Why so long, blondie? It's a holy day. Well .. uh ... I might have woken up at 5:04 and stayed up. Naturally, the first thing I reached for was my iPad so I could continue reading. Then I finally opened the bag of free artisanal Italian bread and had it - plain - with some Mortadella. It was yummy. I didn't have my regulation fish dish for several hours later. After that, my body was warm enough to face getting in the shower. To pamper myself, I finally opened one of my Euphoria shower gel bottles. Uh ... blondie, you've had them for two weeks already. Why the delay? Oh, it's such a long distance from the couch to the bathroom. Yeah, lol.

After I was all squeaky clean (with such soft, soft skin), I tackled the laundry. And then I fell apart, meaning I fell into a doze and regained a couple hours of sleep. What a relief. In the evening, I could only watch the news, but had to set the TV to record everything else. Why? Because our Good Friday service was beginning at 7:00 and I was, naturally, writing a report on it. I was so moved by the music (and, yeah, Brent's message too). I only needed an hour to post my review, mostly because I didn't go into my usual persnickety detail.

After that, I could finally relax. Received a text from my sis RS about our "Family Day" reunion tomorrow, but will reply tomorrow morning. As SuM is working the entire weekend (including today), I suggested we have dinner together, possibly Tuesday evening, and said I wanted to have food (I believe they have lamb) from the takeout place around the corner. It's a plan.

Just watched tonight's very bloody MacGyver. It's no wonder as the baddie is a sociopath of the highest degree. ::growls at the TV screen:: I'm so wiped out, I'll leave the rest of the shows until tomorrow. Just enjoying a late supper (more of that yummy bread with paté), and dawdling on the computer. Off to bed ... soon.

And, yes, my three pots of tulips are blooming, just in time for Easter Sunday!
Tried to look for a set of papers (I'm pretty sure I kept ... unless I forgot I tossed them when moving, in which case it's a futile search) for the word game I used as an ice-breaker for bus trips by our church social club when I was in charge - only TWO decades ago. Uh-oh.

So, I didn't find the template in the stack of papers on the bookshelf. But I did find something else I've been frantically searching for. What? My collection of Euphoria perfumes! Yay!!!!! ::does happy dance:: Considering that wearing perfume has grown in disfavour as a socially unacceptable personal pollutant, I almost never wear it - even when I'm on my own (though using the shower gel is almost like using it). But I so wanted to wear it on my birthday (a Thursday), and after my birthday celebration (on a Sunday) after brunch. And now I'll be able to indulge as much as I want to.

OTOH, I'm resigning myself to having to recreate or rewrite the word game from scratch. I can only remember one question that always resulted in gales of giggles, hence its usefulness as an ice-breaker between strangers on a bus. I still have a month before the end-of-year party of my large blind group, so I don't have to worry about time. Just thinking up silly questions. Hey, I'm good at that!


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