the afternoon, I finally decided to tackle the issue of connecting to my phone's Wi-Fi hotspot. Uh ... blondie? I think you're not connecting all the dots. For sure I wasn't until I finally realized that merely turning the phone's little dot ON wasn't enough. I had to select Wi-Fi on the iPad and then make a selection. Just. One. Problem. Since when does my cellphone have a password? Well, since my friendly help desk (aka Brian) gave me a link so I could find out what it was. But, first, I wanted to watch my game shows. Okay, done. I managed to connect and tried to d/l my current two library books. Uh ... where do I do that? Okay, I figured it out accidentally (I can imagine Brian rolling his eyes), switched the little dot off and continued reading the one book it turns out I'd read 40 years ago. Interesting to see that I'd remembered bits of the plot but none of the stilted dialogue or other nuisances.

Anyway, right now, I'm feeling exhausted but wired. Why? Well, I didn't have any dinner except for some chocolate covered espresso beans. That'd explain the being wired bit, right? I reached into a jar thinking it held raw almonds and retrieved a handful of dried apricots. Oh, well, it's still fibre, lol.

I should be thinking about bed because I'm being picked up for blind group really early. So, I'd better swallow my pills and seek the comfort of my pillow. Until domain, ciao tutti.


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