Oh, dear. Must rectify that stat. After a loverly sleep all the way to a few minutes shy of 7:30 (definitely wow), I finished reading my last borrowed book. Felt so abandoned, I borrowed another in Tanya Huff's "Blood Ties" series. The only problem is that the last book in the series, published 11 years ago, is not in the system. Boo. I'm also on the waiting list for "Hidden Figures" so that'll be a real treat.

Once again, I was struck with a mid-day lassitude. Or was it sugar shock from maple walnut ice cream? Speaking of munchies, the federal government introduced legislation leading to the legalization of pot next year. It'll be interesting to see what happens. I certainly wouldn't mind trying some in edibles for my glaucoma (and body pain).

At least I had some TV to watch, especially epis of the two MasterChef series. Now I want Beef Wellington, Eggs Benedict, and Cheese Soufflé. I may possibly get the first two when church-John and I finally get to the fancy Sunday brunch at a downtown hotel. Anyway, my eyes hurt (gee, I wonder why), so I'm headed to bed. TTFN.


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