I certainly didn't expect to do that when I set out for my large vision loss support group this morning. When I arrived, I sat outside for some fresh air (even though it was damp and dreary). When I saw a woman approach who'd been at my table last month, I spoke to her. She was already with another woman. After we'd made ourselves comfortable, she said she only met the other woman because they'd been picked up by my rides provider and shared the vehicle. Turns out they both love spicy food. So, hey, I'm in. I believe she's Jamaican (we got to talking about chicken feet!) and the other one is Asian (dim sum yum!). I also complimented her on her hairdo (it had some artful spikiness on top) and asked her what product she used. Well, it was no product ... it was a wig. I was so jealous. I think she said she provided the hair and it was made into a wig. Wow.

We had two guest speakers from an organization that ignored three applications from me. So I spoke to one of the woman during break and she said I should call her. Will do. There was also a casting call for a reality cooking competition, pairing a visually impaired person with a professional chef. See me back away verrrrrrry quietly. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. Break foodies were terrific: green and red grapes, blueberries, honeydew and cantaloupe melons, cheese, crackers, cookies, nuts, and candies. What's really neat is that the snack brigade portion everything out and serve us. So much less of a hassle. My ride showed up at 12:15 (10 minutes early), so I was off and home quickly, only to be met by Ce-Ce and our neighbour at the front door. She accompanied us to the back porch where I found a listless Grumpy. No, buddy, it's no fun lying there when you can't sunbathe. So I made sure they were safely indoors.

It was only when I was reading (yes, on my iPad) on the couch that I began to feel very draggy and sleepy. I kept losing my grip on the tablet. So not a good thing, so I took it to bed where at least there's a protective barrier. And I dozed off for a while, waking up at 6:04. Oh, look. There's an e-mail from my new friend, asking if I wanted to do Mandarin on Friday, just the three of us. Alas, with my current plans, I can't. Maybe next time.

Once awake, I watched the rest of the news, my game shows (Jeopardy! was really weak), and my regular Tuesday shows, two N.C.I.S. and Bull. Now I'm yawning my head off. Not very hungry so I'm just going to have a Jamaican ginger beer to aid in digestion. As always, hoping for good sleep after a terrific day.


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