Yep, it happened again. So I read my library book, wanting to finish it as my days are numbered (lol).

It was an exceedingly boring day. After my meals were delivered and cats petted, I retreated to solitude and ... and ... well, I crawled back into bed around 3:30, had a two-hour nap, then watched the news. SuM had texted me while I was sleeping, asking if I'd feed the cats. Um, okay. But do we know where Mr. Grumpy is. SuM thought he was in the house. So not the case. But he was a good boy and ambled up verrrrrrry slowly when I called him. Job done. Yay.

After my game shows (woo-hoo, I got "interregnum" right for the period between Popes on Jeopardy!), there was nothing. A Tuesday with all repeats is a sad thing. So I dozed again. Oh, look, it's 9:25. And, later, 10:30. So I got out of bed and had some ice cream. Now I'm having my ginger beer and taking my supplements. I should go to sleep soon because I'm off to the government tomorrow morning. Toodles.


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