I am absolutely wiped. Didn't help that I woke up at 5:04 (i/o 6:00), but it was nice having extra time. It was chilly and gloomy when I was picked up after 9:30 and dropped off before 10:00. The government outlet had opened at 9:00 and there were a few wickets free. I was directed to one, gave the woman my auto-filled application and three separate docs (one to prove citizenship, one residency in province, and the third personal ID). Only the first category was satisfied by my birth certificate. They would NOT accept my laminated disabled parking permit from the Ontario government for the second, choosing instead a tax form for my pension. And they didn't accept my signed blind ass'n ID. Instead, the clerk saw me rooting through my little mesh bag for my old health card, decided that all the cards I was flashing were credit cards (I don't have any), and accepted the apparent ownership of a credit card without identifying one. Hey, if they're going to be that casual about it, I'll take it. The picture thing was really fast as they have a white screen against a column with the camera built into the wall to the side of the wicket. But-but-but they wouldn't let me wear my glasses. Ugh. It's a good thing my hair was fluffy!

So, I was done so quickly that I now had over TWO HOURS to sit and wait for my ride home (as I wanted to be prepared for nasty employees who'd have a fit that I'd waited since 2006 to change my card or that my address had not been forwarded from my eye doctor; after I was done, there were two huge lineups, too). I read my phone for a little while, then just listened to their music. I heard the loop three times before I was picked up at 12:25. I remember "Cielito Lindo", "Girl From Ipanema", "Guantanamero", and "Hernando's Hideaway" (oh, I loved performing that in my Grade 8 Choir), as well as stuff with castanets, then a Tarantella, before the playlist switched to easy listening and then soft jazz (with plucked bass and low sax). There were other people waiting for their rides, so I had someone to chat with.

When I got home, after letting Ce-Ce into the house and noticing Diva and Grumpy arranged in a giant S on the couch (he was being supportive as she has mouth problems), I rewarded myself with (don't be surprised) tortilla chips, guacamole and queso dip. I am so predictable. First I texted church-John about everything, also e-mailed Brian about using my charm (and disability) on the clerks. Then I crashed. Received a text from SuM asking me to feed the cats lunch. I did, only after I'd slept for a couple of hours.

Sorta, kinda watched the news and my game shows, but I was still exhausted ... so I drifted off with cartoons in the background. Now that I'm up again, I'm going back to reading. And I need something COLD and refreshing to wake me up. But at least I've knocked off one obstacle on my TO DO list. Yay me!


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