Hmmm. I think this should be classified under Reverse Sampson Syndrome. Because I woke up (was it before 6) along with the cats with loads of energy. After I fed them brekkie, I secluded myself and began what would end up taking 6 (or 7, not sure) hours of laundry - that included trying to make the bed behave (I have a bad habit of shifting the mattress so that anything under it (bedskirt) or on it (quilted mattress pad) shifts, too. Very messy. I wish they made mattress straps that attach to the frame.

Alas, I also had to consider the weather as I washed my penguin fleece and put it back on top of the comforter that got fluffed up in the dryer. Uh ... isn't it May in a couple of days? Not as far as the weather is concerned. ::hisses in irritation:: To make things worse, we're supposed to be getting a storm from the states along with dropping temperatures. Boo!

Once I was finished (around 1:45), I was exhausted. All the exertion even seemed to have unclogged my right ear. And it felt wonderful to lie down in a proper bed again and to continue reading the seemingly endless "The English Patient" while my due date is counting down.

Had a lazy, sleepy evening, watching the news and repeats of my game shows. Looking forward to a well-deserved and soothing sleep.


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