It's been at least 8 hours since I last ate. And I'm still stuffed, but I'm forcing myself to down a couple of cookies and a ginger beer before I take my pills for the night. I didn't think I'd had that much to eat, but perhaps I was feeling the ill effects of sitting outside in the rain while waiting for my ride. Hey, it makes sense TO ME.

Anyway, I arrived before 12:45 to find RS already at the restaurant. Yay. I ordered a pot of Earl Grey tea and tried to settle in before Jan showed up. I know there was one thing really annoying. With the gloom outside, the stupid restaurant had their shades half drawn and had not compensated for the light levels inside. So I was basically eating blind. Not so hard when it's finger foods, but a bit more messy when one is trying to cut chicken meat off a leg. Sigh.

Anyway, we had a terrific time, catching up on news. We've decided we're going to get together again on June 25 (Pride Day), if we're not otherwise occupied. While we were eating, the clouds disappeared and the glorious sun came out, so we went outside to wait for our rides. Mine showed up at 3:15 (15 minutes early) and got me home in 10 minutes! Thank goodness, as I really needed to lie down.

In the evening, I watched yesterday's recorded shows. Yippee! I love my brain. I got Final Jeopardy!, namely the Land of Milk and Money (with the final detail of Chocolate added by Alex after people had written their replies). Naturally, it's Switzerland. Also texted church-John to make sure we're set for brunch tomorrow, then cancelled my ride home. I just hope I'm feeling better in the morning. ::crosses fingers and toddles off to bed::


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