Soooooo, it's the last Tuesday of the month. Do we know what that means? Yeah, run around way too early 'cuz it's time to trek up to the national blind ass'n for my blind group monthly meeting. Ugh. It's raining when I leave, but I soldier through (still without a coat), only having to sit outside for a few minutes. Arrive really early, but go to the (different) meeting location and get settled in at the first table on the left. Lots of peeps show up including our guest speaker who has a couple of shows on the accessibility TV station. He is a very dynamic speaker with a terrific (radio) personality, too (his preferred medium). After he leaves, we have the rest of our meeting learning about the details of the fundraising walkathon. Damn. I'm so easily hooked again, thinking I can walk even a short distance (but the stairs when I get home convince me otherwise). Still, I'm going to do my best to raise some money anyway.

A couple new (to me) sit next to me. She's the membership sec. of a guide dog secretary and also speaks about their AGM. Later, I ask her how do people who aren't into dogs but ought to have one handle the transition. She says it's a matter of thinking of the dog as a tool. I remain unconvinced. We have goodies for break and then we're done around 12:10. Oh, wait. The lost opportunity? Well, the city's unique baroque opera company gave away free (outrageously expensive) tickets to a Charpentier opera (?); there were 9 tickets that hadn't been picked up and we get a crack at them. Normally, I'd jump. But the day is TOMORROW evening. Sigh. No way, Jose.

When I get home, it's drizzling again. Ugh. Hurry inside, greet the cattish company, and retreat to get warm inside and out. Heat up cream of chicken soup and accompany it with a heated bagel. Turn on the fireplace. Okay, feeling better now. Slide into bed and doze off for a tiny bit. But I wake up in time to feed the cattish hordes, important as SuM texts she'll be home late. TV is limited to my game shows, but I record old epis of tonight's N.C.I.S. shows to watch tomorrow because I'm bored. Then I doze off again. Ack. That means I haven't had supper. I guess I'll just have a titch of chocolate before my evening pills. And I'd like to continue reading "The English Patient" for a bit. Good thing I have no outside commitments tomorrow as my legs are screaming at me. Sigh.

Buuuuuuut, I should be somewhat happy that today is/was World Penguin Day (despite the fact that way too many species are being threatened). Still ... penguins! [I so wish I could still use my penguin icon.]


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