How weird? How about waking up at 4:47 weird ... and staying up reading. Sigh. I guess sleep was off the menu for the night. So that meant I had tons of time to prepare for my lunch date. Naturally, I splurged and continued to read. I finally finished the music-related Jessica Fletcher mystery. When I finished, I was surprised to find one tear sliding down my face. I felt a personal connection to the victim ... and then he got a Jazz Funeral in Nola!

After that, I sank into reading a time-travel fix-it SGA fic. The writing was just dreadful ... but the ideas were fabulous. You know, dichotomies such as that give me a headache. Sigh. So I finished getting ready and was sitting on the covered porch when church-John drove up after 1:30. I was surprised to see how hot the sun was, even though my computer kept insisting it wasn't even 60F. We had a delightful drive up with the windows wide open. I splurged again at the restaurant, ordering a calamari appetizer, a medium coleslaw, a side of enormous onion rings, and a Coke. There was also soft rye bread and butter. I ended up taking most of the onion rings, most of the coleslaw, and a hunk of bread home.

C-J and I always have fascinating conversations and this was another opportunity for us to gab away. I'm pouting, though, because he's already visited the lavish filtration plant before. He was sad to hear that the lack of parking OR elevators would make it impossible for me to visit. So that means ... never. I iz sad.

The weirdness continued after he dropped me off at home at 4. I was so out of it. Finally finished reading the future-fic, then headed to bed. Missed bits and pieces of the news. Even worse, Jeopardy! was a haze, Missed almost all of it. But what if they'd had neat clues! Anyway, I hope the extreme fatigue translates into a proper night of sleep for me. ::begs the universe::


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