Not so amusing was waking up at 5:50. OTOH, I was intrigued to be woken up by a strange dream. A French-Canadian friend from church was in it, though she sounded just like one of the middle-aged Jewish personas I adopted during a road trip to NYC in 1991 with two buddies. Peter did all the driving and I sat in the passenger seat in charge of all the entertainment. Not only did I keep us supplied with loads of cassette tapes (mostly The Nylons), but he and I were "Estelle" and "Sadie", cracking jokes non-stop. Ah, good memories.

I managed to catch an epi of Sesame Street on Treehouse and was a very happy camper. Then so relieved to doze off and catch up on my sleep, in between reading another Huff book on my iPad and snacking on Gummi worms. Sometimes, it's the simple things that satisfy the most.

I was thrilled to make an appointment for a haircut and colour a week from Friday. It'll feel so nice to be pampered. Now if only I could get my act together to get a mani/pedi. Uh ... my legs are in too much pain to cooperate. Sigh.

I didn't watch the hockey game tonight, but was sad to find out that the Caps had beat us by one goal. Sigh. Now, it's a new series - best of three. ::crosses fingers a whole bunch::


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